A Haitian govt official was attacked while visiting Dominican Republic (UPDATE)
WashingtonPost.com — A presidential adviser in Haiti says that a government minister was attacked while visiting the neighboring Dominican Republic.

Presidential adviser Damian Merlo said late Friday that Minister of Haitians Living Abroad Daniel Supplice is doing fine but he had no other details.

The newspaper Le Matin reported that four members of the Dominican police force robbed Supplice and his family Thursday of his cell phone and valuables. The alleged incident happened in the city of Santiago while the minister was in the country for a wedding.

Supplice’s Twitter account posted Friday night that he was “doing very well” and would speak to the press Monday.

Neither Supplice nor Dominican police could be reached for comment.


Dominican Police Officers Arrested for Attack on Haitian Minister

SANTIAGO, Dominican Republic (defend.ht) – A Dominican police officer and a former Dominican police officer were apprehended by the Dominican police on Monday for an attack taken against a Minister of the Republic of Haiti.

The Minister of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE), Daniel Supplice, and members of his family were pulled over by three (3) men in police uniforms. They pulled over the minister's 4 by 4 on a South National Route into the country.


The would-be assassins said they were part of a police anti-drug unit and searched the minister's vehicle, minding to ask for identification and insurance.

Minister Supplice says they asked him to step out of the vehicle and it was then he realized something was improper as the other officer to the right pulled a firearm on his wife.

Source: defend.ht


Dominican government regrets attack on Haitian minister

DominicanToday.com - Dominican Foreign Relations Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso has expressed his regret in reaction to the attack on Haitian Minister Daniel Supplice and his family last Thursday night as they were driving on the Duarte Highway.

Morales said that since the incident occurred he has been in constant communication with the National Police Chief, Major General José Armando Polanco Gómez, who will conduct an in-depth investigation until those responsible for the regrettable incident have been found.

The Minister assured that Supplice, who is the Minister for Haitian Overseas Affairs, is a friend of the Dominican Republic, so he doubly regretted the criminal act.

“I have no doubt that we will find those responsible for the robbery, I truly regret what has happened to Supplice, who is a personal friend of President Fernández, and of mine, and of the Dominican Republic”, declared Morales Troncoso.


Dominican Watchdog Note: There is no doubt that the Dominican Republic is becoming more dangerous for tourists. Traveling as a group is not giving any security as the article below shows!!!

6 Turistas fueron robados a punta de pistola en Camino del Sol Cabarete

6 tourists were robbed close to their hotel Celuisma in Camino del Sol, Cabarete. The police has of course not been able to find the robbers, but the Christmas holiday for the six were destroyed. http://cabaretenoticias.blogspot.com/2011/12/6-turistas-fueron-robados-punta-de.html


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The Belgium Consul has been assaulted twice in a month in Puerto Plata


Welcome to "Little Mexico" - The Consul of the Kingdom of Belgium in the Dominican Republic reported that it he has been assaulted twice in less than a month at his home in Perla Marina - Cabarete, by hooded individuals with firearms that have carted off with goods and have opened the safe....... The diplomat warned that his country could issue a warning to its citizens stating "Do not travel to the Dominican Republic,"......



Dengue, cholera, leptospirosis and malaria highest in two years


Dengue 1,587 cases - 43 deaths, Cholera 19,116 cases - 142 deaths, Rabies 19,559 cases - 3 deaths, Leptospirosisa, disease caused by rat urine in food ingested by humans, 638 cases - 14 deaths.....in the Dominican Republic...!!




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Americas and Caribbean top global murder rates, CNN reports


Across Central America, homicide rates have increased in five out of eight countries over the past five years, with Honduras seeing homicide rates more than double between 2005 and 2010. Mexico saw a 65% increase over the same period. Homicide rates have also surged in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Dominican Republic.......

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