“Worsening security” swamps Dominican Republic’s competitiveness, report
Geneva - Dominican Republic, together with other Central America countries such as El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua had its worst setback in competitiveness, falling from a rank of 101 to 110, “on a worsening situation of security,” affirmed a World Economic Forum (WEF) report disclosed Wednesday, quoted by EFE.


The document, which values the Latin America region’s competitiveness situation positively, referring to the countries which had setbacks, affirms that ”Dominican Republic had the biggest step backward (falling from position 101 to 110), followed by El Salvador (82 to 91), Guatemala (78 to 84), Costa Rica (56 to 61) and Nicaragua (112 to 114), due to “the worsening of the situation of security."

According to EFE however, Latin America’s perspective in competitiveness is encouraging in the next few years in spite of economic uncertainties in the United States and Europe, according to the WEF report presented today.

The document, in which the WEF gathers the global guidelines on competitiveness, stresses that “the region has been able to deal with the global recession relatively well and has grown in a stable manner since 2009,” when the average economic growth stagnated.


In black attire, citizens demand a halt to crime wave

Related article from DominicanToday.com. - The outcry Enough delinquency! Enough crime already, from the many men, women and children dressed in black waving a Dominican Republic map as their banner, electrified the park La Lira in the heart of the upscale Naco and Piantini sectors, were they vowed not to succumb to the latest crime wave.

Artists, doctors, lawyers and businesspersons of the middle and upper middle class gathered in the streets many  them indignant after having lost parents, offspring, nephews, victims to crime, said Carlos de Soto, Chiqui Estévez and Bernardita Garcia, of the Organizing Committee  the group “We say not to crime,” which has hurt families and society.

The group also demands a sweeping reform and purge of the Police, the Armed Forces and the Judiciary.

Molinari, whose daughter was assaulted and savagely beaten by several armed thugs, said in the country “is at a very beautiful moment to put on a pair of pants and to say enough already! Enough of external pressures, of business deals in politics; commitment with friends and the buddy buddies of the parties; enough corruption and crime!”

The group of citizens’ chant was boosted by honking of horns as a sign of support from the motorists driving along the Lincoln and Lope de Vega avenues.

Estevez demanded in a musical and touching speech, that it’s time for the country to sustain the values which made citizen feel admiration and pride for the men in uniform whose actions are also questioned today

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