DR living standards among region's lowest
"Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All" ranks Chile as the country with the highest standards in Latin America and the Caribbean. Down the classification of "medium human development" is Dominican Republic at number 98...... Former United States president Jimmy Carter will visit Dominican Republic for three days to participate in development for the poor and meeting the reason to lack of development; president Leonel Fernandez......
Read more | 14 Nov 2011
Fugitive "armed and dangerous” Police lieutenant unleashes major scandal

Again a police officer was hired to murder business people and later protected by his Colonel!! Nor the Chief of Police or the President have control over the amazing corruption of their police force. Leonel is an all talk no action man......

Read more | 05 Nov 2011
Murder over a parking space in upscale sector of Santo Doming
Take a good look at this Dominican idiot Rafael Emilio González, he is the product of Leonel Fernandez time as President in the DR. This aggresive man killed the 55-year old businessman Guillermo Moncada Aybar yesterday following a dispute over a residential parking space. Rafael Emilio González fired three shots to his head.......
Read more | 05 Nov 2011
Oxfam says that food and farming are at risk in the Dominican Republic
This again shows Leonel has been completely useless as President and that the political class gives little importance to the sector. "In the 1980s, the government spent 14.1% of all revenues in farming. In the 1990s, spending had declined to 9.6%. But in the past decade, the government spent less than 5%," soon they can't feed themselves, but will depend on expensive imported food.......
Read more | 05 Nov 2011
Medina presents Margarita as his running mate, is she corrupt?
WE WILL WATCH YOU MARGARITA!! - Being the wife of the current President running one of the most corrupt governments in the history of the Dominican Republic, we have only ONE question for Margarita - Can you keep your fingers out of the cookie jar? Dominican Watchdog has set up a special website to track possible corruption of Margarita Cedeno Fernandez.........
Read more | 04 Nov 2011
Florida to extradite Dominican charged with his friend’s tragic death
Eddy Nunez Garrido is charged with killing a childhood friend after a party in a Santo Domingo neighborhood 15 years ago. The ruling is another chapter in a case which has drawn interest abroad given the fact that both the accused and the victim belong to prominent Dominican families.......
Read more | 04 Nov 2011
The Belgium Consul has been assaulted twice in a month in Puerto Plata
Welcome to "Little Mexico" - The Consul of the Kingdom of Belgium in the Dominican Republic reported that it he has been assaulted twice in less than a month at his home in Perla Marina - Cabarete, by hooded individuals with firearms that have carted off with goods and have opened the safe....... The diplomat warned that his country could issue a warning to its citizens stating "Do not travel to the Dominican Republic,"......
Read more | 04 Nov 2011
Dengue, cholera, leptospirosis and malaria highest in two years
Dengue 1,587 cases - 43 deaths, Cholera 19,116 cases - 142 deaths, Rabies 19,559 cases - 3 deaths, Leptospirosisa, disease caused by rat urine in food ingested by humans, 638 cases - 14 the Dominican Republic...!!
Read more | 02 Nov 2011
Dominican police arrest US model with genetically engineered marijuana
Rick Spelman can be detained for 12 months in a Dominican jail without bail. The 31-year-old suspect is being held at a lockup where roughly 5,500 men are held in a facility built for 1,200 inmates. Police found him with a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of genetically engineered marijuana while he was taking a bus to Cabarete, a tourist town where he has been giving surf lessons for several years between modeling jobs.......
Read more | 01 Nov 2011
“Mafia dominated” Police needs reform now, leading lawyer says
Institutionalism and Justice Foundation (Finjus) director on Monday urged president Leonel Fernandez to moor a true reform of the National Police because in his it’s currently “dominated by a structure of mafias, it’s not possible for a 32,000 member police force to have 40 generals! Top official rails the high court on stalled extradition......
Read more | 01 Nov 2011
Global shooting in Dominican Republic, Off the blacklist?
Pinewood Indomina Studios coming to Juan Dolio in the DR, but If the Dominican Republic has one major disadvantage, it's a lingering reputation for corruption and instability. For many years , the country was considered a blacklisted location in Hollywood due to an incident involving the 1990 film "Havana," starring Robert Redford...... How is the VICINI's connected.....

Read more | 30 Oct 2011
Boston’s Dominican Consulate scandal reveals foreign relations morass
BANANA REPUBLIC - The latest scandal is part of the ongoing morass affecting the Foreign Relations Ministry, that includes ballooned payrolls abroad, bickering over political designations and officials involved in serious crimes...... What elso to expect with USELESS President!
Read more | 30 Oct 2011
Alvaro Aristy Faked Age, Identity For $1 Million Bonus (UPDATE)
One of biggest scandals and known fraud cases in American Baseball since Esmailyn Gonzalez. Alvaro Aristy signed with the Padres three years ago for $1 million. Neither his name, his age nor his talent has proven to be legitimate......... UPDATE - Padres outfielder Yoan Alcantara involved an alleged fraud......
Read more | 07 Nov 2011
Amnesty International: Dominican police torture and kill people
A total of 260 people were killed by police last year, compared with 346 killed in 2009. Local human rights groups say police also have injured hundreds of others. The report also claims police routinely round up hundreds of young men on nights and weekends and shake them down for bribes.......
Read more | 26 Oct 2011
Frank Rainieri's Luxury Plane Stolen, Was Gadhafi's son on board?
Gadhafi's son in DR? - Thieves had time to prepare an alternative disused runway and steal 150 gallons of fuel in eight containers from another hangar. They also managed to tow the plane for 75 meters and doctored the airport closed circuit video camera system, unnoticed by military security.......Frank Rainieri of Punta Cana Group lost his USD 2,5 Mill plane....son of a Dominican general was involved....... Was Gadhafi's son aboard.....?
Read more | 21 Oct 2017
Dominican lawmakers “burned at the stake” in education row
How to make a BANANA REPUBLIC!! The Congress, given that 2012 is an election year approved at least RD$1.4 billion for itself, but at the same time Chamber president whisked through the session which lasted less than 15 minutes, hammering the gavel several times to shush the lawmakers who called for the allocation of 4.0% of the Gross Domestic Product for Education, as wide sectors of the country demand......(and as the constitution states!!!)


Read more | 24 Oct 2011
Scottish dad dies in Dominican Republic, no travel insurance!
DEAD in DR! - Family and friends had been trying to raise money to pay for his medical treatment after insurance failed to cover £25,000 worth of medical bills. The hospital gave them 8 years to pay off the bills. Don't go to the Dominican Republic without an extensive travel insurance. Hospital bills easily runs over USD 20,000! ......
Read more | 24 Oct 2011
Dominican Republic loses preliminary WTO ruling
The case was brought by Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala after the Dominican Republic introduced a 38 percent tax on the imports to protect its own producers.......
Read more | 21 Oct 2011
Ranchers say members of the military head gangs of cattle rustlers
The livestock ranchers grouped in APROLECHE accuse members of Dominican Republic’s military of heading gangs of cattle rustlers and ask the authorities to investigate their constant denunciations of rustling, which has left losses of more than RD$1.5 billion in the last few years.......
Read more | 20 Oct 2011
Dominican sues New York University for $1 billion!
Ramirez, who is from the Dominican Republic, alleged that the university created a hostile and abusive work environment because of his race and national origin. After being legally fired Ramirez request $1 billion in compensation for emotional suffering and pain caused by NYU....... 
Read more | 19 Oct 2011
Dominican pleads guilty in U.S. to killing friend with a brick over $500 debt
Jose Manuel Castillo, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder. Prosecutors had been seeking a first-degree murder conviction and a death sentence for this monster...... Castillo picking up a brick and slamming it into Sanchez-Villanueva's head. He then stole more than $1,000 from Sanchez-Villanueva's pockets and wired some money to his native Dominican Republic......
Read more | 18 Oct 2011
Coalition Calls For Action Against Dominican Republic Denationalization Policy
 Coalition Calls For Action Against Dominican Republic Denationalization Policy,  Foreign Minister of the Dominican Republic, Mr Carlos Morales Troncoso, as well as other public officials accused Sonia Pierre of running a campaign against the State, but the truth is that the world is now looking hard at the Dominican Republic........
Read more | 18 Oct 2011
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