Aide to top Dominican drug official shot to death, Update - This story stinks, Retired general's car used by killers
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — Authorities in the Dominican Republic say an aide to the Caribbean country's top anti-drug official has been shot to death.

National Drug Control Agency Chief Rolando Rosado says the killing of army Col. Cesar Ubri was meant as a warning from drug traffickers, but he vows to catch the assailants.

Ubri had worked for the agency for 18 years and was Rosado's personal assistant. Gunmen approached him as he was getting out of his car late Sunday in the upper middle class Las Praderas neighborhood and opened fire, hitting him at least five times. A woman who was with him was not injured.

Hundreds of police officers spread across the city Monday in search of the attackers.



Police officer, 2nd man arrested in slaying of aide to chief of Dominican anti-drug chief

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — A police officer and another man were arrested Wednesday as suspects in the slaying of an aide to the Dominican Republic’s top drug enforcement official.

National Drug Control Agency spokesman Roberto Lebron said the two were caught after a chase in the capital. Lebron said the men had the weapons used in shooting of army Col. Cesar Ubri and confessed to the killing.

Drug agency chief Rolando Rosado Mateo said later that the gunmen were trying to steal his aide’s car. Rosado said they didn’t target Ubri because of his government position.

Ubri was shot to death Sunday in the upper middle class Las Praderas neighborhood, prompting a huge police search for his killers.



More Updates and comments:

Ramifications in official’s murder rocks Dominican Republic – National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) president Rolando Rosado affirmed Wednesday noon that vehicle theft was the motive behind the murder of his assistant, Army colonel Cesar Augusto Ubrí, gunned down Sunday night in the sector Las Praderas, in the capital.

The crime’s unprecedented ramifications have stupefied society, especially the version that the assassins acted on an auto parts store owner’s request to steal three SUVs similar to the Toyota driven by the victim.

Rosado said Police agent Wascar Antonio Cavalo Montero and the civilian Michel Cury were arrested and have been charged in the case, as well as the parts store  owner.

In a joint press conference, Police chief Jose A. Polanco said the murder weapon, a 12 gauge shogun, a pistol, and four bullet-proof vests, among other military gear, were seized from the alleged murderers. He said Cavalo’s father, the psychologist and Police major Wascar Cavalo Deñó, was also suspended, “for failing to control his son’s conduct.”

The Police also suspended Cavalo Montero’s commanding officer, colonel Manuel de Jesus Feliz.

Police spokesman Maximo Aybar revealed that despite that the murder suspect had been charged with theft and murder barely three years ago, managed to rejoin the Police.

Comments from the forum:

Written by: laregla, 21 Sep 2011 3:13 PM
From: United States
Rolando Rosado you are such a LIAR!!!!! So this man died because of his jeep??
Written by: josearias, 21 Sep 2011 4:30 PM
From: United States
Ho yeah la jipeta o please..jjajajaja ........You are pushing everybody to take justice in their wond you are telling everyone what to do when a son or dogther has high rankig fathers military and in goberment.posicion......Goodlock
Written by: RobertoJose, 21 Sep 2011 5:01 PM
From: United States, FREEPORT, Long Island....Eeeeazzy !! (He who is SILENT, IS understood to CONSENT)
You need to think like a criminal.....

1. Gov official looks for a chop shop and finds one not paying dues
2. Gov official sends in undercover agent to request particular vehicle
3. chop shop needs a runner and crew, then puts the word out
4. Gov official sends in the team which gets the request from chop shop
5. Crime is committed with escape goat w/o ties to government
Written by: WalterPolo, 21 Sep 2011 8:38 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata
They should hire another script writer.

The latest were lame at best.


Murder casts light on Dominican Republic’s vast military-police underworld

The Police announced Thursday noon that it found the SUV stolen from lieutenant colonel Cesar Augusto Ubrí, gunned down night last in the capital’s Las Praderas sector.

The vehicle, a Toyota Highlander, was found in a “chop shop” located on the Duarte highway, 18 kilometers north of the city.

FILE.- A retired general and his daughter were arrested in Police headquarters today, in connection with the violent death Sunday of lieutenant colonel Cesar Augusto Ubri.

The latest arrests cast light on the vast structure of crime within the Police and the military, where many of its even senior officers deal in underworld activities ranging from drug and people trafficking to grand theft auto.

Police spokesman Maximo Baez said retired police general Luis Augusto Felix Alba and his daughter were detained when it was learned that the official license plate used on the vehicle driven by Ubri’s two alleged murderers, Wascar Cavalo and Jose Antonio Valdez, early yesterday when it crashed into the Armed Forces Ministry’s gate, is under Felix’s name.

According to the police spokesman, the retired general admitted, that it was used by his daughter, Araberth Felix, who in turn gave it to her fiancé Wascar Antonio Cavalo. Araberth Felix is a journalist for Teleantillas Channel 2 News.

The official plate 0P 01529 for a Toyota Hi Lux, was allegedly used in the murder, and was on the vehicle when it crashed into the gate trying to shake the hot pursuit by a patrol.

The police have identified as Modesto Cruz the person who allegedly has the slain officer’s SUV in his possession, stolen after the incident in the Las Praderas sector.


Dominican Watchdog Note: Seems like the Dominican government has completely lost control over their police forces! The police and military does exactly what they like. Retired generals involved in most criminal acitivites in the country. Read this: Leaked WIKI cable: Leonel Fernandez feared the generals, many involved in drugs! Dominican Republic is again back on the US watchlist. All this is all the result of 12 years of intensisve corruption of the Police and Military under President Leonel Fernandez administration*click on link. Leonel Fernandez sits in U.N and is worried about food prices when at the same time his country is run by a gang of corrupt officials. Maybe the President should go home and do some serious house cleaning before anybody will take him serious! Who care about fixed prices on platano and rice when the political elite steals the most?

Nearly half of DT readers say “big fish” not caught in Antinarcotics colonel’s murder

Nearly half of Dominican Today readers don’t believe that the “big fish” behind the murder of Drugs Control Agency official Cesar Augusto Ubri were mentioned and much less arrested in the case.

When asked “How say the authorities handle the Antinarcotics official's murder case?,” 46.15% of those who participated said “Badly, big fish not even mentioned,” and casted 180, of the total of 390 votes.

For 23.33% of the readers, who casted 91 votes, the probe was conducted “OK, but more suspects still on the loose,” while 74 voted for the response “I expect another cover-up” (18.97%).

With 45 votes, 11.54% of the readers affirm that the authorities, at least in the astonishing killing of a Colonel, were “Great, shows they can be efficient.”



Drugs getting out of control on both sides of Hispaniola - Haitian and Dominican Police Officers Meet for Cooperation.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - In a first time meeting, the Director General of the Police Nationale d'Haiti (PNH), Mario Andresol, met his counterpart in the Dominican Republic, Jose A. Polanco Gomez, who recently became the head of the Dominican police.

The two officials agreed that cooperation between the two institutions of law enforcement is fundamental to fighting crime on the island.

"There is not a first time, we used to meet with the Dominican police but this time we are in a special need to unite with them to strengthen the cooperation that has always existed between us in the fight against drug trafficking, vehicle theft and trafficking in firearms," said Andresol.

"It is not possible in the region of Latin America, there are countries that, in 2010, had figures of up to twenty thousand dead. Acts of these criminals, car thieves, kidnappers and drug traffickers ", said the Dominican police chief, José A. Polanco Gomez, indicating that it is very important that the security forces of the island work together to close all the spaces that promote criminal activity. "Only international cooperation will enable us to improve the situation compared to what it is today," he added.

During the workday, all departmental directors and certain key Haitian commissioners present at the meeting had the opportunity to become acquainted with their Dominican counterpart and discuss issues related to organized crime and other offenses that both countries face.


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