'All inclusive resorts' do not assist local people
Re: 'Vacation can be humbling' (Daily News, Nov. 17)

How sad that Robert Barron's visit to the Dominican Republic should be to an "all inclusive resort" from where most, if not all, the profits go to some fat cat in Santo Domingo or worse abroad not helping the local inhabitants one jot.

Most of the staff are on short-term employment only to avoid paying them holiday money or redundancy.

He could have stayed in one of hundreds of local hotels, eaten his meals in a local restaurant, used local transport ensuring that his money enters the local economy.

These holiday makers at "inclusive resorts" make me sick although I have to observe that the travel agents don't help as most of their pages contain nothing but "all inclusive" holidays. I live here now, love it but hate to see how much the local inhabitants are cheated.



Richard Johnston

Go back | Date: 24 Nov 2009
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