More U.S. seniors being targeted by phone scammers, police chief says
Thousands of fraud transfers to Dominican Republic by Western Union - Police Chief Thomas Trachta said phone scam artists are calling borough residents and claiming to be family members, usually grandchildren, who are in trouble and in need of money. The scammers then request the funds be wired to an account in the Dominican Republic.......
Read more | 20 Apr 2012
Diplomat Murdered in Dominican Republic(Update)
55-year-old Julia Ou was a press secretary at the Taiwanese Embassy in the Dominican Republic and member of the Tzu Chi Foundation, one of Taiwan's biggest charities. She was involved in overseas compatriot affairs who had served in the Caribbean country for more than a year before she was found stabbed to death at her home in Santo Domingo...... UPDATE - According to officials familiar with Latin American affairs, law and order in the region is unsatisfactory because of the prevalence of drug-related crime.......


Read more | 19 Apr 2012
TRAVEL WARNING: Canadian tourist got rabies in Dominican Republic
Toronto Public Health confirmed Tuesday that a local resident who was recently in the Dominican Republic has contracted a case of rabies. For privacy reasons, the health department said it could not release any information about the person, but CBC News reported a 41-year-old man is being treated for rabies and that it is the first such case in Toronto in more than eight decades......
Read more | 18 Apr 2012
Stop Dominican Sugar Slavery - Know The Truth About The Sugar You Eat
Dominican Watchdog has initiated an international campaign to gain attention to the poor conditions and salaries of sugar cane workers in the Dominican Republic. See all the people lobbied by Fanjul's to keep their monopoly prices and subsides. Americans pay twice the world market price for sugar: Know The Truth About The Sugar You Eat - Boycott Cheerios, Boycott Haagen-Dazs, Boycott Betty Crocker, Boycott Kraft Foods, Boycott Hershey's, Boycott Domino Sugar.....
Read more | 20 Apr 2012
Eye Opening Experience in the Dominican Republic!!
Twenty-nine students from Estevan, Canada on a mission in the Dominican Republic. They've helped out in the sugar cane fields, helped clean up a slum in Santo Domingo. Lane Frasz is one of the students, said that it was depressing seeing how the people live in their subpar living conditions...... 
Read more | 16 Apr 2012
Dominican officials say ex-official in Haiti plot
Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest - PLD vs PRD part 2 !!!  - The justice minister in the Dominican Republic has accused a former military officer Col. Pedro Julio Goico of involvement in an alleged plot to destabilize the government of neighboring Haiti. Goico was an aide to former Dominican President Hipolito Mejia. The former president on Friday denied the existence of any plot and called the allegations absurd....... Listen to the telephone conversation!!
Read more | 14 Apr 2012
Ex president Hipolito insults US President Obama
Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest - PLD vs PRD !!! The PLD is seeking to capitalize on a 2004 video where then-President Hipolito Mejia on the re-election campaign trail in the Bronx, New York mentions President Barack Obama, referring to his African heritage. Mejia was appealing to a group of supporters in New York, saying that anyone could become President if Obama could. Watch the video......
Read more | 14 Apr 2012
Police see murdered lawyer linked to Puerto Rican kingpin
Welcome to "Little Mexico" -  Famous Dominican defense lawyer Jose Antonio Evangelista killed "gang land style" in upscale part of Santo Domingo. Evangelista’s body had four bullet wounds, although the authorities found 28 shells at the scene of the crime, the Plaza ATH on the busy thoroughfare, 27 de Febrero, in Piantini....... Apart from a few sandy beaches the DR is all about drugs, corruption and dirty money today!
Read more | 13 Apr 2012
U.S. Students combat pain and poverty in Dominican Republic
"In a week, we experienced poverty, pain and emotional conflict too gripping to forget," said Allegra. "The food outreach was both exciting and tragic," said co-leader Kristen Ronca...... "I knew this would be the first time in years that many of these community members would see a dentist or have access to medical supplies, contraceptives and toys"......
Read more | 13 Apr 2012
Dominican admits guilt in U.S. driver's license scam

Adalberto Medina admitted that he conspired with others, including a DMV official, to sell fraudulent licenses. Medina pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain to a count of conspiracy to commit bribery and two counts of bribery in official and political matters. He faces deportation to his native Dominican Republic after admitting his guilt...... U.S. deports another 100 Dominican ex cons!!

Read more | 09 Apr 2012
Top Dominican official confirms arrest of Mexican cartel chief’s pilot
Welcome to Little Mexico - The pilot of Joaquin “Chapo” Guzmán, head of the Sinaloa Cartel  and one of the world’s powerful drug lords, for whom the United States offers a US$30.0 million reward, has been arrested in the Dominican Republic. Castillo questioned opposition PRD party presidential candidate Hipolito Mejia’s recent trip to a major agribusiness fair in Sinaloa, which he affirms is also a gathering spot for top drug traffickers......
Read more | 09 Apr 2012
Body of Murdered Spanish Businessman Found in Dominican Republic
Several Dominicans wanted in this case - A Spanish woman had the 57 year old Crespo killed at the request of another unidentified Spanish citizen who offered 10 million pesos (about $256,000) for the businessman’s death, paying 40,000 pesos (about $1,000) up front, a police spokesman said. She was Crespo's former partner in a restaurant in Playa Bavaro.......
Read more | 09 Apr 2012
The Truth About DR, Tweet #1000 by Dominican Watchdog

Today Dominican Watchdog released tweet #1000 on twitter about fraud, corruption, drugs and killing of tourists in the Dominican Republic..... Nobody get the truth out like we do - Shooting the messenger does not make the problems go away!!!!....

Read more | 04 Apr 2012
Quack surgeon sent back to Dominican Republic after disfiguring women
It's back to the Dominican Republic for the illegal plastic surgeon Hector Cabral, who lured Latina women from Manhattan salons to Santo Domingo for cheap liposuctions that left them near death and permanently disfigured. He pleaded guilty in October to unauthorized practice of medicine -- for signing women up for the surgeries in New York......... Lucky for NY he can't return to the US for 3 years!!
Read more | 04 Apr 2012
Spanish police bust Dominican drug traffickers
According to the police the network was run by a Dominican woman and in the operation, which included the search of 10 homes, were seized 60 kilos of substances used to falsify cocaine, 1.5 kilos of cocaine, 7,200 euros, and other evidence. The network, composed of persons of Dominican origin, brought the drug from the Dominican Republic in small quantities using "mules" and their luggage......
Read more | 04 Apr 2012
Dominican Republic, the most dangerous country in the world
Read this before buying a holiday to Dom Rep!! Canadian civil war world blogger left the Dom Rep after he was both robbed and attacked in his hotel. Graham said the man who robbed him was later arrested, and he was invited back to the Dominican Republic to testify against him. It’s not worth it, Graham said. He might get his $150 back, but then again, someone might kill him.......
Read more | 03 Apr 2012
Kings of Corruption, Dominican Senator Felix Bautista "Dirty" as expected, UPDATE 2
Breaking News!! - Nuria confirms that Felix Bautista of the PLD is just another corrupt scumbag and close friend of the useless Dominican president Leonel Fernandez. Dominican Investigative Journalist Nuria Piera has uncovered at least US$2.5 million in kickbacks received by President Michel Martelly, from a Dominican construction firm owned by Dominican Senator Felix Bautista....... Update: The truth hurts, but Felix was a nobody before Leonel became president, in a few years he has become a multi million dollar businessman, where did all that money come from!!!  

The are only two questions left: How did Felix Bautista (a shirt tailor from DR a few years back!!!) manage to get most of the entire reconstruction budget of USD 500 Million for Haiti? And who did he share all that money with??? No wonder Haiti is moving nowhere!!!

UPDATE 2: April 9, 2012 - Nuria protests visits and raids by state intelligence

Beleaguered senator admits retention in Miami airport!!!

Read more | 02 Jan 2013
The bitter truth about sugar
Sugar’s everywhere. It’s addictive, it’s toxic, and, in the end, we all have to pay for it, if not with our health, then at least in our taxes - There’s undoubtedly a correlation between our increased sugar intake and this explosion in obesity, diabetes and other metabolic problems. One interesting fact is that, year on year, we’re buying fewer actual bags of sugar — “visible sugar”. The big increases are in “invisible sugar” — the sugar the food industry sneaks into things...., and Dominican sugar producers are laughing all the way to the bank!
Read more | 09 Apr 2012
Dominican street gangs linked to a major credit card breach
10 million compromised card numbers - Visa and MasterCard are alerting banks across the U.S. about a recent major breach at a U.S.-based credit card processor. The suspected cybercrime probably tied to Dominican street gangs in and around New York City, reports security researcher Brian Krebs, a former Washington Post reporter.......
Read more | 31 Mar 2012
Dominican gang member convicted of first-degree murder in US
Rodolfo Hiraldo-Perez, a 25-year-old citizen of the Dominican Republic, faces a mandatory life sentence under state guidelines. According to witnesses and surveillance video, Hiraldo-Perez stabbed Ruiz repeatedly after codefendant Angel Sanchez knocked him to the ground with a barrage of punches.......
Read more | 31 Mar 2012
32 arrested in illegal Dominican lottery sting in USA
Nine search warrants were simultaneously executed Wednesday evening by nearly 100 law enforcement officials. Another nine search warrants were executed during a separate sweep on March 14. More than $130,000 in cash and evidence of illegal gambling operations involving the Dominican National Lottery were seized during the raids.......
Read more | 31 Mar 2012
Billions Lost in US Tax-Refund Scam masterminded in Dom Rep
Two people familiar with the investigation say the Puerto Rican tax scam was masterminded by a group in the Dominican Republic. According to criminal investigators, a single Puerto Rican Social Security number goes for about $8 to $10 on the black market, with stolen identities of children sometimes used to add dependents to the returns in order to inflate the refunds.......
Read more | 31 Mar 2012
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