Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 11:07:16 PM at epicenter, 26 km (16 miles) ESE (118°) from La Romana, La Romana, Dominican Republic........
Read more | 17 Oct 2011
Festival of Fair Trade Films, State of Idaho to show "The Price of Sugar"
THIS WEEK AT THE KENWORTHY - The Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre on 508 South Main Street, Moscow will show the movie about the horrible slavery conditions of Haitian sugar cane workers in the Dominican Republic on October 18th. The big question is if VICINI GROUP again will try to stop the free showing with a lawsuit.....
Read more | 15 Oct 2011
Strike shuts down Dominican Republic university
Professors and other employees at the Dominican Republic's biggest public university have gone on strike and left 185,000 students without classes. Leonel Fernandez and his administration has not honored a 2001 law that says the university should receive 5 percent of the overall government budget......
Read more | 15 Oct 2011
Hunger in the Dominican Republic, the poor total almost a third of the population
The figures surrounding food and nutrition in the Dominican Republic place the country alongside Bolivia and Guatemala as "serious", with Haiti, our neighbor, listed as "alarming."...... Although the Central Bank is saying that poverty has been reduced the reality remains that there are three million poor people in the country......
Read more | 14 Oct 2011
Presidential helicopter used for drug transports in Dom Rep
The truth will prevail, even for a President - What exactly does Leonel Fernandez know about the government agencies behind the drug trade in his country? 3 years ago the former chopper pilot for the Fanjul sugar barons went on to work for the President. Former U.S. Marine, Lieutenant colonel Harold Manzano transported drugs in the Presidential helicopter and was forced into retirement - No jail time at all!! The other parties got 10 years but last week the judge tried to alter the sentence to 10 months and hell broke lose......
Read more | 12 Oct 2011
Major scandalized hotel on North Coast finally shuts its doors
Despite President Leonels fine words and statistics, the fact is that the Dominican Republic is struggling and hotels are closing..... Bahia Principe in Rio San Juan is most famous for the enormous outbreak of diarrhea and salmonella which sickened 500 British tourists.....
Read more | 12 Oct 2011
Dominican born U.S. fugitive saved by Supreme Court, arrested on murders and released

The justice joke of the week in the Dominican Republic! - WANTED by U.S. MARSHALS, see the poster here...... Dominican born U.S. fugitive saved by Supreme Court, arrested on gruesome murders of two young men and then released by judge... Who said Banana Republic?

Read more | 13 Oct 2011
The top 5 misconceptions about Christopher Columbus and his whereabouts
LiveScience on - Columbus didn't 'discover' America, but he did earn a place in history, he remains might not even be in the monument build for him in Santo Domingo....... Monday is Columbus Day, so much of what we say about Columbus is either wholly untrue or greatly exaggerated.......
Read more | 11 Oct 2011
Woman killed in Dom Rep over negative comments on Facebook
The incident occurred on Sunday night at a party in Santo Domingo's Villa Duarte sector, though police were not clear about which of the two posted the remark that sparked the fight. The note said that the victim, 20-year-old Cristina Cabrera, got angry with Bety Morel Bilomal for putting the remark on Facebook.......
Read more | 11 Oct 2011
Dominican grabs cop's gun during gambling raid in US

Alejandro Nunez-Castillo, A bouncer for a small-time Dominican gambling operation and an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who's been living on nearby Parker Avenue, was released on $35,000 bail pending a Municipal Court date.......


Read more | 11 Oct 2011
Family of Canadian student killed in Dom Rep awarded $340,000
François-Jacques Roussin was 18 and a student at Champlain-St-Lawrence College in Sainte Foy, Quebec when he started the internship with Plan Nagua as part of his studies. He died when a wall collapsed during construction work at a school in the Dominican.......
Read more | 10 Oct 2011
Churches pledge strong support for sugar workers in Dom Rep
"Tourists don't see this community of cane cutters yet it is only minutes from the upscale resort area," - in the Dominican Republic, up to one dozen Haitian sugar cane workers can be found living in houses 10 feet by 14 feet,  "Churches in North America and the Caribbean plan to bring pressure on governments and businesses to change that."......
Read more | 10 Oct 2011
Dominican Republic 1,098 kilos cocaine bust year's biggest (Update)
THE FRENCH CONNECTION - The container where the drug was distributed on nine suitcases has the number SUDU7522562 and would be mounted on the motor vessel Columba to be shipped to the port of Le Havre, France, a city in Upper Normandy....... Cali Cartel has to come here to make its deals, antinarcotics chief says........
Read more | 12 Oct 2011
Americas and Caribbean top global murder rates, CNN reports
Across Central America, homicide rates have increased in five out of eight countries over the past five years, with Honduras seeing homicide rates more than double between 2005 and 2010. Mexico saw a 65% increase over the same period. Homicide rates have also surged in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Dominican Republic.......
Read more | 10 Oct 2011
Government corruption harms the country the most, World Bank says (UPDATE)
This must have been the most embarrassing day for President Leonel Fernandez, 12 years and no results!!

-The World Bank’s managing director Thursday said government corruption is what most harms Dominican Republic’s quality of life and competitiveness........  SECRETARY CLINTON: I’m well aware that there are very serious concerns about the human rights of Haitians, and in particular those who have been here long enough to be citizens....... Less money for education..... Priest slams Government officials’ squandering of taxpayers' money......

Read more | 12 Oct 2011
Rifle find revives mysterious murder cases
Government killings? The finding of a rifle and several bullets in the community Sabana Cruz, near the town of Guayubín and which is believed belongs to the kidnappers of Eduardo Antonio Baldera two this years ago, has revived one of the most unclear murder cases in recent history. The weapon was taken to the military post four days ago, the case is handled mysteriously........
Read more | 06 Oct 2011
9 year old girl raped and murdered in Boca Chica, Dom Rep
A 52 year old man kidnapped the child in Boca Chica.  The child's body was found naked, raped, and with the head crushed with signs of severe beatings.......
Read more | 06 Oct 2011
Dominican Republic still uses child labor, U.S. report
U.S. Labor secretary Hilda Solis disclosed the list in Washington on Monday, the AP reports, which also reveals on the worse forms of child labor, including specific descriptions on 140 countries and for the first time, a section on the most dangerous work involving minors.......
Read more | 05 Oct 2011
Slain Haitian student's mom seeks support in Miami
The mother of a Haitian student raped and killed in the Dominican Republic is in Miami to seek support from the Haitian-American community. Police detained two suspects, including a member of the Dominican air force......
Read more | 05 Oct 2011
US Consular office in Punta Cana
The new Consular Agency is located in Palma Real Shopping Village, in the Bavaro area of the Punta Cana tourism destination. The Punta Cana office will provide services to visiting US citizens who have been hospitalized, victims of crimes, document notarizations and receive requests for passport renewals......
Read more | 04 Oct 2011
Assaults with court papers continue, East coast hoteliers warn
Tourists scared away - “They entered the property violently through the public beach without identifying themselves creating an atmosphere that frightened the local and foreign guests who didn’t understand the action carried out with the characteristics of an assault.”........
Read more | 04 Oct 2011
Fraud still rampant among Dominican baseball prospects
Of the 500 Dominican baseball prospects who are investigated each year, more than a third are rejected because of paperwork discrepancies......
Read more | 04 Oct 2011
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