Drive-by Shooting Causes 4 Deaths In Dominican Republic
Why would somebody shoot 20 rounds at a government car? I smell fish here..... the driver worked for the First Lady! - Four people died, two of them from gunfire and the rest on injuries during a hot pursuit that ended in accident in the same place Tuesday in the Las Americas Highway’s lateral avenue.......
Read more | 01 Dec 2011
‘Powerful” trafficker’s arrest prompts probe to include active generals
The Supreme Court ruled to arrest him on February, for extradition to a court in Boston, Massachusetts, but it has been “difficult” to detain him from the alleged protection by some senior officers, generals among them. He made public life as head of the “Movement New Rebirth with Papa,” which supports opposition PRD party presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía. Billboards with both their photos have been installed in Santo Domingo......
Read more | 30 Nov 2011
eBay lays claim to Dominican Republic domain names
eBay has filed a complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization for four domain names that use the Dominican Republic top level domain .do. The four domains are:,, and - The seller has no activity on the domains and denies to be part of any Dominican political party.....! It's a SCAM.
Read more | 28 Nov 2011
Alleged Serial Killer Extradited From The Dominican Republic to Panama
Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli said via his Twitter account: "Felicitamos a Alvaro Alvarado porque por el pudimos capturar al peligroso dominicano acusado supuestamente de asesinar 5 chorreranos." (We congratulate Alvaro Alvarado because thanks to him we were able to capture the dangerous Dominican accused of allegedly assassinating 5 people from La Chorrera......
Read more | 28 Nov 2011
Legit auto parts sales fall more than 50% on stolen ones
The lack of a law which regulates transactions on used auto parts and accessories has made an underworld business profitable for thieves and spare part “fences” as well. Reacting to complaints, Police spokesman Máximo Báez said businesses which sell auto parts informally will be searched in the next few days and heighten measures to control it.......
Read more | 25 Nov 2011
Outbreak Notice for Cholera in the Dominican Republic
The provinces with the highest number of cases in September 2011 were San Juan, Santo Domingo, and the National District.  Dominican Republic authorities are taking measures to prevent the spread of the disease, however can we trust the government data? Several doctors has spoken out about under reporting and some incidents they tried to hide, like in Casa de Campo.....
Read more | 25 Nov 2011
“Powerful” ring shipped cocaine from villa in Casa de Campo
The authorities called the network one of the most powerful in the Caribbean region, charged with shipping more than 300 kilos cocaine to the United States. Several of the members was caught in or around different villas in Casa de Campo. Casa de Campo is the #1 playground for corrupt government officials, exiled presidents and drug lords in the Dominican Republic........
Read more | 25 Nov 2011
Groups seek release of 11 fishermen languishing in Bahamas jail
Dominican Watchdog says, Keep them in jail, this is an almost weekly event that Dominican fishermen are caught stealing the fish and shellfish around the Bahamas. As long as they are in jail they can't do that, can they.....?... see links to other cases.....
Read more | 25 Nov 2011
The US lists painful truths to Dominicans - UPDATE 3 more similar casas

And the British ambassador slams the country on lack of investment security and cited a company he said recently shut its doors after being extorted..... (UPDATE) - Dominican business leaders rally behind the UK Ambassador..... (Update 2) - High court to probe judge’s possible link to UK Ambassador’s extortion claim.... UPDATE 3 - New case shows similar corruption problems!!

Read more | 22 Feb 2012
Dominican fugitive “the Monster” extradited to North Carolina
Extraditable’s “hat tricks” must stop, Prosecutor says - Gen. Naranjo says group was using small planes to ship about 1.5 tons of cocaine a week to the Dominican Republic and Honduras en route to the United States.......
Read more | 23 Nov 2011
Dominican charged in New York terrorist plot
The New York Police Department's Intelligence Division and Counter-Terrorism Bureau determined that Pimentel had managed to make at least three rudimentary bombs with materials he bought at Home Depot and at 99 Cents stores. Jose Pimental's arrest for NYC terror plot puts Washington Heights neighborhood under microscope......
Read more | 22 Nov 2011
Dominicans suck millions out of U.S. seniors
Here is just a few stories about the Western Union scam: Jenny Lawless, an employee of Giant Food Store on West Union Boulevard in Bethlehem, assists customer Frank Becker Wednesday. Weeks earlier, she refused to wire money for a senior citizen because she knew he was being conned...... Ib San Francisco an elderly was robbed of USD 3,500.... Watch videos!!



Read more | 24 Dec 2011
U.S. Marshals arrest Mexican cartel member in Dominican Republic
"Welcome to Little Mexico" - This story shows that Mexican cartels finds Dominican Republic a safer place to hide fugitives and at the same time use expand their business. Watch video about the Dominican President and his connections to drug lords......
Read more | 21 Nov 2011
Two Canadian tourists drown in Dominican Republic(UPDATE)
Friends identified the two men as Joe Valentino, 64, and Nick Carlucci, 63. The El Nacional website reports their bodies washed up on the beach last Tuesday evening after they were carried away by strong waves.......


One Cabarete resident reported on a discussion forum that he had repeatedly urged authorities to replace the warning sign that had once been planted at that perilous area of the beach!

Read more | 21 Nov 2011
Dominicans arrested in Virgin Islands for smuggling cocaine
Three Dominicans arrested off St. Thomas' southern coast for smuggling cocaine were remanded to federal custody during a detention hearing in U.S. District Court's Magistrate Division, Jose Jimenez, 47, Marcelino Diogenes, 46, and Franklin Abbott, 32, fidgeted in their jumpsuits and seats lining the wall of District Courtroom 2, while a Spanish interpreter translated........ Also watch video about Leonel & The Drug Lords.......
Read more | 19 Nov 2011
Dominican arrested in Panama killings of 5 Chinese
Authorities in the Dominican Republic say they have arrested a man suspected of helping kidnap and kill five Chinese men in Panama. Police spokesman Maximo Baez says Fermin Antonio Taveras Ramirez had lightened his hair and erased all of his fingerprints through surgery.......
Read more | 19 Nov 2011
Robbed by "Police" at gunpoint in Dominican Republic
Reds third baseman Juan Francisco was robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday in his native Dominican Republic. Four individuals wearing vests with police logos stopped the Cadillac vehicle he was driving with a friend. Both men did what they were told by the gunmen and surrendered their belongings, which had an estimated value of $10,000 U.S.......
Read more | 17 Nov 2011
US, Dominicans sign deal on Medicare fraud assets, Victims got nothing!
BUYERS BEWARE!! What this article don't mention is that many foreign investors lost their off plan apartment in cases where the units were confiscated. I have yet not heard of one single case where the Dominican government compensated the small foreign investor who lost their holiday home due to money laundering organizations and corrupt government officials...... Leonel gave USD 36 Million in loan to one of the biggest money laundering operations in the DR!!
Read more | 19 Nov 2011
Drive-by shootings target two elected officials
Welcome to "Little Mexico" - Unidentified gunmen fired eight bullets at the vehicle driven by of TV personality Betty Geronimo, wife of Santo Domingo North mayor Francisco Fernandez......  Visit the MEMORIAL WALL for tourists killed in Dominican Republic during the last 3 years Leonel has been in power!.......
Read more | 14 Nov 2011
Leonel Fernandez and the Philippine scandal(UPDATE)
"Useless LEO" involved in international scandal - IN THE KNOW: Dominican Republic honored Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last May and apparently gave her a Dominican Passport. Will President Leonel give another corrupt ex president exile in Casa de Campo....? Dominican Republic has no extradition treaty with the Philippines.......
Read more | 16 Nov 2011
Cap Cana Defaults on 2016 Bonds, High profile lawsuit from Spain
Cap Cana missed an interest payment on OCT 31st, 2011 of about $4.8 million and “based on its currently projected cash flows, it will not be able to resume interest payments on the 2016 notes for the foreseeable future,” the company said in a statement today....... High profile lawsuit against Cap Cana from Spain!!......Cap Cana spamming Google to suppress bad press......
Read more | 10 Nov 2011
Travelers again assaulted at Las Americas highway
Travelers arriving at Las Americas International Airport continue to denounce holdups, this time the victims, Bladimir Corporán and his mother Mercedes suspect police agents....., Police catch robbers and releases them again to continue their crimes!  Abuse of tourists prompts heightened Police patrols in Punta Cana......
Read more | 14 Nov 2011
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