Amnesty International blames Dominican Police for 289 deaths - Amnesty International denounced Wednesday that 289 people died at the hands of the National Police; 60 journalists and other media workers underwent harassment or physical aggressions, and at least 100 were evacuated by force in several parts of the country from January to September last year.


In its annual report read by local investigator Chiara Liguori, AI said these figures come from a study conducted from January to December last year in different parts of the nation.

Quoted by, Liguori said Amnesty International’s annual report contains denunciations from 155 countries on abuses against human rights.

He said the organization’s more than 3.0 million supporters, members and activists in more than 150 countries wage a campaign to end abuses against human rights.

Citing Justice Ministry statistics, the AI representative said 289 people died at the hands of Police in 2011, compared with 260 in 2010, and cases of tortures during police interrogations and massive arbitrary arrests still continue.


The US also slams Dominican authorities on alleged human rights abuses

WASHINGTON.- The United States today denounced the alleged extrajudicial executions and other abuses by Dominican Republic authorities against suspects, according to the US State Department’s annual report on human rights for 2011.

The Report on Practices in Human Rights published today comes just hours after Amnesty International launched a similar condemnation of the country’s alleged human rights abuses.

The US stresses the country’s "manifest extrajudicial executions and mistreatments and other abuses against suspects," and notes the lack of respect for the State of Law.

Washington said violence and discrimination against women still persist, with domestic abuse, sexual assaults and femicides


The report also notes "serious discrimination against Haitian immigrants and their descendents," especially with the alleged retroactivity of the new migratory laws

"The result is people without a State who’ve lived in the country since generations."

The U.S. also denounced "extended corruption, arbitrary arrests, the conditions in prisons and the harassment of human rights groups."


Dominican Watchdog Note | There is no free press in the DR, this short story explains in a few lines how President Leonel Fernandez controlled the country, filling the news stations with worthless bs from the President's Palace and at the same time silencing the part of the press who dared write the truth about PLD.

Leonel might have done a few infrastructure projects in the 8 years he has been at the Palace, but they are only worth a fraction of the drug that passes through the Dominican Republic. Anybody, please show me the list of what the TOP of PLD owned before Leonel became president and what they own today, including his own wife and daughter - That gives a more realistic picture of the PLD than all the cover-up nonsense in the local press!!

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