Cardinal slams release of airline owner, 9 others in drug trafficking case - Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez on Tuesday slammed the release of 10 people accused of forming part of a drug trafficking organization, which used the country as a operations center, with twin-engine planes to fly drugs to the U.S.

The head of the country’s Catholic Church referred to the of National District Instruction Court judge’s release the 10 people on bond on Monday, among them Rafael S. Rosado Fermín, owner of regional airline Caribair, charged with forming part of the drug trafficking ring.

In addition to Rosado, judge Elka Reyes ruled for the release of Sergio René Gómez Díaz, Cristian Antonio Javier Suarez, Jose Luis Vera Marquez, José Antonio Cleto Cruz, Victor Hugo Sánchez Portes, Henry Francisco Valdez García, José Vicente Figueroa Ortiz and Lt. Col. Juan Ramon Rosado Perez.


Ex-cops behind most Dominican Republic murders, Justice minister

Justice minister Francisco Domínguez warned Sunday that "underworld business" over drugs is behind most of the country’s executions, with former cops involved in nearly all of them, and cautioned against letting those crimes become as common as in Mexico.

"Many of them are Dominicans who’ve done shakedowns, or have cheated another group of drug traffickers, mostly in New York or in Puerto Rico, but in the United States above all," the official said.

He regrets that most cases of hired killings end up in total impunity,which is one of the largest incentives for crime.

Dominguez, interviewed on Esferas de Poder on Santo Domingo TV, reiterated that former agents are behind most of the killings, and "were part of the teams which ‘put thugs down."

He called for sentences as long as 40 years in prison for contract killings, through a reform leading to more drastic criminal code. "A person who kills 30, 40 people, is a person who has mentally lost all control and absolutely no respect for anything, is a pure psychopath".


Dominican Watchdog Note - Unfortunately the Dominican Republic is full of these monsters and thats why so many tourists got murdered as well. If you want a safe vacation or retirement, go look for another place. Even Croatia is safer and more beautiful than DR!!!


U.S. generals cite Dominican Republic as ‘drugs beyond control’


BANANA REPUBLIC NEWS / DR FUELED BY DRUGS - The heads of the United States Southern Command and of the U.S. Coast Guard yesterday painted a gloomy picture in the war on drug trafficking in Latin America, citing a lack of resources, American’s unabated demand, the cartels improved logistics and even the bust of a cocaine-processing lab in Dominican Republic.....

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