Canadian shot in Dominican Republic in front of the eyes of his students (UPDATE)


WATCH CCTV VIDEO OF LEF WELEHMAN GETTING SHOT - A group of Manitoba students has returned early from a trip to the Dominican Republic, after some of them witnessed a violent break-in and shooting that sent a Canadian man to hospital in the Caribbean country.

Dominican police confirmed Saturday that 64-year-old Lester Lehmann, a Canadian who has permanent residency in the country, was shot during a violent break-in on Thursday night, a day after the group of students had arrived to help out at a local orphanage.

Captain José Callado told CBC News said Welehmann owns a block of four apartments in Puerto Plata, where the students were staying.

He said Lehmann was shot at least four times, has a number of injuries and is in critical but stable condition.

Police are looking for two suspects.

Alain Laberge, superintendant of the Franco-Manitoban School Division, was not on the trip, but told CBC News on Saturday thatthe suspects tried to force their way into one of the apartments where three or four students were sleeping, and Welehmann followed.

Laberge also said the thieves were after cameras and other items.

Police said there was no security system in the building and that the man worked alone.

Emotional return for students

In Winnipeg, there were tears and relief as the Manitoba students returned home early Saturday morning.

The 18 high-school students from St. Jean Baptiste and Ste. Anne arrived back in Winnipeg at around 5 a.m.

They had arrived Jan. 30 and were supposed to stay until Feb. 7, but that changed after the incident.

Laberge was at Winnipeg's James Richardson International Airport to welcome the travellers home.

He said the students and their eight chaperones are fine, but it was an emotional return. 

Laberge said the students were on a humanitarian trip to help a girls' orphanage.

He said school division has been organizing the trip for the last three to four years and it's unclear at this point whether it will continue.

"You could go to an outing here in Winnipeg and something like this could happen," he said on Saturday."You never know. So we never want to say we'll never do that again, but we have to see what happened."

Leberge said grief counsellors will be at the schools on Monday to speak with the students.

'Not surprised, but would go back'

Lisa Desilets is a mother who went to the same place last year with her daughter Renee Manahan, who was 16-years-old at the time.

Desilets said she's saddened to hear what happened to Welehmann.

She said she is not surprised his property was targeted by thieves, even though it is protected by a gate and there was a security guard when she was there.

She suspects people in the community were watching for the arrival of Canadians with goods and cash.


Canadian consular officials in the Dominican Republic are working with local authorities to gather more information about the shooting and provide consular assistance, a spokesperson told CTV Winnipeg in an email.

There is no travel advisory in effect for Canadians travelling to the Dominican Republic, but Foreign Affairs recommends travellers there exercise “a high degree of caution” due to the high crime rate.

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Please support Lester Lehmann with his medical bills here:


At the hospital, Les Lehmann was rushed to surgery. He had been shot nine times and both his knee and arm were broken, Eugenia Lehmann said. He’s recovering, she added, but now his family wants to bring the proud father and grandfather home to Winnipeg to heal.

Doing so is expensive, however. The family has been paying out of pocket for his Dominican hospital bills, and it’s likely there’s still a long way to go before Les is fully recovered, Eugenia Lehmann said.

To help out, the family has started a website where people can donate or leave best wishes.

The response has been astounding, Eugenia Lehmann said.

“People want to help. They hear the story and they realize what a sacrifice he gave to those families.”


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Cabarete.- La mañana del día de hoy el equipo de prensa de, obtuvo gracias a fuentes de la cual nos reservamos su identidad, imágenes video-graficas sobre el sangriento intento de asalto que la madrugada del pasado viernes tuvo el saldo de un ciudadano de origen canadiense herido de 9 impactos de bala en el sector La Rinconada, ciudad Cabarete .

Las lastimosas imágenes y desarmadas actuaciones de personas hasta el momento desconocidas  muestran el momento en que dos hombres encapuchados entran derribando una puerta a un apartamento, la madrugada del pasado viernes,  posteriormente de otro lugar aparece Lester Lehmann de 64 años de edad y le entra a palos a uno de ellos con un bate llegando el segundo y disparando repetidas veces contra el anciano cuando este golpeaba a su compañero.

Les Lehman, estando herido y sangrando abundantemente quedo tirado en el suelo mientras uno de los  victimarios arrastraba el cuerpo goleado de su compañero, luego un perro protegió la víctima.

Aunque el hecho se maneja como un intento de asalto, las imágenes no dejan claro si se trata de esto o de un hecho ordenado, ya que los encapuchados penetraron a la residencia con actitud que no específicamente pudiera ser de personas que simplemente su móvil fuera el robo.

Hasta el momento las autoridades no tienen sospechosos ni personas arrestadas por el hecho.








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