Airlines demand a halt to luggage theft at Las Americas Airport - The carriers Air France and Jet Blue asked the police and the Las Americas International Airport’s security department to halt the theft of their passengers’ luggage in the last few weeks.




Air France’s manager resigned from that post yesterday, after the Police Investigations Department interrogated around 14 airport employees about the theft of several types of merchandise from French airplanes.

Sales and Customer Service manager Maria Esther Callega, quoted by news source, said the airlines were concerned with the theft of objects and precious jewels from their airplanes, which they sell to passengers.

She said the pilfering almost always occurs during the cleaning of the planes, but denied that Air France employees were involved in the robberies.

Last week Jet Blue made a similar request in the wake of complaints from dozens of passengers that their luggage was violated and their belongings stolen.

Both companies sent letters to Airports Department director Arístides Fernandez Zucco complaining of the lack of security and increasing thievery in and around the airport during the last few days.

The wave of thefts has also reached the terminal’s perimeter, a section of which was carted away by unidentified burglars.


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