Crime and government goes hand in hand in DR - Small and medium-scale industry representatives are calling for major changes in the role of government that they consider has become the epicenter of the great corruption scandals and other ways of crime that affect Dominican society. As reported in the Herrera Association of Industries (AEIH) and the Federation of Industrial Associations (FAI) deplored the fact that citizens linked to government are ever present in cases of assault, robbery, drug trafficking, fraud, corruption and violence.

Wadi Cano Acra of the AEIH and Ignacio Mendez (FAI) criticized the indifference of the government, the private sector and society in general given the challenge to fundamentally reform the Police, the military and the state prosecution to effectively fight crime.

"Diagnostics, studies and projects are abundant on the issue. Debates have been as extensive as unproductive, while the country is in a state of panic because of street violence, in which military and police collude. Society is disgusted by the plunder by some officers who see their positions as a way to get rich," they warned.

They said that the government sends very negative signs to society when impunity allows the gathering of wealth based on violence and plunder of the Treasury, despite the country having one of the most advanced sets of anti-corruption and transparency laws.

"We have become a country where laws are violated, including by the government itself, and nothing happens; in an international haven for international criminals and nothing happens; multiple complains of irregularities in the use of public funds are evidenced by multiple allegations of wrongdoing by public funds presented by journalistic investigative reports and nothing happens. We face a profound crisis of the systems of consequences that make us wonder what good are laws," reflected the two business entities.

"We are losing our sense of awe and this may lead to dissolution and anarchy, to a general state of violence where investment is discouraged, and that will make it difficult to create jobs while it threatens governance. No more indifference," proclaimed the business organizations, as reported in




176 police and military in crime

Santo Domingo district prosecutor Alejandro Moscoso has provided the Ministry of Armed Forces and the National Police with a list of 176 officers of both institutions who have been formally accused of a variety of crimes by the prosecution department in courts from 2008-2011. The list, which contains the names and ranks of the incriminated officers, was delivered to Minister of the Armed Forces General Joaquin Perez Feliz and chief of the Police Major General Jose Armando Polanco Gomez. Their ranks range from corporal to general.


Judges release 12 serious crime suspects

Press reports in recent weeks have focused on cases where too many people accused of serious crimes have been released by the judiciary. Hoy reports that in the past three weeks, 12 suspected criminals have been set free by the judiciary, despite considerable evidence of their responsibility in the cases of murder, rape of a minor, and drug trafficking.

Journalist Sorange Batista reports that while Dominican society is calling for an end to violence, crime and impunity, Dominican courts in several cities are releasing people accused of serious crimes. Cases mentioned included courts in San Cristobal, Province of Santo Domingo, Samana, Puerto Plata, Barahona and Monte Plata where the judges' decisions favored the suspected criminals and not the victims.

Hoy looks into a case on 6 September when the Court of Appeals of San Cristobal ordered the release of Bertilio Solano, accused of killing and dismembering two youths in Bani, in a suspected contract killing.

In the same months, four of six people accused of transporting 157 kilos of cocaine seized from a boat called Capricho, were released by a judge in Samana, despite the case being categorized as "complex" by the judiciary. Hoy reports the released men's names as Nadim Diaz Peguero Bezi, mentioned as head of the operation, Fausto Ramirez Collado, Pedro Odalis Cueto and Rey Urena.

Another case, on 20 September, involved a judge of the Province of Santo Domingo setting RD$5,000 bail for Santo Santana, who was accused of raping and murdering an 11 year old.

In Barahona court a case was reported where six men, arrested on a landing field while waiting to receive shipments of cocaine from South America, were acquitted for supposed lack of evidence. Oscar Morales, Noe Pabliton, Wilkin Sanchez, Carlin Samboy, Freddy Perez and Norberto Hernandez were set free by the court.

The journalist also highlights the arrests of Raniel Guzman with 11 previous arrests and Elena Tonton with 19 previous arrests.



Dominican Watchdog Note: What both stories don't mention is the fact, that there is no data available in the DR about officials convicted or released! Seems like the government despite the alarming crimes comitted by officials allow them to continue. Give us a montly list of government officials, their crimes and if they have been convicted or realesed. We want to know the names and the cases now!

Stop Corrupt Generals! - Crimes by officials has never been higher than under President Leonel Fernandez's failed administration. Thats the only "mission accomplished" he can ever claim! In the recent USD 200 Million money laundering case not a single official was named despite many was involved, only jail sentences of private citizens was announced! Come on Leonel, wake up and smell the coffee!


Read also: Leonel fear the generals


Three days after Dominican Watchdog posted the comment above, the article below was found on

This proves we are not the only one who think that the real people behind the money laundering was not mentioned nor sentenced in this case!


Guerrero: big fish in Figueroa case were not touched

Senator Wilton Guerrero (PLD-Peravia) said yesterday that the chain broke at its weakest link in the judgment against those accused of asset laundering in collusion with Puerto Rican drug capo Jose David Figueroa Agosto. As reported in Hoy, he believes the true people responsible or this mafia has not even been mentioned.

He said he was disappointed at the performance of the judges in this case, especially the performance of the state prosecutors. He said that when some of those accused mentioned one or other big fish, the judges did not allow them to expand on the topics. He said that the people truly behind the impunity, protection and godfathers involved in the Figueroa Agosto network were not mentioned in the trial.

He said that the trial was little more than a "show of bad taste that penalized the least responsible. I am particularly disappointed in the judgment of the court, and more disappointed in the performance of the state prosecutors for the role they have played in covering up the real person responsible for the crimes of this drug trafficking network," he said. He said that of those accused, the one who had the most responsibility was Sobeida Felix Morel, who he said was aware of all the actions and crimes planned by the drug trafficking network. He recalled that Felix Morel even traveled to Puerto Rico, after she was granted bail, and now she is only being sentenced to five years. "All has been a show of bad taste with scripts that were known beforehand," said Guerrero.

For their involvement in the Figueroa Agosto network the First Collegiate Court of the National District sentenced Sammy Dauhajre, Juan Fernandez Ibarra, Mary Pelaez and Ivanovich Smester to 15 years. Eddy Brito received 12 years sentence, Sobeida Felix Morel and Medeline Bernard five years and Adolfina Pelaez was acquitted.

Dominican Watchdog ask again: Who is the list of the government officials involved? How close was President Leonel to them?

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