Dutch tourist murdered in her home in Cabrera, Dominican Republic
Tourist murder #28 - Richtje van Someren, 44 years old, also known as GINA was butchered in her home in Cabrera in what local Dominican police called a "crime of passion"...., Dutch Foreign Affairs advises travelers to the Dominican Republic to be vigilant and make travel warning for a year...., the killer is still lose and linked to a murder of an Italian man in same area!!.....
Read more | 11 Aug 2013
Canadian family bankrupt after son got killed in Dominican Republic
Remember this case? Now set for a re-trail because 3 judges were litterely sleeping during the process!!! Jordan Morris only 19 years old, killed by muslims in Punta Cana for protecting a woman. His parents lost all their life savings after 14 visits to the court in the Dominican Republic - Talking about a useless court system.....
Read more | 11 Aug 2013
Theacher from UK dies in dangerous waves off Sosua in Dominican Republic
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) confirmed Sian Louise Marshall-Plewes, 36, from United Kingdom, died in the early hours of Saturday. It's belived she got into difficulty after being hit by a strong wave while swimming off Sosua Beach with a local loverboy...., there has been other recent drowning accidents in the Dominican Republic.....
Read more | 10 Aug 2013
UNICEF: Half of Dominican children live in poverty, rich kids crash Ferrari's
UNICEF has some grim findings about childhood poverty in the Dominican Republic. Half of Dominicans under 18 live in poverty, struggling to get food, drinking water and adequate housing. Only 30 percent of kids finish primary school and only 18 percent finish secondary school. Half of the schools have no drinking water and 60 percent no toilets. at the same time rich families crash Ferrari's......
Read more | 10 Aug 2013
Dominican Republic Police admit US$1.5M theft in raid on Germans in Sosua
PRESIDENT DANILO MEDINA, PROUD TO BE A DOMINICAN TODAY? FINALLY THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FORCES ATTACK ON THE  GERMAN FAMILIES IN SOSUA GOT OUT!!! Under interrogation Police Council recommended withdrawals and cancellations of 14 officers and enlisted men who participated in the killing of the Germans to rob their money.....
Read more | 13 Aug 2013
963 British tourists with food-poisoning in DR compensated over £5.5 million
TRAVEL WARNING - HOLIDAY IN HELL !!! The damages paid by UK tour operators in 963 cases relating to the 2007 Bahia Principe resort in the Dominican Republic now exceed £5.5 million, the law firm was quoted as saying, adding that it has also pursued other claims relating to guests at the same hotel between 1997 and 2012.....
Read more | 11 Aug 2013
Dominican who illegally reentered the US has 9 aliases and 16 page criminal history
AM I RIGHT or AM I RIGHT - AGAIN!!!, this is exactly the Dominicans I'm talking about!!! Santana who ILLEGALLY reentered the US has 9 aliases and a lengthy 16-page criminal history stretching back a number of years according to police! The DA said Santana who was taken with drugs worth USD 100,000 also had a number of fake identification cards in his possession, BUT who is behind them.....
Read more | 04 Aug 2013
EURO NEWS - Greek police bust Dominican prostitution ring of sex slaves
The prostitution ring in the Dominican Republic lured low-income Dominicans to Spain with the promise of work, using Greece and Turkey as transit countries. The human traffickers demanded a fee of 5,000 to 6,000 euros ($6,500-7,800) for the trip, but once the Dominicans reached EU their passports were confiscated and they were forced into prostitution or drug trafficking.....
Read more | 04 Aug 2013
NYC welfare food found on Dominican Republic black market
Why Was This Not Expected? Many Dominicans enter US illegally looking for a way to rob their new host!!! Food-stamp fraud in New York has turned into foreign aid — to black-market profiteers in the Dominican Republic. The New York Post last week found people hawking barrels of American products for a profit on the streets of Santiago.....
Read more | 11 Aug 2013
TRAVEL WARNING - Criminal acts against foreigners affects Sosua

HIGH RISK AREAS of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - According to local Dominican news are 99.9% of the patients who enter the hospital for treatment after assault and robbery foreigners...!!!

Read more | 31 Jul 2013
Dominican-American actress snares her father’s murderer on the Web

Since 2006 Martinez surfed MySpace and Facebook for information and in 2011 wrote to "America's Most Wanted" and paid 69.99 dollars out of her own pocket to several search programs that reveal potential Web addresses and phone numbers of any person - Her efforts paid off Friday when police arrested Justo Santos, charged with the murder of the father in DR.....

Read more | 31 Jul 2013
U.S. court ruling stokes embezzlement case to Ex-President Leonel
When is Leonel Fernandez off to jail? The government of the Dominican Republic must pay US$50.1 million to two Miami-based companies that claimed it breached their contract and failed to pay for work on an irrigation project in the Caribbean nation and other constructions in the capital, Law reports......
Read more | 31 Jul 2013
Dom Rep among countries with most school violence in Latin America
"To learn without fear" is a fundamental right for every school, but in the Dominican Republic some 60% of the students in primary school confess that they have been the victim of some sort of violence and where 70% of the homes of the parents of tutors use physical or psychological punishment as a method of disciplining children....
Read more | 31 Jul 2013
“Kidnapped For Christ” Kids sent to Abusive school in Dom Rep

Kidnapped for Christ is a feature-length documentary film, which follows the stories of several American teenagers who were sent to an Evangelical Christian reform school located in The Dominican Republic called "Escuela Caribe" - WATCH THE VIDEO !!!

Read more | 31 Jul 2013
Dominicans smuggle Cocaine worth $24 Million, seized by Coast Guard
The Coast Guard, Royal Netherlands Navy and U.S. law enforcement partners seized 1,517 pounds of cocaine, a go-fast vessel and detained three Dominican smugglers, during an at-sea interdiction June 11, 2013 in the Caribbean Sea. The drug shipment is estimated to have a wholesale value of more than $24 million dollars.....
Read more | 31 Jul 2013
Canadian Report, Paradise lost in the Dominican Republic

Wedding bliss turns to shock when groom ends up in Dominican jail

- Watch Canadian TV News link!!

More than 200 fake wedding certificates from Punta Cana!!

Read more | 21 Jul 2013
Dominican talk radio calls for military attack against Haiti
BANANA REPUBLIC NEWS !!! The well known radio commentator Alvaro Arvelo in the Dominican Republic on Thursday called for his government to launch a military attack against Haiti. Not satisfied with the results he expected, Alvarito accused the five listeners who do not adhere to his plan to launch an assualt as bad Dominicans and traitors.....
Read more | 21 Jul 2013
Dominicans sold cocaine in pizza slices busted in Brooklyn - Two Dominicans were arrested Thursday on charges of selling cocaine hidden in pizza slices of the chain Papa John's, delivered to the homes of addicts who ordered them in New York. It said Rodriguez was caught red-handed on Thursday while selling one kilo of cocaine for $27,000 dollars to an undercover agent.

21 Jul 2013
RIP - Teacher from US killed in Dominican Republic car crash

TRAVEL WARNING - Dominican Republic Tops List Of World's Deadliest Countries For Drivers!!! Dominicans have a wooping one in 480 chance of having their lives taken by some gas guzzler according to World Health Organization.....

Read more | 21 Jul 2013
SEX TOURISM - WATCH OUT, One the only reason left to visit the Dom Rep can end you up in jail - Those who use the services of prostitutes can be charged as accessories to pandering and face a sentence of 10-15 years in prison.... The Dominican Rep is the top exporter of prostitutes worldwide according to UN and 1000 prostitutes spook Sosua's tourism....
Read more | 21 Jul 2013
President Medina seeks Obama’s support to reintegrate deportees
President Danilo Medina must be fuc@%&! joking! First of all most of these Dominican losers entered the USA illegally, committed all kinds of hard core crimes from violent thefts, extreme fraud and drug sales to murders. And when finally sent back home, the Dominican president has the nerve to ask for US support, He said "the government considers the increasing number of ex-convicts deported from the United States a national security problem, with their ever growing participation in criminal activities, especially drug trafficking"....
Read more | 21 Jul 2013
Mystery death, British tourist dies on operating tabel in the Dom Rep
DON'T TRUST DOMINICAN DOCTOR DEGREES!  - Cath Smith slipped and fell on the second day of her sunshine break in the Dominican Republic and needed surgery to fix a broken bone in her arm. The routine surgery ended in tragedy when she died on the operating table.....
Read more | 13 Jul 2013
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