32 arrested in illegal Dominican lottery sting in USA
(New York) - Rockland County law enforcement authorities have filed criminal charges against 32 people for allegedly conducting illegal betting via the Dominican National Lottery.

According to the charges, the illegal gambling operations were located in 18 small mom and pop businesses in the villages of Haverstraw and West Haverstraw. The operations took in thousands of dollars in wagers over a four month period.

Nine search warrants were simultaneously executed Wednesday evening by nearly 100 law enforcement officials. Another nine search warrants were executed during a separate sweep on March 14.

More than $130,000 in cash and evidence of illegal gambling operations involving the Dominican National Lottery were seized during the raids.

The investigation was led by Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe’s Office and the Haverstraw Police Department and also resulted in the seizure of several computers and gambling receipts.

“Unregulated, illegal gambling has a negative impact on our community,” Zugibe said. “Proceeds from illegal betting are often used to fuel organized crime and support dangerous criminal enterprises.”

The Dominican lottery is similar to the New York Lottery’s Pick 3 game.

Arrested were:

• Jose Guzman, 31, of Haverstraw
• Alvaro Martinez-Pichardo, 24, of Haverstraw
• Michael Lora, 27, of the Bronx
• Rafael Germosen, 69, of Haverstraw
• Nathaniel Henriquez, 31, of Pomona
• Wilmer Martinez, 21, of Haverstraw
• Antonio Taveras, 50, of Haverstraw
• Felipe Antonio Diaz, 36, of Haverstraw
• Franklin Liz, 35, of Garnerville
• Edis Lopez, 43, of Haverstraw
• Fabio Tineo, 38, of Haverstraw
• Marco Batista, 44, Stony Point
• Alfredo Garcia, 66, of West Haverstraw
• Toro Eiceyes, 32, of Haverstraw
• Felix Martinez, 46, of Haverstraw
• Ramon Rodriguez, 29, no known address
• Juan C. Perez, 18, no known address
• Juan D. Perez, 54, of Haverstraw
• Jose Luis Duran, 49, of Haverstraw
• Luis Cruz, 51, of Haverstraw
• Cesar Perguero, 46, of Haverstraw
• Maria Jimenez, 31, of Haverstraw
• Charles Dominguez, 38, of Pomona
• Jose Tineo, 48, of Congers
• Edilio Santana, 40, of Garnerville
• Frank Ravel Perez, 37, of Haverstraw
• Albania Rodriguez, 40, of Haverstraw
• Ignacio Santana, 38, of Haverstraw
• Alba Rodriguez, 45, of Haverstraw
• Carlos Santana, 39, of Newburgh
• Pedro Dominguez, 69, of Haverstraw


Authorities seized wads of 20 and 50 dollar bills, marble notebooks with betting numbers scrawled in them, computers and receipts during the sting. Police displayed the evidence on a folding table in Haverstraw Town Hall at a Thursday morning press conference, and sounded off on the operation. scarsdale.patch.com

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