Another magnitude 4.2 tremor shakes the Dominican capital

Chain of earthquakes in a few days, mega one expected!

According to the US Geodetic Survey, the tremor occurred at 5:11am Wednesday morning, and just three days after a 5.1 quake in southwestern Barahona province......

Read more | 11 Jul 2012
Police open fire in Dominican Republic on peaceful demonstrators, 4 killed
Four killed, dozens wounded - A consistent pattern of police brutality, intimidation and violence in response to the Dominican people's just outcry for increased social services and a halt to the rising cost of public university tuition and transportation......, Outgoing president leaves legacy of “characteristic” poverty!!
Read more | 22 Jul 2012
Punta Cana and Barahona in Dom Rep Shaken by Earthquakes within 24 hours
The Dominican Republic’s government said the 5.1 quake was felt across Santo Domingo as well, causing some panic, particularly in some of the capital’s higher buildings. The smaller 3.1 was close to Punta Cana and the large 5.1 earthquake close to the Hatian - Dominican Border. Larger earthquakes expected in near future..... 
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Canadian reported dead in Dominican Republic pool accident
Jeremy Zubrinic was on vacation in Punta Cana when he died last week - Canadian consular officials in Punta Cana are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information and are providing consular assistance to the family - Friends have begun leaving tributes on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.......
Read more | 10 Jul 2012
Dominican Republic Police agents spring colleague out of jail

Best Banana Republic story this week - Police general Miguel de la Cruz Reyna on Friday revealed that the agents who sprung their colleague out of the courthouse jail cell on Thursday did so to protect his life....... The daily life in DR is a perfect Hollywood movie, crimes and corruption run the police!

Read more | 06 Jul 2012
Dominican Republic man convicted of incest in St Kitts

Court evidence shows that 47-year-old Rafael Adames had committed incest on his daughter on numerous occasions and had often told her that she is pretty and that she belonged to him only. It was also revealed that Adames told his daugther that he would rent a house and put her to live in it because he wanted children from her and that she was not to say anything to anyone.......

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Dominican Students Accuse Police of Shooting 3
Useless President leaves office full of broken promises - The Amin Abel Liberation Front says the students were shot late Tuesday during a demonstration against a rise in tuition and a new enrollment fee at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo - The problem is that the rich like to keep the poor ignorant in order to control the country's resources.....
Read more | 10 Jul 2012
Spanish police smash "fake sheikh" fraud gang involving Dominican
Spanish police have unmasked a gang of alleged fraudsters posing as representatives of Arab sheikhs, who promised millions of euros of investment or loans to victims that included Spanish football club Getafe, authorities said on Wednesday. Six Spaniards and a man from the Dominican Republic have been taken into custody as part of "Operation Flame"......
Read more | 06 Jul 2012
Dominican accused of child sexual assault arrested in USA
Antonio Alburquerque was arrested when he re-entered the Unites States from his native Dominican Republic, the U.S. Marshals Service confirmed. A possible life sentence looms if he’s convicted. He’s accused of repeated sexual assaults on a minor from Nov. 16, 1992, and Dec. 31, 1994. Court documents said the abuse began when the victim was younger than 14......
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Dominican authorities don’t function, Cardinal

Right again, it's a BANANA REPUBLIC! - Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez yesterday railed against the disorder in the country, where "there’s no authority here which  functions. Neither council nor police nor anybody."......

Read more | 26 Jun 2012
Three Members of Dominican Robbery Crew Sentenced to Decades in Prison
REPORTED by FBI - Jose Reyes, 39; Albert Espinal, 33; and Johann Brito, 32, all of Lawrenceville, Georgia, were convicted by a jury on charges of conspiracy to commit armed robberies, armed robbery, drug trafficking, and using a firearm in connection with those offenses. Two individuals died during two of those robberies......
Read more | 25 Jun 2012
Controversial HIV law passed in the Dominican Republic
Articles in the law could mean the start of a witch hunt in the hands of unethical lawyers, who will go after every separation or divorce of serodiscordant couples, with a potentially more profitable market than that of traffic accidents. And to further exacerbate what is already an exaggerated situation, we are close to encouraging the use of HIV+ tattoos on a strategic part of the body for the sole purpose of avoiding jail.......
Read more | 25 Jun 2012
Dominican women suffer “bone chilling” violence, 66 women killed in first 4 months
"Women die in their homes and they die at the hands of their partners! "Violence against women is a stark reality in Dominican Republic, where 3 out  10 females have suffered its effects, said United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) resident coordinator Valerie Julliand. The “bone chilling” statistics are showing that 90% of the sexual abuse cases investigated are against children and adolescents, actions in which adults are involved. Seven fewer, but violent deaths claim 66 women in first 4 months......
Read more | 26 Jun 2012
Substitute judge releases 5 charged with title fraud, foreigners lost millions of USD
Another proof civilization has not yet reached the Dom Rep - A substitute judge is once again at the center of scandal, as the National District 6th Instruction Court yesterday ruled to release five defendants accused of being part of a ring of counterfeiters of deeds of property including military assigned to the Real Estate Jurisdiction. This is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in the DR. When the bribe becomes big enough, the judge retire for a couple of weeks form his office and the unlucky substitute judge will be asked to released the criminals. Then the judge will come back and wash his hands as if nothing happened. Who said BANANA REPUBLIC !!!!!
Read more | 17 Jun 2012
3 Die in protests in Dominican Republic
Three people were killed and eight others hurt in clashes between police and protesters in the northern Dominican town of Salcedo. Community organizations launched the protests to demand the arrest of a cop they say is responsible for the May 14 killing of area resident Hector Medina. While representatives of the Catholic Church and the municipal administration met with the police brass, the most militant element among the protesters boycotted the talks......
Read more | 17 Jun 2012
Dominican charged in multi-million dollar counterfeiting scheme in U.S.
Defendants were engaged in transactions involving more than $2 million in high-quality counterfeit currency being produced in Peru and the Dominican Republic. "This extended undercover operation, which targeted one of the most significant sources of high-quality counterfeit U.S. currency in the world, is a compelling example of the fight against international crime," said U.S. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz. "This case illustrates the merging of traditional crimes such as counterfeiting with advanced technologies that criminals so often use to commit financial crimes today,"......
Read more | 17 Jun 2012
Know the truth about the Sugar Brothers - US$ 95 Million Lawsuit Against Casa de Campo, Fanjul and Central Romana

2 coronels and 18 military officers on behalf of the attorney general of the Dominican Republic assisted the original land owners in a visit to Casa de Campo a few weeks back. These are the facts about why Four Season Hotel was never build in Casa de Campo as proclaimed by Central Romana to be finished by end of 2009.  Central Romana (the company behind CdC) is not the owner of the land they offered to Four Seasons, when Four Seasons found out they left the DR very upset and will probably never return. It also turns out that Central Romana is also not the owner of parts of the land where they did the marina extension a few years back.....

Read more | 21 Jul 2013
Ex DEA agent found tied and strangled in Santiago - Update, 3 arrested
Another foreigner murdered in DomRep, BODY COUNT 17! - Unidentified assailants strangled an attorney and former member of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), inside his apartment in the city's Los sector Los Garages. His neighbors said they suspect a woman with whom the victim had a romantic relationship, and to whom Pichardo had given a vehicle and then took it back......
Read more | 15 Jun 2012
DR government officials in U.S. court documented corruption
Welcome to the DR, CORRUPTION, MONEY LAUNDERING & THREATS of MURDER! - AES Puerto Rico was alleged to have paid additional bribes to government officials, perhaps as much as $2 million (Exact number unknown but the Complaint (Government of DR v. AES) states that "as much as 2 million dollars in personal bribes was paid to government officials").......
Read more | 12 Jun 2012
DR SCAM, Fake DEA Agents Extorting U.S. Citizen Dollars
ANOTHER MEGA SCAM OPERATED OUT OF DomRep - It's a scheme that has terrorized countless people. But the Drug Enforcement Administration has no idea how many victims there really are because people don't always report what's happened, or even realize they have been scammed. In one case a woman committed suicide because she was so frightened and guilt-ridden......
Read more | 12 Jun 2012
Dominican siblings arrested in U.S.- Dominican murder plot
Believing their stepfather gave their mother HIV, a brother and sister allegedly hatched a plan to fly to the Dominican Republic and kill him. Their mother has terminal cancer and the children were afraid that once she died their stepfather would get the couple’s house in the Dominican Republic. The mother paid for her children’s plane tickets and gave them cash for expenses......
Read more | 12 Jun 2012
Puerto Rico Police arrest 77 Dominicans, 52 deported immediately
The 77 illegal Dominican immigrants, arrested early morning when a Marine Unit patrol spotted them aboard a 9 meter-long yola type boat, were handed over to federal authorities. 52 Dominicans was immediately repatriated with US Coast Guards and the rest jailed and processed as many are repeat offenders! Puerto Rico is home to an estimated 200,000 Dominicans, many of whom are illegal immigrants.
12 Jun 2012
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