Dominican-American held in teen's killing in Dominican Republic
Edwin Manuel Rodriguez, 45, is accused of shooting Carmen Vanessa Vasquez, 19, twice in the abdomen on June 27 in a motel where the girl's mother worked. According to the newspaper report, the teenager wanted to break up the relationship which started when she was 17.......
Read more | 27 Jul 2011
Spanish Firm Blamed for Deadly Clash in Dominican Republic
Several dead and since early May, Dominican soldiers, CEA security guards and Constructora Castelar employees have prevented Azucarera Porvenir from working its land, the Spanish company says. But that's only half the truth, the real problem is corruption and the powerful local sugar industry......
Read more | 27 Jul 2011
Dominican Government rebukes Arab network’s “stateless” claim
This is one big lie!! The Dominican Republic has for years done everything possible to make the life for Haitians born there impossible. Most have been denied access to schools and universities, despite the fact that the DR have used the Haitians for almost 100 years as slaves in their sugar and construction industry......
Read more | 27 Jul 2011
Hotel Riu Palace Macao in Punta Cana, BED BUGS IN MATTRESSES!
This time we had the worst experience because this was the worst hotel that we ever stayed at. Hotel Riu Palace Macao in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) was not clean enough; the rooms are very old with leaking ceilings and in general are smoking or with bad odor; pool often was dirty with plastic cups inside in the morning but most of my concerns were the bed bugs (cimex lectularius) in mattresses which suck blood from capillaries of your body......
Read more | 23 Jul 2011
Plastic Surgery Tourism: Buyer Be Aware in Dom Rep
A series of 8 U.S. residents who, in a 2 year period, were infected with Mycobacterium abscessus after having undergone body contouring (liposuction) procedures in a clinic in the Dominican Republic. By comparison, there were no reported incidences of Mycobacterium abscessus infection among 230,000 operative procedures over a 5 year period at New York hospitals......
Read more | 23 Jul 2011
WikiLeak rocks Dominican Republic’s high court - Update, The truth will prevail
A WikiLeak cable reveals that Supreme Court president Jorge Subero told U.S. ambassadors Hans Hertell, that SJC vice president Rafael Luciano Pichardo was involved in corruption. TV station provided the cable, which affirms that Subero told the diplomats that Pichardo was trying to alter the ruling in the US$2.5 billion Baninter bank fraud case and that Pichardo had received US$40,000........ Update, the DR runs on drugs and corrpution!
Read more | 26 Jul 2011
Murders by motorcycle gunmen are now commonplace in Dom Rep
In the last 10 months, September 12, 2010, to July 18, 2011, there have been a total of 20 fatal shooting victims, some of which were part of groups in discos, dance halls and even a bus-stop. Meanwhile police investigators have yet to charge anyone in any of the 20 homicides, which prevents determining if they are hired killers or form part of a sort of terrorism against the life of defenseless citizens.......
Read more | 23 Jul 2011
Airlines demand a halt to luggage theft at Las Americas Airport
Air France’s manager resigned from that post yesterday, after the Police Investigations Department interrogated around 14 airport employees about the theft of several types of merchandise from French airplanes. Last week Jet Blue made a similar request in the wake of complaints from dozens of passengers that their luggage was violated and their belongings stolen.......
Read more | 22 Jul 2011
61 Dominican poachers in Bahamian court, AGAIN - AGAIN!
All pleaded guilty to charges of illegal fishing in Bahamian waters, possession of prohibited spear guns, possession of prohibited air compressors, possession of groupers weighing under three pounds and possession of crawfish during the closed season.......
Read more | 22 Jul 2011
20 Year Old College Student Murdered in Dominican Republic (Update)
"The Dominicans have killed the student after she has given them 18,000 pesos for them to find an apartment lease," said the HPN source. Lindor was looking for an apartment when her assailants, posing as housing agents, assaulted and ultimately murdered her....... Update - Haitian delegation to arrive in Dominican Republic to probe into murder......
Read more | 03 Aug 2011
Dominican President Asks for More US Anti-Drug Aid
This anti-drug aid should be given on the condition that police and other corrupt officials are finally jailed for being involved in the drug business that drives the Dominican Republic.......
Read more | 22 Jul 2011
Dominicans say their president is region’s worst
The company CID Gallup said a poll conducted in June found that Fernandez scored a minus 33, because 63% of the citizens disapprove of his job performance. “Dominicans perceive the poverty, crime and corruption that their president hasn’t been able to solve,” said CID Gallup........
Read more | 14 Jul 2011
American couple brutally murdered in Punta Cana, FBI now involved at the crime scene
The Cuban-American couple, Milagros Caridad and her husband Augustine Novoa, were shot and killed point blank by two men who entered their vacation home in the tourist area of ​​Punta Cana. The assailants left alive at the couple's son, 17, and a Haitian security guard. Both were at gunpoint locked into a bathroom........ FBI is now at the scene to do a joint investigation........
Read more | 13 Jul 2011
Criminal ring broken up in Dominican Republic
Six members of an international drug trafficking and money laundering ring were detained in the Dominican Republic and will be extradited to the United States, where they are wanted by authorities......
Read more | 12 Jul 2011
Government mum on “successful” strike left two dead
Anderson Parra Cruceta, 34, died during the protests in a confrontation with Police and demonstrators in the sector Villa Faro, Santo Domingo East, hit by a bullet to his head. According to reports, Parra was recording the clash with his cell phone. Police chief Jose Polanco said an agent has been arrested as part of the investigation.......
Read more | 12 Jul 2011
Dominican Baseball Prospect Arrested In JFK For Smuggling Cocaine
JFK Airport intercept a 21 year old man attempting to smuggle over six pounds of cocaine in his luggage. The bag he was carrying contained four pairs of sneakers with narcotics concealed within the soles......
Read more | 12 Jul 2011
Dominican man faces 8 count indictment in U.S.
Read more | 12 Jul 2011
Due to a weak President, It’s corruption that has Dominicans on their knees!
Corruption cases just continues and continues, there is only one question left. Does president Leonel Fernandez have balls to send some of his own supporters to trial? Corrupt political fugures are defrauding the general population and foreign investors of million of dollars and the president himself has promoted very questionable real estate developments.......
Read more | 12 Jul 2011
Watch Out - What you buy is not what you get in the Dom Rep!
Fake or manipulated photos used to make Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic more attractive - UK newspaper is publishing the real photos from Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana.


Columbus didn't 'discover' America, but he did earn a place in history, he remains might not even be in the monument build for him in Santo Domingo.......

Read more | 06 Feb 2012
Cholera from Dominican Republic reach Puerto Rico
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico is reporting the U.S. island’s first case of cholera linked to the current outbreak in neighboring Hispaniola. Health Secretary Lorenzo Gonzalez Feliciano said Monday that the case involved a 70-year-old man who had visited the Dominican Republic for a week......
Read more | 05 Jul 2011
Country’s cholera epidemic is out of control, doctors’ guild says
The Dominican Medical Association affirmed that there are more than 15,000 cholera cases and dozens of deaths which haven’t been properly reported, citing hospitals in Santo Domingo, San Pedro (east), San Cristóbal, Elías Piña and La Romana, as the having the most  patients.......
Read more | 02 Jul 2011
Dominican who killed 15-month-old boy in U.S. to serve 25 years
“No sentence will ever be enough to make up for this loss,” His injuries included bleeding in his brain from being shaken violently, rib fractures, a human bite mark matched to Anziani on his arm with the arm bone beneath it broken in two places, and three small puncture wounds on the bottom of one foot, the prosecutor said. After serving his sentence Anziani is expected to be deported to his native Dominican Republic.......
Read more | 02 Jul 2011
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