A Vacation Horror Story: Honeymoon in Dom Rep
As far as vacation horror stories go, you could probably rank Chris and Mary Darrigo's near the top. Even worse, it was their honeymoon.

When the Williamsville, N.Y., couple traveled to the Dominican Republic to stay in an all-inclusive honeymoon suite, they expected sun, relaxation and a little taste of paradise. What they got instead, among other things, was an earthquake, two trips to the hospital and a near-missed flight home.

Listen to their horror story live here / transcript below:


Mishaps and mayhem paradise. It's time once again for a little summer series we call...


Vacation Horror Stories.

MARY DARRIGO: My name is Mary Darrigo.

CHRIS DARRIGO: I'm Chris Darrigo.

DARRIGO: And we live in Williamsville, New York. The worst vacation we were ever on was our honeymoon. We were vacationing in the Dominican Republic. Day one...

DARRIGO: We awoke to a 5.5 earthquake.

DARRIGO: Day two. We were out at the pool enjoying our all-inclusive resort and Chris slipped and fell on the high gloss tile that was around the pool.

DARRIGO: Who puts high gloss tile around a pool?

DARRIGO: Day three. He ended up with extreme sunburn. Day four, this extreme sunburn is still pretty active on Chris, although he is feeling better. So we decided to try the hydrotherapy room. There was an ice pool. And I turned to him to tell him, be careful, the tile is really slippery. And as I started to say that, he slipped and fell and cracked his head on the floor.

One of our honeymoon pictures is Chris with his arm around the X-ray technician and a smile on her face because that was the second X-ray she got to do that week. So we finally make it back to the hotel late and I decide we are not leaving the hotel room. By day six, we decide we need to get out of the room and so we're going to go to the pool and...

DARRIGO: I looked over on the beach, which is connected to the poolside and see a group of men carrying a woman up from the beach and they drop her on the chaise lounge right next to me.

DARRIGO: She's dead. So on day seven, we made it back to the airport. Well, it turns out, while were in Buffalo, the gate agent took the wrong the ticket and they weren't going to let us on the plane. They finally let us on the plane with about five minutes to spare. We get on the plane and I say to the flight attendant, this plane is going to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She says, yes. I said, in the United States, right?

She said, yes. I said, good.

CORNISH: That's Mary and Chris Darrigo, sharing their vacation horror story. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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