25 senators to face charges on use of RD$600M slush fund

DominicanToday.com - The Dominican Alliance Against Corruption (ADOCCO) filed charges against 25 senators for refusing to divulge information on the use of more than RD$600 million, through the slush fund known as Barrilito (little barrel).

Among the Senators charged with violating Law 200-04 on Free Access to Public Information before the Superior Administrative Court figure 17 of the ruling PLD party, 6  the opposition PRD, one of pro-government PRSC and one independent.

Amarilis Santana, La Romana; Charlie Mariotti, Monte Plata; César Augusto Díaz Filpo, Azua; Jesús Antonio Vásquez Martínez, María Trinidad Sánchez; Antonio De Jesús Cruz, Santiago Rodríguez; Heinz Siegfried Vieluf Cabrera, Montecristi; Mario Antonio Torres Ulloa, Dajabon; Francis Vargas, Puerto Plata; Luis René Canaán Rojas, Hermanas Mirabal; Prim Pujals Nolasco, Samana; Noé Sterling Vásquez, Barahona; Juan Roberto Rodríguez, El Seíbo; José Ramón De la Rosa, San Juan de la Maguana; Diego Aquino Acosta, Baoruco.

Also Juan Orlando Mercedes Sena, Independencia; Tommy Galán, San Cristóbal; Dionis Alfonso Sánchez, Pedernales; Wilton Bienvenido Guerrero, Peravia; Germán Castro, La Altagracia; Félix Vásquez, Sánchez Ramírez; Rubén Darío Cruz, Hato Mayor; Alejandro Williams, San Pedro; Félix María Nova, Monseñor Noel; Euclides Sánchez, La Vega; Francisco Radhames Peña, Valverde.

Adocco coordinator Julio Cesar de la Rosa said the hearing is slated for 10 a.m. today Tuesday, from which the following senators were excluded for complying with the Law: Senate President  Reynaldo Pared, PLD, National District; Francisco Domínguez Brito, PLD, Santiago; Pedro Alegria, PRD, San jOse de Ocoa; Andres Bautista, PRD, Espaillat; Amílcar Romero, PLD, Duarte; Cristina Lizardo, PLD, Santo Domingo, and Adriano Sanchez Roa, PRSC, Elías Piña.

“With this lawsuit we are filing charges against the senators on their own legality, since those responsible for the laws must preach with example respecting and obeying the laws they promote,” said, adding that on March 4 the 32 senators were asked to provide information on all the money used for social and community events from August 2006 to March 2010.

De la Rosa said in the little barrel figure people as employees who say they haven’t been paid one cent.

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