15 Dominican Trucks Smuggling Products to Haiti Seized
Haiti (defend.ht) - At least 15 trucks, loaded with products from the Dominican Republic, were seized by Haitian authorities on Tuesday for trying to smuggle the products into the country, duty-free, under the guise of the small cross-border market trade.


The General Directorate of Customs held a press briefing convened by Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe where the action was announced. Director Fritzner Jean-Baptiste told the press that it is common practice for smugglers to take advantage of the binational markets along the Haiti-Dominican border to import tons of goods.

In addition, trucks transports twenty tons of iron were stopped before crossing the border.

"These trucks are currently stationed at the border point of Belladere in Dominican territory while their shipments are destined for Haiti. Importers refuse to pay customs that are demanded for these products," said Jean-Baptiste.

"All of our warehouses and offices of the administration are filled with goods," contraband, said Directore Jean-Baptiste.

With a better control of border crossings and the presence of surveillance brigades, mounted by agents of the DGI (General Directorate of Taxes), AGD (customs), and the PNH (Police Nationale d'Haiti), we can have better coverage of the borders," the director added.

Possible Closing of All Border Markets

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is considering closing the markets along the Haiti-Dominican border because they serve more as points where Dominican products enter Haiti, duty-free, rather than centers of mutual trade.

The Haitian government estimated the total losses across the border to be $10 million per week, a half billion per year.

Dominican authorities seem unwilling to cooperate with the Haitian government in controlling the flow of what it calls contraband across the border.

The President of Dominican Republic Agrobusiness Board, Osmar Benitez, said in June that Dominicans should be concerned by the Haitian Prime Minister's consideration of closing the markets. Benitez said the borders earn $2 billion yearly for Dominican farmers who benefit from the lack of security on the border.


Dominican Watchdog Note | Of course they are unwilling to help. They live from this smuggling operations which undermine the economy in Haiti. Recently Dominican PLD party secretary Felix Bautista ran off with their entire reconstruction budget for Haiti!!!


Read more: Kings of Corruption, Dominican Senator Felix Bautista "Dirty" as expected, UPDATE 2


Breaking News!! - Nuria confirms that Felix Bautista of the PLD is just another corrupt scumbag and close friend of the useless Dominican president Leonel Fernandez. Dominican Investigative Journalist Nuria Piera has uncovered at least US$2.5 million in kickbacks received by President Michel Martelly, from a Dominican construction firm owned by Dominican Senator Felix Bautista....... Update: The truth hurts, but Felix was a nobody before Leonel became president, in a few years he has become a multi million dollar businessman, where did all that money come from!!!  


The are only two questions left: How did Felix Bautista (a shirt tailor from DR a few years back!!!) manage to get most of the entire reconstruction budget of USD 500 Million for Haiti? And who did he share all that money with??? No wonder Haiti is moving nowhere!!!

UPDATE 2: April 9, 2012 - Nuria protests visits and raids by state intelligence

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