INVESTOR WARNING, Barrick gold shipment detained by Dominican Republic
DON'T INVEST IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - President Danilo Medina and the Dominican Government is using extortion against foreign investor by holding back their gold and demanding the contract renegotiated. The Canadian mining company already made huge investments in the DR based on the original contract signed with ex-president Leonel Fernandez. If that's not an investor scam what is?.......
Read more | 09 Apr 2013
ST. Kitts Police say Dominican Gang of 4 wanted to steal high value metals
St. Kitts - THE second witness, Officer Richards, in the case against four Dominican Republic nationals: Angel Palmer, Ramon Benitezsaba, Juan Frederico Samiento and Arismandi Rivera, said they were arrested at the scene of the crime while trying to flee after wanted to steal high value copper wire, scrap metals and old transformers.....
Read more | 29 Mar 2013
UK Woman Held in Dominican Prison for Seven Months without Charge (UPDATE)
HOLIDAY IN HELL / Cardiff Mum Nicola Reyes jailed in tiny cell in Dominican Republic accused of murdering her husband Jorge in night-time road collision. 'She's lost everything', says mother of woman held in Dominican Republic.... BLOOD MONEY UPDATE - Needs to raise £65,000, the amount the deceased's family said it would accept to drop the case against her.....
Read more | 09 Apr 2013
Fallen 'Dominican Idol', Charged With Drug Smuggling, Part of Major Network
Martha Heredia - A winner of the USA TV talent show "Latin American Idol" who was once loved by thousands in her native Dominican Republic was charged with drug smuggling after police found found 2.9 pounds of heroin in the heels of three pairs of shoes packed in her suitcase.....UPDATE - Part of Major Network!
Read more | 26 Feb 2013
TIME Magazine, The Man Behind Robert Menendez’s Troubles

BANANA REPUBLIC NEWS!!! REPORT: Menendez donor could see 250,000-percent return on recent Dominican port security investment. FBI INVESTIGATION STARTED!!!

THE TRUTH: The Man Behind Robert Menendez’s Troubles

Read more | 26 Feb 2013
Carlos Marmol Accused Of Abuse In Dominican Republic

(CBS) Cubs reliever Carlos Marmol has been accused of abuse by a 24-year-old woman in the Dominican Republic, according to the Chicago Tribune.....

Read more | 26 Feb 2013
NYPD says 1,181-strong Dominican gang keeps growing
The Dominican gang "Los Trinitarios” (The Trinity) of New York, has 1,181 active members, according to the New York City Police (NYPD). Local and federal agents have arrested and indicted hundreds of its members and sentenced to long prison terms in U.S. correctional facilities......  UDATE - Dominican arrested for running a powerful ring of gun smugglers operating from a barbershop in the Bronx.....
Read more | 26 Feb 2013
UK Foreign Office warning YOU about crime in the Dominican Republic

The Foreign Office has updated its advice for British holidaymakers heading to the Dominican Republic - following recent reports of violent crime against tourists!

Read more | 12 Feb 2013
Thieves who stole an entire bay in Dominican Republic might get away with it
Danilo Medina proves to be no better than the rest of his corrupt political rat pack  - Medina reportedly issued special powers to his Legal adviser Cesar Pina Toribio, to make the agreement possible, including dropping the charges against former officials and their associates who claim ownership on the stolen land in Bahia de las Aguilas......UPDATE - MUCH WORSE THAN EXPECTED!
Read more | 01 Mar 2013
US State Department: Dominican Republic Has Problem with Sex Tourism

Was US Sen. Robert Menendez the classic sex tourist in the Dom Rep?

According to several recent reports, the Spanish-language news network Univision tracked down a woman by the name of Yaneisi Fernández on Monday (Feb. 4) to find out if she was one of Bob Menendez's alleged Dominican Republic call girls....

Read more | 07 Feb 2013
Black Sugar | Modern-Day Slavery in the Dominican Republic
Black Sugar - Nobody Knows I'm Here !!! Upon arrival, the workers’ passports are confiscated and destroyed, rendering their holders stateless. Haitians fit and brave enough to flee are often caught, beaten, robbed and forced to pay a fine to regain the very job they sought to evade.  If this sounds a lot like slavery it is actually worse. “Researchers have agreed on this,” he says. “At least slave owners used to feed their slaves”......
Read more | 04 Feb 2013
Tourist Murder no 26, French national hanged on his yacht in Samana Dom Rep
WATCH VIDEO OF HANGED FRENCH TOURIST BEING REMOVED BY POLICE - Pascal Heron, 50 years old and with passport no 05CP62739 is tourist #26 to be murdered the Dom Rep in less than 3 years. Medical examiner of Samaná, Dr. Julian Bodden Emilio De La Cruz and deputy prosecutor Mr. Elinton Santiago Billiards plus the police certified that he was found dead with signs of violence on the body.....
Read more | 31 Jan 2013
Volunteers from Unites States robbed at gunpoint in Dominican Republic

WATCH THE VIDEO AND REPORT ON ABC NEWS LIVE - One man surrendered a $3,000 watch and $3,000 camera.  A group of volunteer doctors, dentists and assistants from Utah were held at gunpoint in the Dominican Republic as they were forced to hand over their valuables and cash.....

Read more | 29 Jan 2013
BBC NEWS - PRD party HQ gunfight injures six
Six people are being treated for gunshot wounds after violence broke out at a meeting of the main opposition party in the Dominican Republic - WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE FIGHT!!!. After Hipolito Mejia's followers, in the midst of a shootout with Miguel Vargas's followers, took over the PRD national headquarters, Mejia, a former President of the DR, reached an agreement with government officials and hand over the PRD office to the National Police....
Read more | 29 Jan 2013
U.S. deports Dominican charged in gangland murders of foreingers in DR
The Dominican Hector Vargas Valerio "Figura" was apprehended in the U.S. and repatriated to the DR to face charges in connection with an gang of hired killers, who in 2011 murdered three Colombians, a Spaniard and a Dominican, in Santiago. Police chief Jose A. Polanco said Vargas, along with another man identified as Julio C. Cespedes Martinez "El Indio," had ordered the killing of the foreigners......
Read more | 29 Jan 2013
Dominican police officers finally charged in key killings case
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL REPORT -  the Prosecutor’s office in Montecristi province filed charges against the officers for their responsibility for killing William de Jesús Checo and Cecilio Díaz. Hundreds of people are killed by police violence in the Dominican Republic every year, and justice is either non-existent or slow in coming. In its 2011 report, “Shut up if you don’t want to be killed”, Amnesty International documented a number of cases of those killed unlawfully by police.....
Read more | 29 Jan 2013
Prostitute stabs Canadian man 20 times in Dom Rep, American Woman killed in Bar
Holidays in Hell This Week - Like to be shipped home in a pine box, then Dominican Republic might be right for you!! This Canadian is pretty lucky, last week the American woman Sandra Valente was killed in Santo Domingo while her husbond was in the bathroom according to local media. She is tourist #25 to be killed in three years in Dominican Republic....
Read more | 21 Jan 2013
Spanish Court Scandal - Judge to be removed, Brother of the judge involved in Punta Perla
Spanish Judge deliberately delayed Punta Perla lawsuit from angry investors defrauded by Ricardo Miranda in Dominican Republic !!! Ever wondered why the Spanish Judge Jose Emilio Coronado Ruz kept pushing the lawsuit away and allow valuable time to be lost....?, We have now learned that it's because his own brother, Ignacio Coronado Ruz, was involved in potential fraudulent activities around Punta Perla in Bavaro(Punta Cana). Click here to read the full letter form the lawyers behind the lawsuit, hundreds of small investors defrauded by Ricardo Miranda in Punta Perla
20 Jan 2013
4 arrested for killing German in Sosua on the North Coast of Dom Rep
Paul Jürgen Siefried is tourist #24 to be killed in the Dominican Republic in only 3 years !!! - The Procurator Fiscal of the Judicial Department, said about four people were arrested for investigation surrounding the shooting death of the German national Jürgen Paul Siefried 71 years of age, in Mulata in the tourist town of Sosua on Sunday night.....
Read more | 14 Jan 2013
Activists slam Dominican shark hunting tournament
BARCELO RUM promoter has angered environmentalists with his plan for a shark-hunting tournament in the Dominican Republic similar to one he organized after the release of the movie "Jaws." But head of this Caribbean country's Natural Resources Department said Thursday he will not allow such a tournament because he aims to protect the country's wildlife.....
Read more | 14 Jan 2013
Tourist STANISLAO LYTWYN killed in Punta Cana
STANISLAO LYTWYN is tourist #23 to be killed in the Dominican Republic in only 3 years !!! - reportedly he was shot when he tried to stop an assault between two other men at a same time when he was moving around with his wife Holgatha Cheuvo.....
Read more | 10 Jan 2013
Failed airline points to Dominican Government's 2nd major scandal
Is that the same toursit minister who extorted La Estancia Golf Resort for years and delayed the project? - Justice Ministry to investigate ex Tourism minister Felix Jimenez (Felucho), of the use of taxpayers money  to create the Air Dominicana airline, in which US$10.0 million was alleged embezzled.......
Read more | 10 Jan 2013
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