Counterfeit cigars sold in Punta Cana Dominican Republic
Consumer warning from Dominican Watchdog; All the "CUBAN COHIBA" cigars sold by Dominican beach vendors are fake! There is a lot of money and corruption in counterfeit cigars. Thats probably why the Government has done nothing to stop this illegal activities of selling counterfeit cigars to tourists anywhere from Punta Cana to Sosua/Cabarete in the Dominican Republic.


This Dominican illegal counterfeit COHIBA cigars are hurting the cigar industry and their image worldwide. The problem with the fake cigars is, that not only do they taste awful. They can contain worms that will distroy your entire cigar collection should you make the mistake of bringing them back home.

The poor quality of the cigars and the reason for their awfull taste and uneven burning is due to missing fermintation process. What gives "aged" cigars the smouth flavor and beautiful light grey ash is a combination of leafs and their fermintation for 3-8 years.

Here are some links to how to spot the fake cigars: Counterfeits Punta Cana

Fake Dominican Cohiba-Siglo-VI in the USA

More about fake Cuban cigars


 Read also verdict in NY against Dominican cigars using the Cuban trademarks:


Facts about Dominican "Cohiba" cigars from´s forum:

The reason that some Cuban brands have licensed Dominican manufacturers to wear their label (ie CAOBA/ COHIBA) is that the quality of their filler/binder/wrapper tobacco and rolling process is of the highest standard. Color variations and other flaws are carefully sorted out in this level of processing and the buyer gets a box of 25 cigars which may have been rolled by different people on different days from different bales but are indistinguishable from one another.

You are WAY off base "Beard", I mean way, way off base.
NO Cuban brands have ever, ever been "authorized" to be made in Dominican factories.
What happened was that factory owners and manufacturers that fled Cuba opened factories here and elsewhere and obtained the legal copyright to the brands inthe United States market. They cannot sell product in Europe, since Cuba retained the marketing rights, but since the US embargoed Cuban products, they can be sold in the US if made here.

THAT is why Altadis, the giant fusion of the Spanish and French monopolies on cigar imports and the owner of the selling rights for many of the old Cuban name brands is manufacturing cigars here in La Romana. They will be the prime importers of Cuban cigars when the embargo is lifted.

FYI CAOBA and Cohiba are two entirely different cigars.

Article from New York Times about the diff btw Dominican and Cuban cigars


Must read: Havana Blend vs Cuban Cigars !

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