U.S. National Bar Association cancels conference in DR
U.S. expresses ‘deep concern’ over Dominican court citizenship ruling and The National Bar Association of the United States announced the cancellation of the Dominican Republic as its location for its annual conference"On behalf of the National Bar Association, we strongly condemn the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic, which has retroactively rescinded the citizenship of persons of Haitian lineage born in DR".....
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Dominican Brothers Sentenced for USD 25 Million Drug and Tax Fraud in US
The U.S. attorney’s office says Joel Santana-Pierna was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Anchorage to nearly 12 years and Abel Santana-Pierna got 72 monthsThey were charged with distributing cocaine in the Anchorage area. Prosecutors say they also conspired to use about 3,000 stolen Puerto Rican identities to file false income tax returns with the IRS.
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Swiss woman killed in her house in Puerto Plata
Merry Christmas from the DR to families of dead tourists around the world with Tourist #33 killed - What a crazy couple of weeks with 3 foreigners murdered in the Dominican Republic !!! The body of the 49-year-old woman, Sofhi Madeline Luperon Mateo, from the Swiss canton of Jura was found on Saturday tied up with a bullet in her head in her home in Puerto Plata. She has lived in the DR since 2005. Two men has been arrested.....
Read more | 20 Dec 2013
Retired general heads raid on casino in Santo Domingo, USD 500,000 GONE!
One should think this article is part of a movie script, but its just business AS USUAL in a Nation of Morons!!! A group of around 35 men headed by a retired general identified only as Fructuoso raided the Dream Casino on Thursday and hauled away half a million dollars. The casino’s lawyer Francisco Fernández said the assailants also robbed wallets, cell phones and other valuables from all employees, on threats of death.....
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Dominican Fishing Mafia Stealing USD 20M of Seafood from Bahamas
BOYCOTT Domincan Fish and Sea Food, it's probably stolen from Bahamian waters !!! The corrupt Dominican Government has not as promised stoping the illegal fishermen. “This tells you they are funded by some very wealthy organisations. Very wealthy Dominican people are involved in the poaching business,” said Mr LaRoda after the apprehension of the Dominican ‘mother ship’ near Cay Lobos....
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Cuban Journalist Murdered in Dominican Republic
Foreigner #32 to be killed in the Dominican Republic, probably for being GAY!!! According to the Police then the murder was planned by the 3 boys, watch more details in main article YouTube video. The new and openly American GAY ambassador to the Dominican Republic, James "Wally" Brewster, better watch his back in this unfriendly country where he is clearly NOT welcome.....
Read more | 27 Dec 2013
AIDS Affects 1,800 Pregnant Dominicans, 13Y-old-teen gives birth to triplets!

A 13 year old gave birth to triplets, the teenage mother had a sexual relationship with a 61-year-old man, who was accused of seducing minors and is now a fugitive. Some 1,800 pregnant women are infected with AIDS in Dominican Republic, said Victor Terrero, executive director of the National Council for HIV/AIDS. "The current situation is a major source of concern, but we are monitoring the problem, we would not like newborn babies to be infected with AIDS".....

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Dominican court ruling devastates Canadian family
One more family Fuc#ed over by the Dominican Justice system, their son's killer got only 3 years in jail !!! They took18 trips to and from the island nation, Dominican police would put out a renewed request for witnesses, it never happened. “We paid $16,000 since last year for this new lawyer and what did we get out of it? Nothing”.....
Read more | 19 Dec 2013
Dominican Drug smuggler caught after asking Customs for directions
Dumb, Dumber - Dominican!!!! Cristobal Nieuw (64) had ingested 98 pellets of cocaine and was transporting them from Brazil when he was caught. Nieuw, with an address at The Hague in the Netherlands but originally from Dominican Republic, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to importation of 1.004kg of cocaine worth €70,295......
Read more | 19 Dec 2013
U.S. citizen found dead in Puerto Plata, Another in Cabarete plus one stabbed

HORROR WEEK IN PUERTO PLATA AREA, TOURIST MURDER #31An Italian-American businessman identified as Anthony Vacile, 51, was found hanged around 5am Tuesday, inside his apartment in a building of the city. Another American Michael Peter Beni was found dead in his hotel in Cabareta and same week a french tourist Patrick Vatillieux was stabbed also not far from Puerto Plata.....

Read more | 19 Dec 2013
BOYCOTT DR - Canadian Airport Protest Targets Dominican Republic Tourism
More and More Countries Talking about BOYCOTT of the Dominican Republic due to New Apartheid Law -  UWI group urges strong action against Dom Rep over treatment of Dominicans of Haitian descent.  Tourists and Citizens Worldwide: Pledge to boycott the Dominican Republic until the racist and inhumane ruling "Sentencia TC/0168/13" is repealed by signing this petition.....
Read more | 19 Dec 2013
USA Deports 3,300 Dominicans in 2013, and that's just those caught!
Overflow of Dominican Criminals in the United StatesThe United States has deported 3,293 Dominicans so far in 2013, more than in the last three years. mostly held in prisons in New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, Chicago, Philadelphia and New Jersey. They were accused of crimes related to drug trafficking, murder, assault, forgery, bank fraud and theft, not to forget rape.....
Read more | 09 Dec 2013
Dominicans arrested in New York luxury apartment heist; victim beaten
Adonis Sepulveda, 30, and Ramona P. Mercado Vasquez, 26, both natives of the Dominican Republic - fast police work had led to the recovery of all that had been taken — about $2 million in jewelry, gold and cash, “They beat the [expletive] out of me,” he said, adding that he had suffered two broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade in the beating......
Read more | 08 Dec 2013
US Officials warn of infections from Dominican surgeries

Boston health officials are investigating several reports of severe infections in patients who traveled to the Dominican Republic for cosmetic surgery - At least two patients in Boston, and another in Worcester, are believed to have been infected with Mycobacterium abscessus, bacteria that are not easily battled with antibiotics.....

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US couple face 1 year in Dominican jail for human trafficking
WHERE IS THE CRIME??? - Puerto Plata’s Office of the Prosecutor on Sunday requested one year of pre-trial detention against an American couple charged with forming part a human trafficking network. They were arrested during a raid of their residence where agents found several laptops with webcam, in which Dominican women and gay men providing sexual services through videos.......
Read more | 09 Dec 2013
Impunity wins as suspect in journalist's murder is free on bail
Banana Republic News - Killers of journalists again set free in the Dominican Republic!!  It is the second time that a suspect in the murder of a journalist has been freed while an investigation is in progress. The decision casts doubt over a legal system where freedom can be bought, even in the most serious cases.....

Read more | 07 Dec 2013
New York Attorney General announced lawsuit against people behind Pueblo Bavaro
This was about time the world woke up to the reality of fraud and scams in the Dominican Republic real estate market!!! None of the real estate agents operating in the Dominican Republic, not even the international franchises like ReMax or Century21 have any insurance to protect clients deposits, the title insurance companies are one big fraud, not to forget that lawyers have no malpractice insurance, Its 100% PURE Banana Republic!!! Other counties like Canada, Germany, France and United Kingdom should follow the steps of USA and in the end demand that the Dominican State pay for it's failure to protect at least international consumers with adequate laws as they are not used to "Jungle Contracts". Read full press release from Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman by clicking here.....
Read more | 22 Nov 2013
Dominican doctor alter fingerprints in US on deported illegal immigrants
Dominican Doctors for hire by criminals!!! This newest case show Dominican doctors and their assistants are still in big demand in the United States to preform fingerprint altering surgery on previously deported individuals. The price is USD 4500 per person, Last recorded case by Dominican Watchdog was a Dominican Army doctor Zaitor-Pou, who also operated in the Boston area.....


Read more | 21 Nov 2013
Is Carnival Cruise Lines Pushing Sex Tourism Out of the DR? Meet Cubadave, Who Says Yes
Cuba is the future for Sex Tourism, twice as good looking girls for half the price, Avoid Dominican Republic!!! Since at least the early 2000s, the Dominican Republic has been a hot spot for sex tourism -- thanks in part to Strecker's blog posts and ebook. But as the opening date for a $65 million Carnival cruise center looms, officials from the Ministry of Tourism have scrambled to eradicate sex on the beach....
Read more | 21 Nov 2013
Another RIU Resort dream vacation turned into "Holiday from Hell" in Puerto Plata
Not the first time a RIU RESORT dream vacation has turned into "Holiday in Hell" in the Dominican Republic!!!! - Natalie Murphy, from Bootle, had planned the holiday of a lifetime with boyfriend Paul Salters at the five-star Riu Resort in the Dominican Republic earlier this year. But on the second day Natalie came down with a stomach bug  and claims she is still suffering from gastric symptoms months later......
Read more | 21 Nov 2013
Dominican city official nabbed in Miami spent 25 years on the run
IS THERE SOMEBODY IN THE DOMINICAN GOVERNMENT WHO IS NOT CONNECTED TO DRUGS??? Dominican city council official Fiordaliza Pichardo, prominent leader of the conservative PRSC party was part of a Brooklyn drug trafficking ring in 1988. The political leader from Bonao (central) was arrested at Miami International Airport November 4, when she arrived from Dominican Republic, on an outstanding warrant issued for "Maritza Zeballoz" (a) Fiordaliza Pichardo......
Read more | 21 Nov 2013
Punta Perla fraud case moving forward again, Chance for UK investors to recover money
PUNTA PERLA, Good News for UK and Northern Ireland investors in DR's mega real estate scam involving the corrupt ex President Leonel Fernandez, the Prince of Monaco and the Crook himself, Ricardo Miranda. After changing the "dirty" judge in Madrid, Miranda and OVP has now been in front of the new judge, so the case is finally moving in the right direction. At the same time several civil cases has opened the door for help of recovery of parts of your lost investment from The Financial Services Compensation Scheme in UK....... 
Read more | 21 Nov 2013
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