NY attorney, ex-cop, accused in $4.7 mln real-estate swindle involving Dom Rep
DR Real Estate Fraud - A New York attorney and a retired police sergeant were charged on Wednesday with stealing almost $5 million from investors who unwittingly backed a phony Praderas condominium project in the Dominican Republic. The Miami-based investment company, BridgePoint Ventures, has still not been able to recover the funds, the complaint said.......
Read more | 17 May 2012
IPI officials to visit Caribbean in continued campaign to decriminalize libel
IPI's mission to the Dominican Republic comes after a radio journalist, Jhonny Alberto Salazar, was found guilty of libelling a local lawyer and sentenced to six months in jail and fined one million pesos (Euro20,000) - 500 times the amount allowed under the country's laws. Salazar's conviction followed the Aug. 2011 murder of radio and television journalist José Agustín Silvestre de los Santos, who was at the time being prosecuted for defaming a public official......
Read more | 17 May 2012
Dominican police confirm killers were former agents
Welcome to "Little Mexico" - Entire family wiped out!! - The Chief of the National Police has confirmed that the killers of a retired captain in the Air Force and his family were former members of the Police who had been dishonorably dismissed from the force last year and sent to the Justice Department on armed robbery charges......, Crimes in the DR out of control and citizens are worried, so should tourists be!!
Read more | 16 May 2012
Puerto Rico agents seize 6 Ks of cocaine aboard ferry from Dom Rep
Special attention on vehicles that arrived from the Dominican Republic onboard the M/V “Caribbean Fantasy”, a CBP K-9 alerted of the potential presence of narcotics on board a Mazda B3000 pickup with Puerto Rico license plates.  An x-ray of the vehicle confirmed the alert to CBP officers. After a thorough search of the vehicle, CBP officers found 10 packages of cocaine inside the vehicle’s bed-liner to approximately $144,000 in street value.....
Read more | 16 May 2012
Dominicans among 11 arrested in the US for heroin trafficking
Dominicans arrested as part of an investigation into heroin trafficking into the US by what prosecutors say is a Dominican organization with ties to Mexican drug cartels. Authorities carrying out search warrants and making arrests last Thursday and Friday seized more than 3 kilos of heroin worth more than $1 million, about 200 grams of cocaine, approximately $450,000 in cash, high-end jewelry, five firearms and a dozen vehicles, several of the seized vehicles included secret storage areas for hiding drugs......
Read more | 15 May 2012
IMF: Dominican Government must halt its “darkest personal privileges” UPDATE
A confidential report the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suggests Dominican authorities implement sweeping fiscal changes, including raising the Industrialized Goods and Services Transference Tax (ITBIS) from 16 to 18%, and eliminate the tax breaks to the various productive sectors, as an adjustment measure. It also says the Government must put an end to “the darkest personal privileges granted through simple contracts.”...... Update - The top of PLD = World Class Corruption!!
Read more | 16 May 2012
Muslim gets 10 years in prison for killing Canadian in Dominican Republic
First serious Muslin problem in Dominican Republic - Canadian citizen Dmytro Aref Yev was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but Algerian national Bouzid Redha was acquitted. Yev told the jury he acted alone, then pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. Witnesses had said Morrison was attacked after he had come to the aid of a woman in a bar who was spit on.......
Read more | 15 May 2012
UK law firm launch new website after more sickness claims from the Dom Rep
Farnworth Rose Solicitors in the U.K. have reported an increase in holiday illness claims from holidaymakers returning from the Dominican Republic, resulting in the launch of a new company website. Anne Thomson, Holiday Claims Expert says: More British holidaymakers should claim compensation for sickness in holiday hotels. Many people fail to make a claim even when they have a strong case for compensation.......
Read more | 11 May 2012
Dominican wife-‘rape’ guard in New York goes on the lam (UPDATE)
Dominican repeatedly raping his wife has fled to the Dominican Republic - Francisco Martinez was expected to testify in his own defense in the unusual case yesterday morning, and when he didn’t show up, Judge Daniel FitzGerald issued a warrant for his arrest. Another case within 48 hours: Dominican-born NY cop gets 75 years in prison for sexual assaults....
Read more | 09 May 2012
Flash floods and mudslide warnings for 19 provinces in Dom Rep
Due to possible floods and mudslides the Emergency Operations Center (COE) increased to 19 the number of provinces under alert, 11 of which are on yellow alert and eight on green. The measure was taken after the National Meteorology Office (Onamet) issued its bulletin at 7:00 pm Friday, stating that the current weather conditions will continue during the next 48 hours due to the combined effects of two low pressure systems...... only a week ago floods force 11,000 Dominicans to evacuate homes!!
Read more | 06 May 2012
Colonial Zone car parts theft warning: Watch where you park
The stealing of rearview mirrors, wheel centers, license plates, batteries and the emblems of vehicles have residents and visitors to the Colonial Zone on the brink of desperation, and some have resorted to the most ingenious method to foil the thieves. The theft of accessories has become so frequent that several people cited by said one same piece has been robbed as many as four times, losing as much as 16,000 pesos in each case.......
Read more | 04 May 2012
Drugs floating all over the Dominican Republic (UPDATE)
Welcome to Little Mexico!! The National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) arrested two brothers wanted in the United States on at least by at least 12 drug trafficking charges together with other Dominicans for allegedly distributing heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines in New York and adjacent cities.......  Spanish agents seized 708 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container full of coconuts from Dominican Republic   Spain nabs 4 Dominicans in US$17M money laundering bust  !!
Read more | 07 May 2012
US gambling raid finds hidden network
Illegal US spinoffs of the Dominican Republic’s national lottery!! The arrest of a dozen people over the weekend in connection with an alleged illegal gambling network has shed light on an underground economy. Dominicans constitute a sizable percentage of the Latino population across North Jersey...... Dominican Republic’s is the only Lottery to go broke!!
Read more | 03 May 2012
Cabarete Mayor stages another violent incident
Another PLD clown on the loose!! According to the complaint Ambiorix Vargas and two other people in a car passed closed to Gabriel Mora’s (Canoa) SUV on March 15 near 5pm, when the Mayor pulled a pistol and fired three times until bystanders managed to stop him. Vargas said his car has three bullet holes from the gun fired....
Read more | 03 May 2012
Dominican Republic is Hit by 6 Quakes in the Last Hours
This is most intense seismic activity recorded in less than 24 hours, preliminary reports from the Seismological Institute indicate. Dominican Republic has “highly dangerous” seismic activity - Devastating earthquake expected but response agency NOT ready!!
Read more | 03 May 2012
Dominican Watchdog, 3 years of truth about DR
We celebrate more than 1000 articles on 40 domains and blogs, 1020 tweets, 2200 friends on facebook and almost 900 complaints from defrauded and unhappy investors and visitors to the Dominican Republic. Dominican Watchdog promise to be more aggressive in the years to come!! 2012 is about the sugar problems......
Read more | 30 Apr 2012
Dominican journalist’s alleged killer is also wanted in Puerto Rico
Leonel Fernandez killed the Press Freedom!! Puerto Rico authorities notified Dominican pars that the fugitive Avelino Castro Garcia, wanted in the death of the journalist Wild Silvestre, has two cases pending in the island. Citizens for Democracy say the pressure brought to bear on Piera and the alleged police persecution of her sources are among the worst forms of censorship of the press and repression against journalistic criticism.......
Read more | 21 Apr 2012
Travel Warning, Dominican Republic probe cholera outbreak
Health officials are investigating what could be a new cholera outbreak in the northern Dominican Republic, where one woman died and more than 200 people have sought medical attention, Health Minister Bautista Rojas said Thursday...... Also Mosquito-borne diseases under attack in Haiti, Dominican Republic. Hispaniola is the only island in the Caribbean where malaria is endemic.....
Read more | 20 Apr 2012
More U.S. seniors being targeted by phone scammers, police chief says
Thousands of fraud transfers to Dominican Republic by Western Union - Police Chief Thomas Trachta said phone scam artists are calling borough residents and claiming to be family members, usually grandchildren, who are in trouble and in need of money. The scammers then request the funds be wired to an account in the Dominican Republic.......
Read more | 20 Apr 2012
Diplomat Murdered in Dominican Republic(Update)
55-year-old Julia Ou was a press secretary at the Taiwanese Embassy in the Dominican Republic and member of the Tzu Chi Foundation, one of Taiwan's biggest charities. She was involved in overseas compatriot affairs who had served in the Caribbean country for more than a year before she was found stabbed to death at her home in Santo Domingo...... UPDATE - According to officials familiar with Latin American affairs, law and order in the region is unsatisfactory because of the prevalence of drug-related crime.......


Read more | 19 Apr 2012
TRAVEL WARNING: Canadian tourist got rabies in Dominican Republic
Toronto Public Health confirmed Tuesday that a local resident who was recently in the Dominican Republic has contracted a case of rabies. For privacy reasons, the health department said it could not release any information about the person, but CBC News reported a 41-year-old man is being treated for rabies and that it is the first such case in Toronto in more than eight decades......
Read more | 18 Apr 2012
Stop Dominican Sugar Slavery - Know The Truth About The Sugar You Eat
Dominican Watchdog has initiated an international campaign to gain attention to the poor conditions and salaries of sugar cane workers in the Dominican Republic. See all the people lobbied by Fanjul's to keep their monopoly prices and subsides. Americans pay twice the world market price for sugar: Know The Truth About The Sugar You Eat - Boycott Cheerios, Boycott Haagen-Dazs, Boycott Betty Crocker, Boycott Kraft Foods, Boycott Hershey's, Boycott Domino Sugar.....
Read more | 20 Apr 2012
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