Foreigner jailed for shooting Dominican who tried to rob him
BANANA REPUBLIC SCANDAL - The Dutchman, Plakkaar Robertus Antonius, has been jailed by the court of Puerto Plata for killing one of four thives who entered into his home in Sosua to rob him. Pure corruption since the judge will probably ask USD 20,000 to set him free even he has done nothing wrong according to facebook.....
Read more | 26 Mar 2012
RD$1.8B fraud case convicts, ex banker pardoned could return to jail
Who said Banana Republic? Leonel Fernandez got over a million dollars from the same bank....!! - Convicted ex banker Vivian Lubrano and those pardoned in the Plan Renove RD$1.9 billion fraud case could land behind bars again to serve out their jail sentence if the Constitutional Court (TC) upholds a challenge as unconstitutional against president Leonel Fernandez’s decree which freed them.......
Read more | 21 Mar 2012
Ban Cyanide in Dominican Republic, Protest Barrick Gold
Mega open pit mining is an activity whose enormous scale entails major environmental impacts, such as the destruction of large forests, the massive consumption of fresh water and electricity, the production of acid drainage, and above all the use of large amounts of highly toxic substances......
Read more | 21 Mar 2012
Dominican Jail Warden Arrested for Bringing Drugs to Inmates
All antinarcotics agents to undergo polygraph tests -

A Dominican Republic jail warden, Severino Brazoban Guzman, has been arrested for smuggling cocaine and marijuana to prison inmates at the La Victoria prison. Guzman was found with over 108.6 grams of cocaine and 198.6 grams marijuana that was hidden in his underwear and boots.......
Read more | 20 Mar 2012
Interpol warrant issued for ex-premier of Turks and Caicos in DR
Interpol issued a “red notice” warrant yesterday against former premier of Turks and Caicos Islands Michael Misick, believed to be in the Dominican Republic. He face charges of bribery, money laundering, conspiring to defraud the government, and acquiring proceeds of criminal conduct. Part of the reason suspicion was directed at Misick was his flamboyant  lifestyle. He is an ex-husband of Hollywood actress LisaRaye McCoy......
Read more | 20 Mar 2012
Fundraiser Hosted By ‘Sugar Baron’ Accused Of ‘Modern Day Slavery’ - UPDATE w/ VIDEO!
Controversial Florida sugar family contributed to Scott Brown and Democrats alike. Now we see it is the Florida GOP establishment he has in his pocket. But even with more than $750,000 in political contributions over the years, mostly to Republicans, one still has to wonder why Brown would risk aligning himself with a figure like Fanjul....... WATCH VIDEO!!
Read more | 16 Mar 2012
Seven arrests in bust of 807.4 kilos of cocaine headed to Spain
Welcome to Little Mexico - 755 packages of cocaine seized in Caucedo Port, Boca Chica weighed 807.4 kilos, with seven arrests thus far, including one woman. The drug seized shortly before the group was about to ship it to Spain, hidden in bundles of leaf tobacco...... What a cigar!
Read more | 15 Mar 2012
Mega Cap Cana scandal involving Stewart Title and Green Village

Cap Cana is in a Free Fall - Ritz Carlton, Trump and everybody else has left the sinking ship! Investors who expected to be protected by Stewart Title lost their money. Cap Cana has stopped paying the penalties stipulated in the contracts and all the small investors got fucked for USD 134 million just in Green Village alone!! Welcome to DR….

Read more | 15 Mar 2012
The truth about sugar cane slaves and child workers in DR, photo by photo
YOU MUST SEE these two photoblogs from Washington Post and!!  For decades, Haitians have been fleeing the turmoil of their country to work as seasonal laborers in the sugar cane industry in the Dominican Republic, where living and working conditions are often extremely poor, with limited access to health care, no running water or sanitary facilities, and a lack of electricity....... Read about the Sugar Barons behind the child workers and slavery like conditions!
Read more | 13 Mar 2012
Out of Control, Haiti And Dominican Republic To Discuss Cholera Epidemic
Must read before travelling to DR! - At least 7,000 Haitians have died of cholera since the outbreak began in Oct 2010 and nearly 500,000 have been made ill, Haiti's Health Ministry said. The disease has spread from Haiti to the neighbouring Dominican Republic, where 21,000 cases and 363 deaths from cholera have been reported......
Read more | 13 Mar 2012
Dominican to answer charges in NYC pipe-bomb terror case
Jose Pimentel is set to be arraigned Tuesday in a Manhattan court. A grand jury indicted him last month on charges including weapons possession and conspiracy as terror crimes. The down-on-his-luck loner and Dominican immigrant conducted computer research on bomb-making, made shopping trips to secure supplies and finally started assembling a pipe bomb......
Read more | 13 Mar 2012
Week long violence along the border btw Haiti and DR

Hispaniola is the most criminal island in the Caribbean - Dominicans evacuate consulate as violence in Haiti continues - Dominican truckers protest kidnappings in Haiti......

Read more | 13 Mar 2012
3 earthquakes in Dominican Republic 3.7, 4.4 and 4.5 - Large one expected
The first quake felt in Santiago and other nearby localities was detected at just 22 kilometers deep. The second and third earthquake were close to Casa de Campo in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic has “highly dangerous” seismic activity - Devastating earthquake expected but response agency NOT ready!!
Read more | 13 Mar 2012
Dominican baseball star lucky to be alive after car accident in Dom Rep
This can easily happen to you! -  Santo Manzanillo realizes he is lucky to be alive, much less throwing a baseball pain-free in the Milwaukee Brewers' spring camp. He turned his Hummer sharply to avoid a collision but the vehicle went into a ditch and rolled several times, ejecting him through the sun roof. Not-so-friendly passers-by looted his damaged vehicle while Manzanillo was being treated, taking $300 in cash, all of his baseball equipment, his wallet and cellphone!
Read more | 14 Mar 2012
Dominican man kills ex over Facebook photo
One of the latest facebook-related violence occured this week in a Santo Domingo motel, where a young man murdered his wife and later committed suicide after seeing a picture of her with another man on the social network. Valentin Nuñez Luciano, 26, shot and killed Marleni Suero Amador, 25, with a 9mm Bersa pistol, the same gun he used to kill himself immediately after......
Read more | 12 Mar 2012
US “endemic corruption” in DR, Even beans become a Government scandal (UPDATE)
US “endemic corruption” label for DR! - Agribusiness leaders say top officials head import mafia.  Dominican President´s Statements in Congress Questioned, his speech do not adjust to reality.... The President’s close friend in yet another scandal, Diario Libre reports....  The PLD government is out of control, President Leonel has plain and simply fucked up......
Read more | 15 Mar 2012
Dominican judges sentence US-DR singer to 6 years for smuggling heroin in stomach

Singer to six years in prison for drug trafficking for trying to smuggle more than a kilogram of heroin in his stomach on board a U.S.-bound flight. Bachata singer Jaime Vargas was arrested in 2010 at Santo Domingo’s airport when a couple of pellets he had swallowed burst....... 5 Dominicans accused in drug killings sentenced in the "Pablo Escobar of the Caribbean" case

Read more | 12 Mar 2012
Consumer Rights warns judges about propane stations caught cheating
The warning comes in the heels of a challenge filed by the station ONE in the Superior Arbitration Court against the Resolution to fine it 100 minimum wages (RD$511,750) for fraud against consumers. Also charged with fraud have been the stations Lusergas Galan, Credigas, Asogas and Supligas, all fined RD$511,750 each.......
Read more | 12 Mar 2012
Vicini Group vs Roco Ki Bankrupt?
International media finally picked up the fact that Roco Ki is the second huge development in the Punta Cana area to fail. Has the Vicini's, the biggest industrial group in the Dominican Republic forced investors out and stopped local media from reporting on Roco Ki after they invested USD 110 million?  What happened to the foreign buyers deposits supposed to be protected by escrow accounts......?
Read more | 09 Apr 2012
U.S. Secret Service joins probe into counterfeit US$3.0M seized
Two U.S. Secret Service agents are in the country investigating, with Dominican authorities, the discovery of a house near El Higüero International Airport, where at least US$3.0 million were counterfeited and also served as storage for cocaine. The agents Pedro J. Gomez and Waldemar Blakely believe that the bogus money was taken to New York, New Jersey and Miami......
Read more | 27 Feb 2012
Amnesty International to DR, End police abuse to comply with UN treaty
The Dominican Republic must break with its shameful practise of police abuse now it has ratified the UN Convention against Torture, Amnesty International said.Victims of police torture in the Dominican Republic must have access to justice and be given adequate reparations for their suffering! See pictures of victims of torture and ill-treatment by police in Dominican Republic......
Read more | 23 Feb 2012
Univision: the US pulls visas of 4 officials close to Dominican President - UPDATE
Around US$1.06 billion illegal money is laundered yearly in the Dominican Republic, or nearly 2% of the Gross Domestic Product and comes from corruption, tax evasion and the underworld. The United States has cancelled the visa of president Leonel Fernandez’s two top security officials, former Armed Forces Minister Manuel de Jesus Florentino, and a former Chief of the National Police Transparency International says the Justice Ministry must do more......
Read more | 12 Mar 2012
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