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Why is

dominican cheese

so bad???It won't even melt if you fry it,bake it boil it or use a flame thrower... most everything else produced by


Today's article in have the official answer to this question 3 years later:

Milk producer cries foul
Prominent cattle rancher and former president of the Dominican Association of Ranchers and Farmers, Cesareo Contreras, has complained that traders are selling "milk that is not milk and cheese that is not cheese." He called on the authorities and the Consumer Protection Institute to act on the case, and demanded labels that describe the contents.
Complaining of what he called "chaos and disorder", Contreras said that the local market for milk and cheese is filled with products that are not really milk and cheese. He said they are being manufactured from chemical products that imitate milk and cheese.
According to Hoy newspaper, Contreras said that the low price of these raw materials has pushed cheese producers to use these non-dairy products.
He said that the result is that the "milk that is not milk" is selling at RD$25 a liter in the stores, while real milk costs RD$45 a liter.
He said that in addition to harming the consumer, the situation is driving milk producers towards bankruptcy. He said that the school breakfast program was serving 70% of "milk" made from imported products.


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