Calls to Apprehend Illegal Trip Organizers in Dominican Republic
(Prensa Latina) Community and Religious organizations asked the Navy to be more vigilant to stop the departure of illegal vessels, in order to prevent cases like the shipwreck that occurred on Saturday, causing 19 deaths so far.

  The priest Brother Santiago Bautista, pastor of the Church of San Miguel de Sabana la Mar, requested that the Navy begin to identify, pursue, and arrest the organizers of these illegal trips.

He said the sinking of the vessel is a product of social exclusion and devaluation of the Dominican peso.

The chances of finding more survivors are gone, said Vice Admiral Luis Castro, director of investigations of the Navy.

The rescued survivors had burns and injuries, for which they were taken to the hospital of Sabana la Mar, but they were later moved to the barracks of the Navy of the city as detainees, which was criticized by community and religious leaders of the region.

According to Vice Admiral Luis Castro, director of investigations of the Navy, there are about 32 missing people.

Hundreds of relatives remain in the coast of Sabana de la Mar and in the hospital Elupina Cordero, waiting for their relatives bodies to arrive.

Human trafficking is condemned by Dominican laws, but those responsible are rarely punished.

In the case of the shipwreck, an estimated 38 to 40,000 USD was paid by passengers in cash to a person only identified as Berto, the alleged organizer of the trip, said a survivor.


10 die as boat full of Dominican migrants sinks in rute to Puerto Rico - UPDATE 19 DEAD!


An overloaded boat carrying migrants from the

Dominican Republic

overturned in the pre-dawn darkness on Saturday, killing at least 10 people and leaving dozens missing, officials said.

Thousands of Dominican migrants try to reach Puerto Rico as illegal immigrants in open boats that are ill-suited to the journey.


Update - Deaths in makeshift boat sinking rise to 19, search suspended.....


Dominican Watchdog Note: This is truly amazing, they are risking their lifes to get illegally to US and most of them ends up being deported back for criminal activities agaist the Unites States. WTF is that all about??

Record, 5000 Dominicans deported from U.S. in just one year


The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) deported during the past year 4.978 Dominican ex-convicts after serving sentences in U.S. jails. They were accused of drug trafficking, homicide, assault, kidnapping, rape, bank fraud, money laundering and other crimes........, back home they will probably have to continue to sell drugs or rob tourists to survive.....

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