American doctor with Dominican medical degree charged with murder
DON'T TRUST DOMINICAN DOCTOR DEGREES! - News of Christensen's arrest brought sighs of relief from the families of those whose loved ones died of overdoses of pills they got from the former chiropractic who got his medical degree from a school in the Dominican Republic that was later closed.....
Read more | 13 Jul 2013
Prominent Dominican journalist faces death threats, U.S. backed NGO warns
The civic organization Citizen Participation (PC) said it’s concerned about Fausto Rosario Adames could be targeted for murder. Rosario not only received death threats as gunmen, who apparently confused him for Sergio Rafael Roja,s physician who resembled him, who was shot and killed near the Botanical Gardens in 2010.....
Read more | 12 Jul 2013
Groupon Slammed for Awful Resort 'Deal' in Dominican Republic
ABC's "The Lookout" booked a stay at a "luxury hotel" in the Dominican Republic through Groupon Getaways at a price of $173 a night for a junior suite -- a 44% discount, the site claimed. But another ABC producer booked directly with the hotel and got a "deluxe room" for $146.....
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Dominican religious groups reject gay US ambassador, Calls him a "Faggot"
DR Truly Fucked Up - NYC festival showcases 1st Dominican-American gay film and at the same time

Cardinal Calls Potential U.S. Ambassador a 'Faggot'

Read more | 12 Jul 2013
British tourists hold sit-in at Dominican resort after locals "destroy everything"
HOLIDAY in HELL - 160 British holidaymakers have staged a sit-in at the luxury five-star ClubHotel Riu Merengue in Puerto Plata after "drunk and rowdy" locals turned up and urinated in the swimming pool, ate the buffet food and caused "chaos and destruction."  WATCH VIDEO - Angry tourist told the Daily Mirror that his £12,000 family holiday with Thomson was ruined by the Dominicans......
Read more | 12 Jul 2013
Italian man beaten to death with iron pipe in Dominican Republic
Tourist #27 murdered in Dom Rep - Francesco Ceron of Italian origin, who lived Sosua, was found in the back seat of his Suzuki Grand Vitara, plate G028729 completely gagged, with bumps and cuts on his head, and a an electrical cord tied around his neck. Roumers will that his Dominican wife was behind it and she also wanted USD 1100 to release the body to the family back home in Italy.....
Read more | 04 Jul 2013
US$ 45 Million Debit card scam connected to Dominican Republic
The international ring that stole US$45 million in 27 countries through ATM operations, also cloned the cards of businessmen and celebrities from the Dominican Republic. The scam had a branch in New York City, composed of Dominicans, whose alleged leader, identified as Alberto Yusi Lajud Peña, 23, was killed on April 27 in a house in San Francisco de Macoris......
Read more | 04 Jul 2013
Australian tourist side stepping death’s shadow in the Dominican Republic

Safely back in Australia, Alexander Cornwell encounts being robbed at gunpoint in the Dominican Republic.  Here is his report, remember this can easily happen to you...., follow US and Canadian warnings!

Read more | 04 Jul 2013
US$3.7M in CASH seized in DR’s most famous resort, Casa de Campo
The Fanjul Brother's Casa de Campo is again involved in drug and money laundering, this time by former Dominican Navy officer and head of the local DNI special police investigation department Mr. Fausto Severino Marte - Surprisingly enough President Medina fires both the Police and Antinarcotics Chiefs after that......, maybe they came to close to the truth?
Read more | 04 Jul 2013
Spain bans import of Dominican pepper fruits
Spain has banned the import of Dominican peppers due to the presence of Endosulfan in 0.14 mg/kg - ppm, according to information from the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF). France has also destroyed Dominican peppers containing Endosulfan in 0.32 mg/kg - pmm and Methomyl in 0.34 mg/kg - pmm......
Read more | 04 Jul 2013
3,000 Britons face financial ruin in property nightmare in Dom Rep
The Financial Services Authority has issued an 'alert' about the company and the Serious Fraud Office has been asked to investigate. The Harlequin property scheme includes the Two Rivers Resort close to Playa Dorada on the north coast plus Hideaway and Las Canas all of them in the Dominican Republic......
Read more | 04 Jul 2013
Dominican Travel Agent in NYC Ticket Scam
The Manhattan district attorney's office says Cecilia Suarez is accused of charging victims for a round-trip flight to the Dominican Republic, but only giving them one-way tickets or not giving them tickets at all. Authorities say there are more than 30 victims and the fraud took place between January and September 2012.....
Read more | 04 Jul 2013
Canada warns travelers on Dom. Rep. crime raise!

TRAVEL WARNING - The Canadian Government warns its travelers to “exercise a high degree of caution when traveling to the Dominican Republic, citing a crime rate it considers high. “There is no nationwide advisory in effect for the Dominican Republic. However, you should exercise a high degree of caution due to a high crime rate,” says Ottawa on its website.

16 Jun 2013
Dominican Grandmother Busted At JFK For Drugs In Wheelchair
Fior Daliza García came off JetBlue flight 838 from the Dominican Republic at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport and immediately drew the attention of Customs Inspectors. The 58-year old wheeled up to customs appearing ill at ease in her “newly painted” wheelchair, The Boston resident admitted that she agreed to smuggle the drugs in from the Dominican Republic in exchange for $12,000.....
Read more | 16 Jun 2013
Dominican nanny charged with killing 2 children appears in a NYC court

Joselyn Ortega, the Dominican nanny native of Santiago charged with murdering children Leo and Lucia Krim in the fall of 2012, was declared fit to stand trial for the crimes, as determined by licensed psychologists assigned by the court. The accused last Friday again appeared in Manhattan State Supreme Court before Judge Gregory Carro, who said the trial could start no later than June. Ortega, who tried to cut her throat on the day of the murder, has pleaded not guilty to murder and faces life in prison if a jury finds her guilty on first-degree murder. READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE

16 Jun 2013
Canadian tourist drowns off Dominican beach resort in Punta Cana - Authorities say a Canadian tourist has drowned off a beach resort in the Dominican Republic. Police on Wednesday identified the dead 46-year-old vacationer as Derrick Hayley of the town of Bonavista in Newfoundland. He was pronounced dead Monday at a hospital after being pulled from the ocean by staff at the Bavaro resort where he was staying with his wife and son. In September, another Canadian tourist drowned off the same beach resort area of Punta Cana.

16 Jun 2013
Top drug cop vows to nab those behind resort town murder - National Drugs Control (DNCD) president Rolando Rosado on Tuesday vowed to head the investigation into the murder by alleged drug traffickers of a Sosua City Hall official who denounced a business that sells narcotics. He said he’ll travel with the DNCD’s Intelligence director to Puerto Plata today, because the authorities won’t tolerate attacks on citizens who denounce drug trafficking. Alleged drug traffickers gunned down Adalberto Pichardo Martinez Monday night. His 24 year-old son Jose was also seriously injured in the shooting!

Rosado said those responsible for Pichardo’s death will be identified and charged.

16 Jun 2013
Federal sting operation nets Dominican in NY State Assembly
Nelson Castro implicated Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, also of the Bronx and other elected officials involved in the scandal and together with former NYC Councilman Miguel Martinez, is the second Dominican politician charged with corruption in recent years, Martinez was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty.....
Read more | 16 Jun 2013
Dominican Republic sends troops on the streets to fight crime
TRAVEL WARNING - The Dominican Republic is resorting to its military to fight the growing street crime and attack on tourists and public figures!!! President Medina ordered the Armed Forces and the National Police “to use all military necessary for the fight against crime."......
Read more | 16 Jun 2013
Dominican with murder charges convicted for false US citizenship claims
The U.S. attorney's office says Javier Martinez also was convicted of re-entry after deportation, aggravated identity theft and illegal possession of a firearm. The U.S. attorney's office says Martinez separately faces murder charges in state court in connection with an Anchorage hotel shooting.....
Read more | 16 Jun 2013
112 Haitian immigrants awarded $1 million in Dominican court

This is hopefully the first of many such cases for them to win!!! Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic will receive $1 million [US] after a Dominican judge ruled their employer had illegally detained them for a decade and had not satisfied reasonable compensation.....

Read more | 09 Apr 2013
CNN: Dom Rep arrests 35 police/military plus 4 French in Punta Cana drug bust
DRUGS FUEL THE DOMINICAN ECONOMY - Arrests were made in connection with the seizure of a private jet carrying 682 packets of cocaine in 26 suitcases. Few weeks later authorities said 1,909 kilos of cocaine were seized off the country’s eastern coast and now a cocaine shipment is found in a cacao shipment for Italy. Yesterday former head of Dominican drug agency finally extradited to United States, he faces 50 years in jail......,  Why are no drug owners caught!
Read more | 10 Apr 2013
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