Dominican Republic’s Import Tariffs Ruled Illegal by WTO
The Dominican Republic’s import tariffs on polypropylene bags and tubular fabric break global rules, the World Trade Organization said, backing a complaint by Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador......  Dominican Republic falls deeper into competitiveness abyss!
Read more | 04 Feb 2012
Dominican Republic raises stakes in banana disease fight
The Ministry of Agriculture plans to deliver “hundreds of liters” of fungicide to the community of La Canela in Santiago this coming weekend. Dominican Republic banana Grower associations have begun a spray program across 150,000 ‘tareas’ (9,375 hectares) of plantations in a bid to destroy Black Sigatoka disease........
Read more | 01 Feb 2012
Couple Suing Celebrity Wedding Planner David Tutera over Dominican Wedding
Perez and Santana say that they had no idea Tutera would not be joining them in the Dominican Republic for their 2010 wedding. They also say that after Tutera brought the cost of their wedding reception from $10,000 to $30,000, he failed to provide wedding basics, including invitations, a cake, a DJ, and flowers.......     More than 200 fake weddings in Dominican Republic!!!
Read more | 31 Jan 2012
Education is the most critical issue facing the Dominican Republic
Public education in the Dominican Republic is in critical condition, threatening the wellbeing of the nation. The President and Congress deny access to a quality public education for millions of children. No country under these circumstances should call itself a democracy...... The problem is that the rich like to keep the poor ignorant in order to keep control over resources and power!
Read more | 31 Jan 2012
12% of All Dominican Children Work in Order to Feed Themselves
More than 300 000 children in the Dominican Republic are being forced to work in order to survive and in order to feed themselves. Many children work as bricklayers in large buildings of Santo Domingo, and the provinces of Barahona, Pedernales and Duarte which have the highest rate of child labor. The sugar industry is also affected, sugar barons make billions from it....!
Read more | 29 Jan 2012
Security warning: Crime at Dominican Republic airports
Passengers and flight crews are warned to be vigilant at the Dominican Republic’s major airports following a spate of criminal incidents, a special report by a Houston-based security company. Apart from many murders of tourists there are "continuing reports" of thefts targeting tourists in taxis and other vehicles en route from the airport to their hotel......
Read more | 28 Jan 2012
New Anti-AIDS Program for Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Health officials at Michigan State University say they're hoping to improve AIDS prevention efforts on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, home of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The university says its Institute of International Health aims to reduce new infections on the island, which has about 75 percent of AIDS cases in the Caribbean.....!
Read more | 28 Jan 2012
US scientists, Dominican Republic entering period of powerful quakes
BREAKING NEWS: The study says Haiti’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake two years ago is likely to be the first of several quakes of a similarly powerful magnitude in Dom Rep. “The 2010 Haiti earthquake may mark the beginning of a new cycle of large earthquakes on the Enriquillo fault system after 240 years of seismic quiescence,” lead author William Bakun of the U.S. Geological Survey......
Read more | 27 Jan 2012
Dominican sentenced to 4 years for role in U.S. drug trafficking ring
Jose Rivera, also known as “Primo Flow,” “Moises Valentin-Candelaria,” “Raul Aracena” and “Jose Altreche.” of the Dominican Republic and last living in West Haven, was sentenced Thursday by Senior U.S. District Judge Warren W. Eginton to four years in prison for his role as leader of a New Haven area heroin trafficking ring, according to a written statement by David B. Fein, U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut.......
Read more | 27 Jan 2012
US Agents arrest Dominicans using IDs of homeless addicts
Confronted with the facts the two Dominicans, Carlos Manuel Saturria-Frias and Saturria-Frias were arrested by CBP officers and admitted to purchasing the documents from two unidentified homeless drug addicts, to assume the document’s identity to proof their legal stay in the United States.......
Read more | 26 Jan 2012
TRAVEL WARNING: Dom Rep to take prevention measures on frequent tremors
Now Dom Rep prepare itself for MEGA QUAKE! The widespread jitters caused  by the now frequent tremors in the country since January five have prompted the public safety agencies, coordinated by the Emergency Operations Center (COE), to issue prevention measures on Tuesday....... TRAVEL WARNING - A devastating earthquake is expected......
Read more | 26 Jan 2012
Dominican journalist receives six-month sentence and harsh fine for defamation
Johnny Alberto Salazar, head of the radio station Vida FM and online newspaper in DR has been sentenced to six months’ imprisonment and fined 1 million pesos (25,600 dollars), for libeling the lawyer...... “Parliament must urgently approve the bill decriminalizing press offences, which has been before it for almost five years, Reporters Without Borders said.  UPDATE - Journalists from around the country coming to support him at final sentencing.....
Read more | 26 Jan 2012
Dominican auto fraud in United States
Auto fraud runner gets probation - The Dominican Leo Lopez cooperates with prosecutors, pleads guilty to 26 auto fraud crimes 11 counts of larceny, fraud and conspiracy. The 25 remaining charges were continued generally, and Judge John Lu sentenced Lopez to five years probation. If there is a next time, he faces deportation to his native Dominican Republic!
Read more | 24 Jan 2012
TRAVEL WARNING: 3rd earthquake in 3 weeks, larger one expected
A 5.1 magnitude tremor shakes Dominican Republic Monday JAN 23, 2012. The third tremor in as many weeks has shaken many parts of the Dominican Republic, no reports of damages or injuries thus far even it was felt from Haiti to Puerto Rico...... TRAVEL WARNING - A devastating earthquake is expected......
Read more | 24 Jan 2012
Dominican foreign service payroll is taxpayers’ top bloodsucker
Dominican Republic’s foreign service payroll reveals why the country is the world’s top bloodsucker of taxpayers’ money, with 1,163 officials, 660 diplomats and 503 consular ones among them, many of which are veritable quotas  of political cronyism and nepotism......Catholic bishops slam rampant corruption, politicos’ mediocrity!
Read more | 23 Jan 2012
9/11 victim's daughter swindled for $1MILLION in Dom Rep
Not-so fairy godmother: Caretaker of 9/11 victim's daughter Shanhellen Jimenez, now 22, swindled for $1MILLION settlement in car wash-turned-bar, car, gambling, TVs, and a USD 800,000 real-estate venture in the Dominican Republic by her godmother Yolanda Reyes..... Now Shanhellen lives on food stamps and is struggling to make ends meet!
Read more | 23 Jan 2012
Anti-Corruption Alliance is fed up with Anti-Corruption chief
Dominican Anti-Corruption Alliance president Julio Cesar de la Rosa affirmed Thursday that Anti-Corruption director Hotoniel Bonilla isn’t doing  his job regarding denunciations from sectors which he should act on...... This is election year! Of course PLD and the master of corruption President Leonel don't want hundreds of corruption cases from his 8 years in power to surfice now!!
Read more | 22 Jan 2012
US Marshals seek Dominican who fled sex crimes trial
U.S. marshals are looking for a Dominican man who disappeared after a 14-year-old girl testified against him at his sex crimes trial in Montgomery County. Investigators said Regulo Vasquez skipped out on the rest of the proceedings and immediately fled to his home country, but now they think he is back in the US and ask your help...... See also list of Dominicans wanted by Interpol after crimes in the DR!
Read more | 20 Jan 2012
Indians pitcher known as Fausto Carmona arrested by Dominican police
From year to year and game to game, the Cleveland Indians never knew what to expect from Fausto Carmona. On Thursday, he stunned them again! Carmona, the Indians’ opening-day starter last season, was arrested in the Dominican Republic for allegedly using a false identity. Officials in his native country are contesting his real name and birthdate.....
Read more | 20 Jan 2012
Agents find minors in Boca Chica brothel, two arrests
Several Government agencies converged in Boca Chica during a nighttime raid Tuesday, and rescued a 13 and 16 year-old who were being sexually exploited in a bar of the sector La Caleta. Arrested on the spot were Bernardo Segura Felix, owner of the brothel, and the customer Hansel Samuel, who was allegedly found in one of the rooms with one of the minors......
Read more | 20 Jan 2012
AGAIN, Two moderate quakes shake Dominican Republic
Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 06:28:20 UTC, Magnitude 5.0 and the other 3.0, according to the US Geodetic Survey. One week ago a larger quake shaked the DR. The tremor shook doors and windows for around 30 seconds - unleashes rockslides, cuts off southern town.... Strong quake would collapse most towers, top engineer says TRAVEL WARNING: Much larger earthquake expected.....!!!
Read more | 20 Jan 2012
Exploding black market for HIV medicine btw New York and Dom Rep
Law enforcement experts report that Washington Heights has become the heart of the illegal HIV drug traffic. Mowatt-Wynn says that five or six years ago he first started noticing the unusual business inside the 157th Street subway station on the number 1 train. According to a 2011 report from the World Health Organization at least 45 percent of the HIV/AIDS population in the Dominican Republic had no access to appropriate treatment......
Read more | 20 Jan 2012
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