Bounced out of the US, local gangsters set up shop in Spain,
Two gangs of Dominican contract killers and thieves which assault houses of rival cartels of compatriots, steal their drugs to sell in Latin American enclaves in Madrid, Spain news source denounced yesterday. Dominican agents suspect drug deals with bogus US$3.0M seized......
Read more | 22 Feb 2012
Vicini Family Is Abusing Haitians To Death In DR
The Vicini Family Is The Roots Of Haitians's Problems In DR - If Haitians deed not have cold nose like dogs they shouldn't put Dominican Republic sugar in their mouth. Sugar from Dominican Republic should taste better in every Haitian mouth in Haiti even Haitians abroads should have a bitter taste in their mouth......
Read more | 22 Feb 2012
Population changes can increase potential for racial tension, black is black
The number of blacks in Hazleton grew by 500 percent over the last decade, the number of Dominicans in the city increased 19-fold. Dominicans shun their African roots and embrace their European ancestors. "Unfortunately, many people of the nation neglect their African ancestry,".......
Read more | 22 Feb 2012
Pregnant Dominican woman shot outside school in New York
The pregnant woman, Daisy Torres was shot outside school by estranged husband lived in fear. Jealous husband says he was determined to shoot her dead. Juan Torres, 62, squeezed off one round from a .22-caliber pistol and hit her in the chest about 2:15 p.m., cops said......
Read more | 22 Feb 2012
Coast Guard Repatriates 21 Dominicans
The Coast Guard Cutter Chincoteague repatriated 21 Dominicans and one Haitian to the Dominican Republic Saturday. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Puerto Rico agreed to prosecute nine other Dominicans of which six are to face charges for illegal entry and three others for illegal reentry into a United States Territory......
Read more | 16 Feb 2012
Dominican SWAT police raid news site to hide truth about corruption, First Lady bank acc
Julio Cury is the attorney for Jose Angel Gomez, who runs He says officers took documents, videos and computer equipment on Saturday. No one has been charged. General Prosecutor Radhames Jimenez said earlier this week that the emails of First Lady Margarita Cedeno and other government officials were hacked into recently. He did not say Gomez was tied to those incidents....... According to DR news the First Lady has a private bank account in Denmark with over EUR 40 million, making her one of the richest First Ladies in the world!! And she spends over USD 2 million on transportation....!!!!
Read more | 19 May 2012
Fly to Dominican Republic and get your divorce in 10 minutes, maybe
U.K. Package tour company offers unhappy couples chance to divorce in just ten minutes during their Caribbean break to Dominican Republic...... Mariah Carey and record company executive Tommy Mottola ended their marriage in the Dominican Republic.
Read more | 12 Feb 2012
Swindled Major League Baseball player also demands investment protection
INVESTOR WARNING - Major League Baseball player Julio Lugo, swindled out of RD$50.0 million (US$1.2 million) in the Dominican Republic. “This sends a bad message not only to Major Leagues players, but also to foreign investors afraid of investing their money in the country, fearing that what happened me can happen to them.” He said.....
Read more | 10 Feb 2012
Top Spanish hoteliers also say the country lacks legal security
INVESTOR WARNING - The Spanish hotel chain Grupo Barceló on Wednesday joined a growing choir of foreign companies which have complained of a lack of requested legal security for foreign investment, just two months after a similar complaint by the Ambassador from the United Kingdom.......
Read more | 10 Feb 2012
Dominicans March against Canadian Mining Company
Dominican Broad Front of Popular Struggle (FALPO) will march on Wednesday against the Canadian mining company Barrick Gold, in defense of the environment. FALPO demands the termination of Barrick Gold's contract with the Dominican State. The protest, called "Life is Worth More Than Gold", aims to draw the Dominican people's attention on the plunder of the country's natural resources.......
Read more | 09 Feb 2012
Huge drug ring shipping tons of cocaine from Casa de Campo - Bought from Cali Cartel
National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) yesterday busted an international drug trafficking ring based in the country’s icon resort Casa de Campo. It arrested 29 people and seized two villas, two apartments, a yacht, a freighter used to transport fuel and molasses to Caribbean islands, and an airplane. DEA “Operation earthquake” had the ring under surveillance for a year......
Read more | 08 Feb 2012
Calls to Apprehend Illegal Trip Organizers in Dominican Republic
The church said the sinking of the vessel is a product of social exclusion and devaluation of the Dominican peso. Human trafficking is condemned by Dominican laws, but those responsible are rarely punished....... In the case of the shipwreck, an estimated 38 to 40,000 USD was paid by passengers in cash to a person only identified as Berto, the alleged organizer of the trip, said a survivor.......
Read more | 07 Feb 2012
U.S. Consulate backtracks on pardoning Dominican baseball players
U.S. Consulate backtracks on pardoning Fausto Carmona and Leo Nunez for falsifying their identities. All cases are dealt with individually and that the consequences of fraud include ineligibility to enter the United States for life.......
Read more | 05 Feb 2012
10 die as boat full of Dominican migrants sinks in rute to Puerto Rico - UPDATE 19 DEAD!
An overloaded boat carrying migrants from the Dominican Republic overturned in the pre-dawn darkness on Saturday, killing at least 10 people and leaving dozens missing, officials said. Thousands of Dominican migrants try to reach Puerto Rico as illegal immigrants in open boats that are ill-suited to the journey......Update - Deaths in makeshift boat sinking rise to 19, search suspended.....

Read more | 06 Feb 2012
Most wanted Dominican murder back in US to stand trail
Carlos Luis Pinales-Mejia was developed as a suspect, but investigators learned that he fled to the Dominican Republic. For years, he was considered one of Rock Hill's "Most Wanted" criminals. In May 2011, the U.S. Marshal's task force located Pinales-Mejia in the Dominican Republic and arrested him.....


Read more here:

Read more here:
Read more | 04 Feb 2012
Little Rock USA probably hit by "Dominican Scam"
Stuttgart Police Department are reporting two different scams - “We have checked with the attorney general’s office, and it is a scam,” said Stuttgart Mayor Marianne Maynard. The calls are bogus. Last year, the federal government indicted 11 residents of the Dominican Republic for allegedly perpetrating this type of scheme in the St. Louis area......
Read more | 04 Feb 2012
Families Face Challenges In Dominican Republic
DR is not just sandy beaches and happy music for the tourists, there is a very poor reality behind it all and the goverment does nothing to help and develop the Dominican Republic! If you've been watching the stories of a mission team made up of South Dakota business people serving in the Dominican Republic, you've probably noticed how different things are there compared to South Dakota.......
Read more | 04 Feb 2012
Dominican Government asks the US’ help to fight a Mexican drug cartel - UPDATE
Aníbal de Castro, who appeared before the Senate committee for the combat of international drug trafficking, said the Mexican national Luis Fernando Bertolucci Castillo after his arrest confessed that the Sinaloa Cartel “aims to create a route to Europe through the Dominican Republic.”......  Top official slams Dominican presidential candidate’s trip to Sinaloa
Read more | 22 Feb 2012
Dominican Republic’s Import Tariffs Ruled Illegal by WTO
The Dominican Republic’s import tariffs on polypropylene bags and tubular fabric break global rules, the World Trade Organization said, backing a complaint by Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador......  Dominican Republic falls deeper into competitiveness abyss!
Read more | 04 Feb 2012
Dominican Republic raises stakes in banana disease fight
The Ministry of Agriculture plans to deliver “hundreds of liters” of fungicide to the community of La Canela in Santiago this coming weekend. Dominican Republic banana Grower associations have begun a spray program across 150,000 ‘tareas’ (9,375 hectares) of plantations in a bid to destroy Black Sigatoka disease........
Read more | 01 Feb 2012
Couple Suing Celebrity Wedding Planner David Tutera over Dominican Wedding
Perez and Santana say that they had no idea Tutera would not be joining them in the Dominican Republic for their 2010 wedding. They also say that after Tutera brought the cost of their wedding reception from $10,000 to $30,000, he failed to provide wedding basics, including invitations, a cake, a DJ, and flowers.......     More than 200 fake weddings in Dominican Republic!!!
Read more | 31 Jan 2012
Education is the most critical issue facing the Dominican Republic
Public education in the Dominican Republic is in critical condition, threatening the wellbeing of the nation. The President and Congress deny access to a quality public education for millions of children. No country under these circumstances should call itself a democracy...... The problem is that the rich like to keep the poor ignorant in order to keep control over resources and power!
Read more | 31 Jan 2012
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