Busy week for Dominican drug barons and corrupt police in DR
Dominican Republic Police Precinct protected drug dealer for 600,000 per month - Mexican drug lord’s clout reached Dominican Republic - Dominican Republic’s police chief accused of corruption - Three arrested for drug related crimes in Spain - USA Deports 90 Ex Dominican Drug Traffickers....., all in all a good week for DR most important business, DRUGS!!....
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Shoplifting rap nabs Dominican serial burglar in Bronx
East Bronx detectives finally got their Monkey!!! Nestor (Frankie) Marrero, on the lam after failing to show up for a court date last summer on a string of charges involving home invasion burglaries, was finally nabbed - Police had feared he ran away to the Dominican Republic. Instead, he was nabbed right in the Bronx, arrested for shoplifting at the Home Depot.....
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Manhunt for officials ‘embezzled’ RD$100.0 million
Banana Republic News - Business as usual in the DR, Government officials stealing what they can and "businessman" driving around with half a million in cash to keep his dirty money. Judge justifies release of Dominican ex copper charged with smuggling US$500,000 in his Porsche....., anybody like to guess what he was charging for that little favor??.....
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Pilots union calls for flight boycott against Dominican Republic
This was about time somebody call for a boycott of flight to the Dominican Republic - Hope the rest of the world will follow soon !!!  The National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL France ALPA) boycott calls for “all pilots on French contracts to refuse to provide flights to the Dominican Republic”....
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Dominican Republic discriminates against Haitians: U.S.
The U.S. State Dept. denounced the "discrimination" against Haitian immigrants and their descendants in the Dominican Republic, in its annual report on human rights worldwide released Thursday. Violence against women, especially rape, also killings attributed to security forces, prison overcrowding, arbitrary arrests and detentions, trafficking and discrimination on sexual orientation......
Read more | 02 Mar 2014
More Dominicans with altered prints seek passports, official warns
Not only are they trying to alter prints to return to the USA and other countries to continue there crimes - Last week Hector Ortiz, Dominican arrived illegally by boat to Puerto Rico, cutting his fingers after he was arrested but the fingerprint files showed he was wanted in New York more than 10 years for murder...., what an idiot....
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The real value of Cap Cana land Today – USD 8 per m2 or less!!!
The owners behind Cap Cana are desperate to sell land to keep the project alive!!! - Just in front of the completely failed Donald TRUMP project they are now selling 2000 acres for USD 56 million (USD 8 per m2 and they will even take an offer) so those who paid 200 – 500 per m2 for their plot of land can see real time value of this dead and hyped luxury development.....
Read more | 09 Feb 2014
RIU Palace Bavaro in Punta Cana denies access to hotel despite family paid USD 4600
HOLIDAY in HELL !!! RIU Palace Bavaro in Punta Cana denies access to hotel despite Dominican-American family paid USD 4600 for luxury vacation via - Back in New York the family is now suing owned by for the lost holiday and all the extra costs in returning next day to USA.....
Read more | 09 Feb 2014
Former Miss Ohio slams corrupt Dominican justice system
Former Miss Ohio Sandra Kurdas slammed Dominican Republic’s justice system over her ex-husband, cable TV mogul Frank Jorge Elías, on trial on charges of physical and psychological abuse went to Europe to ski using a business permit for Panama and El Salvador, while the Justice Ministry "has refused to provide copies of the passport showing that the trips weren’t made to the places requested.”....
Read more | 09 Feb 2014
UK woman jailed 12 years in Dominican Republic
Banana Republic News - This week we got a very clear picture of the corrupt Dominican justice system!!! The other day 3 killers were set free in 48 hours for killing a German lawyer is Sosua, but Nicole who accidently killed her husband got 12 years in jail because she could not get the GBP 65,000 (aprox. USD 80000) the family demanded to drop the case despite the case has already cost her over GBP 110,000 (aprox. USD 150,000).....
Read more | 09 Feb 2014
German lawyer is foreigner #34 to be killed in Dom Rep in recent time
Tourist #34 murdered in the Dominican Republic, Are you next ??? - German lawyer Dirc Weber, 44 years old, was found murdered under the bed in the apartment he had rented in Sosua. Those arrested for the murder was released after 2 days due to errors by police and the prosecuter!!! - Watch Video......
Read more | 03 Feb 2014
Police Arrest Dominican Wanted in Massachusetts for Kidnapping

Maybe better keep this Dominican Criminal behind bars this time!!! The 41 year old Cristyan Espinal-Martinez has twice previously been deported from the U.S. to his native Dominican Republic and had illegally re-entered the U.S.....

Read more | 03 Feb 2014
Canadian shot in Dominican Republic in front of the eyes of his students (UPDATE)
"WELCOME" to The Dominican Republic, Violent attack on camp where Canadian students were staying in Puerto Plata - People in the community were watching for the arrival of Canadians with goods and cash to steal - After the shooting of Les Lehmann who survived, but is in serious conditions, the trip was terminated and the students returned to Canada before time...., UPDATED - Warning, very strong pictures and video!!! /
Read more | 09 Feb 2014
Teodoro Ursino Reyes, 3rd DR ruling party leader faces fraud charges
The Dominican government is full of "legalized" criminals, corruption so big they go free from justice, just look at all the cases surrounding ex president Leonel Fernandez and his PLD party friends - Teodoro Ursino Reyes accused of fraud and grand theft, involved stealing USD 500,000 from a minor's inheritance......,
Read more | 02 Feb 2014
Dominican "Animal Rapist" convicted of murdering girlfriend in Bronx
Another Dominican criminal in the Unites States arrested in Dominican Republic and finally on his way back to do life in prison - Cabbie Angel Guridy is convicted in 1993 Bronx murder of girlfriend Altagracia Valdez. Valdez's son Jose, age 2, was found by her side unharmed but splattered with blood.....



Read more | 02 Feb 2014
Dominican, One of America’s most wanted arrested in Mallorca, Spain
Another Dominican Super Criminal, all part of Dominican street education and the fact that they learn from their political officials that the only way forward is corruption and crimes - Juegers Valoz stole information from cell phone accounts and used this information to run a lucrative USD 250 million black market in international calling.....
Read more | 02 Feb 2014
American professor extorted and jailed in the Dominican Republic
Welcome to a Hell Hole, The True Dominican Republic - Sherman Hughes, 35 year old American professor in International Relations is "Trapped in Paradise" due to an apartment fire that was not his fault. He has been jailed for 2 days, all his valuables stolen, threatened to spend 30 years in jail if he don't pay a fine of USD 10,000 and can't leave the country before he pays......
Read more | 01 Feb 2014
Old Italian tourists stabbed in their hotel room in Boca Chica
TRAVEL WARNING for BOCA CHICA - A couple of Italian tourists was robbed and stabbed last night inside thier hotel room at Hamilton, Caracol Avenue in Boca Chica, police chased two thieves, but nothing about their arrrest. Mario Feloquiorio Nicholas, 63 and Buimi Francesca, 50 , were in the room of that hotel , when the robbers entered to commit the act.....
Read more | 01 Feb 2014
Dominican tried to murder his Scottish wife in the UK
A former hotel entertainer from the Dominican Republic has been convicted of trying to murder the Scottish woman he married after a holiday romance. Jose Garcia, 28, stabbed 40-year-old Fiona Garcia in the chest amid talks about money being sent to his family.......
Read more | 30 Jan 2014
French agents seize 97K cocaine arrived from Punta Cana airport - French Customs agents at Paris’ Orly airport seized around 97 kilos of cocaine hidden in avocado crates Tuesday, on an aircraft which arrived from the Punta Cana terminal in Dominican Republic. Customs agents reportedly found a crate containing four backpacks with the drug, valued at 6.3 million euros. No arrests have been reported thus far....

Read more | 30 Jan 2014
Nightmare vacation, Canadians sexually assulted in Dom Rep
Bahia Principe San Juan sex and terror scandal by bartender and local friend - pushed his way into the room and ripped one of the women out of the shower before throwing her on the bed. The other woman was dragged into the bathroom while the other man stood guard. "I could hear her screaming 'No!No! Get off of me," the woman said and the next night they tried to break into her room again.....
Read more | 30 Jan 2014
6 year old American girl mistreated in Punta Cana hospital and dies
Another hospital scandal in Dominican Republic - I wonder when some of these useless Dominican doctors are put in jail for their negligence to handling simple tourists accidents resulting in none of the patients ever waking up again!!!! Doctors gave the little girl a dosage equivalent of a 6-foot, 200-pound man. And she was intubated with an infant-sized tube instead of a toddler one. Not only was she drugged up on so much anesthesia, she wasn't breathing the right amount of oxygen and the tube clogged, she was airlifted to Miami but never woke up again......
Read more | 05 Jan 2014
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