Cholera in Casa de Campo, Can we trust Dominican government data?(Update 2)
More than 144 connected with/or of the 500 VIP guests invited to Victor Vargas wedding party in Casa de Campo got cholera. Among the famous infected with cholera was Ricardo Harzoury(owner of Cap Cana). According to local media the government tried to hide this serious cholera outbreak from the public, and now the transparency with which the authorities are handling the cholera cases is put in doubt.




Update FEB 4, 2011 - Now 239 is infected according to this press release from Venezuela

The Casa de Campo cholera outbreak was first reported by Hugo Charvez because 400+ of the guests was from Venezuela and many returned to their country with cholera. Venezuela has not had cholera outbreaks for over 30 years.

The Dominican press took up the story in Spanish but still didn't mention Casa de Campo in their first articles. Later international media followed up and all the data came out. Below are links to articles about the cholera outbreak that almost doubled the reported cholera numbers from the Domincian Republic in a couple of days. So are the official numbers correct or are the tourist and health ministers manipulating the numbers not to scare toruists away?


Update FEB 08, 2011 - Fox News, Cholera Reaches New York from Casa de Campo wedding - 3 New Yorkers infected!


Cholera cases bring into question government's transparency

Minister of Public Health admitted knowing about the cases since last Monday but did not release the news to the public.


Cholera cases climb to 144 in Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — The number of cholera cases has jumped to 144 in Venezuela as more people tested positive after attending a wedding with contaminated food in the Dominican Republic, the country's health minister said...


Cholera alert reaches Venezuela via Dominican Republic


Six Cholera Cases In Massachusetts, No Immediate Danger Officials Say

The 37 individuals attending a wedding in the Dominican Republic were infected with cholera. Some of them reside in the United States, so health officials are cautious as to how many people may be infected.......


Hispanically Speaking News

111 Confirmed Cases of Cholera in Venezuela all from Lobster Served at Wedding in Dominican Republic


Two local tycoons also got cholera that sickened Venezuelans

Cholera this weekend in the posh resort Casa de Campo, La Romana, including the business leaders Ricardo Hazoury and Manuel Enrique Peynado.


The Washington Times

Cholera blamed on lobster at Dominican wedding


More wedding cholera victims sought


Read about the powerful Fanjul family behind Casa de Campo. Maybe they added some pressure on the local government not to release the cholera story as it could hurt their luxury resort. When you read the CNN article in this link, you will understand that the Fanjul's for sure have the connections and power to influence here.

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