Portuguese woman (70) ending Dominican holiday in Punta Cana jail
HOLIDAY IN HELL - Dumb, Dumber, Dominican Police put old woman in jail withput proof !!! A 70-year-old Portuguese woman from Albufeira who was arrested at Punta Cana airport on suspicion of drug smuggling and held in jail on the island for 12 days, returned home earlier this week after being released without charge.....
Read more | 11 Jun 2014
WORLD BANK, Dominican Republic is world’s 6th worse in lost energy
2 THINGS THAT PROVES DOMINICANS ARE CLOSER TO AFRICANS THAN THEY THINK!! - FIRST, Stealing Electricity according to this information from the WORLD BANK and SECOND, 90% of Black Dominicans deny their color according to video news on Hufflington Post today....., but the rest of the world can clearly see the black in them -:) ...., WATCH THE VIDEO !!!
Read more | 11 Jun 2014
DR Scammers Faked Being DEA Agents To Extort $3.5 million From Victims
MONKEY BUSINESS AS USUAL IN THE DOM REP - Twenty-one alleged con artists have been charged with impersonating federal agents in a telephone scam that cost Americans millions of dollars. “These Dominican criminals not only bilked thousands of dollars from unsuspecting Americans but they also called into question the integrity and honor of the DEA and all law enforcement,”....
Read more | 11 Jun 2014
Cardinal slams release of airline owner, 9 others in drug trafficking case

DRUGS FUEL THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Justice minister Francisco Domínguez warned Sunday that "underworld business" over drugs is behind most of the country’s executions, with former cops involved in nearly all of them, and cautioned against letting those crimes become as common as in Mexico.

"A person who kills 30, 40 people, is a person who has mentally lost all control and absolutely no respect for anything, is a pure psychopath."…..

Read more | 11 Jun 2014
One Chinese killed, two injured in robbery in Santo Domingo
Investor/Tourist #37 murdered in the Dominican Republic, Are you next ? The robbery happened during a blackout in the district where the store was located. And the victim had gone up to the roof to start the electric generator, when he was attacked by two robbers hiding there. The victim’s wife and daughter were hurt and are now hospitalized. The trade office has urged local authorities to speed up the investigation....
Read more | 10 Jun 2014
Warning others from painful temporary tattoo experience in DR
MONKEY BUSINESS AS USUAL IN DR - Canadian Tourist getting a Black Henna Tattoo during vacation in the Dominican Republic, see the amazing video!!!! He ended up having to undergo surgery at a Dominican hospital to treat a second-degree chemical burn from the black henna that was likely used on him......
Read more | 10 Jun 2014
Dominican Republic: 309 female trafficking victims rescued
BANANA REPUBLIC NEWS/PROSTITUTION - The Anti-migrant Smuggling and Person Trafficking Department (PECTIMTP) of the Dominican Republic’s Justice Ministry freed 309 female victims in its first year, PECTIMTP Director Jonathan Baró Gutiérrez said.....
Read more | 10 Jun 2014
US envoy to Dominican Republic wants charges in ponzi scam
MONKEY BUSINESS AS USUAL IN THE DR - United States ambassador James W. Brewster wants those behind the ponzi scheme TelexFree who scammed thousands of people brought up on charges. "It’s very important.......,we’re of course working closely with the authorities of this country to go ahead with this investigation......," Brewster said...... , And nothing will happen, Dominican Watchdog said.....
Read more | 10 Jun 2014
UK tourist who inhaled toxic insecticide in DR set for payout by TUI
HOLIDAY IN HELL - A British tourist whose dream holiday was ruined after she inhaled insecticide spray at a five-star hotel is set to get a payout. Brenda Cathcart was on a luxury holiday in the Dominican Republic when she suffered a severe reaction to chemicals that were sprayed in her room to keep bugs at bay.....
Read more | 10 Jun 2014
U.S. generals cite Dominican Republic as ‘drugs beyond control’
BANANA REPUBLIC NEWS / DR FUELED BY DRUGS - The heads of the United States Southern Command and of the U.S. Coast Guard yesterday painted a gloomy picture in the war on drug trafficking in Latin America, citing a lack of resources, American’s unabated demand, the cartels improved logistics and even the bust of a cocaine-processing lab in Dominican Republic.....
Read more | 10 Jun 2014
DR getting 3 year long play sanctions for age fraud in handball
MONKEY BUSINESS AS USUAL IN THE DR - An investigation into age fraud in the Dominican Handball Federation, has led the PanAmerican Team Handball Federation (PATHF) Tribunal for Disciplinary and Ethical Matters to permanently ban the Dominican Handball president from holding any PATHF positions......
Read more | 10 Jun 2014
Taiwan upgrades travel warning for Dominican Republic
TRAVEL WARNING DOMINICAN REPUBLICTaiwanese nationals (and the rest of the world of course @@@!!!) should take special precourtions if traveling to the Dominican Republic. There is now a YELLOW travel alert due to outbreak of Chikungunya, a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected moscitos. There is NO PROVEN CURE......
Read more | 09 Jun 2014
Dominican infant dies when ambulance stopped by Police
Banana Republic News / Dumb, Dumber, Dominican -   THE girl's parents tell reporters they were stopped in San Cristobal for more than 20 minutes and forced to take off the baby's oxygen mask while they got out of the ambulance for the police searched for drugs....., She died before reaching the hospital......
Read more | 11 Jun 2014
Another reason not to invest in Dominican Republic!

By Royle Smith / A true story about why you should NEVER invest in DR.

When I’ve first arrive in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, they told me “WELCOME TO PARADISE” and I thought: it is PARADISE!  I just felt in love with it!  I made just one mistake, TO INVEST IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC....!!! MILLIONS OF DOLLARS LOST...!!!

Read more | 10 Jun 2014
72 year old German killed with one bullet to his head in Dom Rep
Tourist #36 murdered in the Dominican Republic, Are you next ??? - German pensioner Paul Heinrich, 72 years old, and resident on the North Coast was found murdered with one shot to his head. The gun on his chest DO NOT match with the bullet in his head. The presumed suicide is now changed to MURDER, also did he not have gun powder on his hand.......
Read more | 09 Jun 2014
3 pit bulls kill toddler in Dominican Republic

Police said Wednesday that the attack occurred at a vacation home in the country's northeastern region where the boy's mother works as a maid - Officials say the 24-year-old mother was seriously injured when she tried to rescue her son from the dogs.....(AP)

09 Jun 2014
Free 'NYC' condoms smuggled to Dom Rep and sold illegally for cash
MONKEY BUSINESS AS USUAL IN DR - US taxpayer-funded condoms, distributed for free across five New York boroughs under a city Health Department program since 2007, are popping up in stores in the Caribbean country at cheaper prices than other condom brands.....
Read more | 09 Jun 2014
Dominican Surgeries Kill Americans
SURGERY in HELL - Bronx woman died seeking cheap tummy tuck surgery in Dominican Republic; her shocked family demands answers!! Beverly Brignoni, 29, flew to Santo Domingo with her boyfriend, but she did not survive the procedure, doctor told her stunned family she died of a pulmonary embolism….., Leaves small daughter behind....
Read more | 15 Apr 2014
Mystery surrounds death of American student in Dominican Republic

Holiday in Hell - A student from Georgetown University died while he was on a spring break in the Dominican Republic, but the school and authorities have not released any information about his death.....

Read more | 15 Apr 2014
Dominican Gov defends use of KKK Costumes in Parade
Banana Republic News - In a country where even black people are racist to their black brothers, The Dominican Republic Ministry of Culture is defending its decision to allow a local group to dress in Klu Klux Klan costumes as part of its annual Carnival parade in the capital city of Santo Domingo on Sunday......
Read more | 15 Apr 2014
Ukrainian woman gunned down and robbed in Sosua over 2 small yogurt
Tourist murder #35 !!! Ava Cimbalnikova, 61-year-old resident of Sosua was killed and robbed. They only got two small yogurt and a piece of bread from her, that's what a tourist life is worth in the Dominican Republic today. If the world statistics about the most dangerous cities was also covering small scale areas, then the 30km from Puerto Plata over Sosua to Cabarete would be one on their list....
Read more | 03 Mar 2014
Man arrested in DR for kidnapping teenager and fathering EIGHT children with her

The Dominican Republic have their own Fritzl monster: Jose Altegracio Lantigua was arrested in Dominican Republic for kidnapping teenager and fathering EIGHT children with her during 12-year captivity. Maribel Altagracia Lopez spoke yesterday after escaping the isolated house. One of the children died and the rest are between eight months to 11 years old.....

Read more | 03 Mar 2014
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