Canadian family bankrupt after son got killed in Dominican Republic — A new trial has been ordered for the Montreal man accused of beating to death a 19-year-old Barrie, Ont., man at a Dominican Republic resort more than two years ago.

Dymtro Aref Yev was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing Jordan Morrison. But three judges in the appellate court in San Pedro have ordered a new trial.

Morrison was beaten to death at the Punta Cana Grand Paradise Bavaro resort in February 2011 while on vacation with his family.

Morrison’s parents Dale Morrison and Carrie McGinnis said they didn’t have a translator during the initial court case and didn’t understand most of what was said.

For the upcoming trial, however, McGinnis said the family has a translator who is working pro bono.

She’s hoping this trial will be faster as they have spent their savings to attend court in the Dominican Republic 14 times.

“It’s cost us thousands of dollars again and again. We’ve totally drained every resource we have,” she said.

The court process hasn’t been easy either, McGinnis said.

“Two of the three judges slept through the trial. To me, that’s total disrespect. We paid our lawyer thousands of dollars to have our documents and witness reports translated. They never even made it to court,” she said.

McGinnis said she and Morrison suffered terribly during the trial due to the hot and cramped courtroom conditions that left them sitting beside the accused.

It is unclear when the new trial will be.

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