Dom Rep sentences couple to 30 years in prison for killing Belgian tourist
Is LUC no 19 or no 40....., Why is his murder first known now??? - Authorities said Aquino lured the 58-year-old retiree to an apartment north of the capital where she and her companion gave him tea laced with a drug that knocked him out. They then killed and dismembered Vandormael, so you might reconsider moving to the DR as he is only one of many..... TOO MANY!!
Read more | 22 Jul 2012
“Surprising”cement price jumps pits top maker, builders
The Dominican Cement Mafia Do It Again - The jump as high as 30 pesos on  the price for a bag of cement stems from the control which one of the six manufacturers has over the association which groups them, Dominican Chamber of Construction (Cadocon ) president Diego de Moya affirmed Thursday. Cemex controls the Dominican Cement Producers Association (Adocem) and therefore applies price increases wherever it pleases without control......
Read more | 22 Jul 2012
Woman attacked by dolphin at Manati Park in Bavaro, Dominican Republic

Watch this You Tube Video  - If you love dolphins DO NOT visit Manati Park” Unsuspecting Silvana Straccia paid $100 to swim with the creatures at Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, wearing a bikini with a metal ring on it that irritated the dolphins. 'I almost died as I couldn't breathe... all my body was in shock.'.....

Read more | 04 Aug 2012
American investors who lost $3 million in Dominican Republic will get some back
The end of the Sun Village ponzi-fraud in Dominican Republic - Officials with the Idaho Department of Finance say a group of Idahoans who lost more than $3 million as part of bogusJuan Dolio hotel investment in the mid 2000’s will get back about half of a million dollars. That investigation revealed the fraud and led the department to issue a cease-and-desist order in July 2007 for Elliot, Catledge and their companies......
Read more | 19 Jul 2012
15 Dominican Trucks Smuggling Products to Haiti Seized
Dominican Republic is doing everything possible to destroy the Haitian economy - 15 trucks, loaded with products from the Dominican Republic, were seized by Haitian authorities on Tuesday for trying to smuggle the products into the country, duty-free, under the guise of the small cross-border market trade. Dominican PLD party leader managed get his hands on almost the entire USD 500 million reconstruction budget for Haiti......
Read more | 19 Jul 2012
Dominican Priest Accused of Raping 15-Year-Old
This happens everyday in the DR, but its only in the media because it was a priest this time - A judge in the Dominican Republic has ruled there is enough evidence for authorities to hold a Roman Catholic priest while they investigate allegations that he raped a 15-year-old girl. Police officers arrested Alberto Zacarias Cordero Liriano after the girl's mother accused the priest of repeatedly raping the teenager. ABC NEWS
19 Jul 2012
Mexican Cartels, Russian Mob Operating in Dom. Rep., Government Says
"We have the entry of the worst traditional organized crime groups, such as the Russians, and aggressive cartels, like Mexico's Sinaloa and Los Zetas," Castillo said, 300,000 young people are now addicted to drugs in the Dominican Republic as a result of the arrival in the country of international drug trafficking organizations and missing persecution of corrupt officials who allowed them to operate here......
Read more | 21 Jul 2012
Watch the shark video from Juan Dolio beach Dom Rep

Shark caught in Juan Dolio - Watch the video now as it might soon be removed by the Dominican government to protect their tourist industry. Who cares about warning tourists, right!!!

Read more | 17 Jul 2012
Swiss businessman killed and robbed in Dominican Republic
Again Again, Stahli Roland Eugen, 61 years, passport no. F0925826 is foreigner no. 18 to be killed in less than 3 years in the DR. He had just returned from a trip to New York when someone broke into his house through the bathroom window. The Swiss businessman who imported wines into the Caribbean country has been found dead from a gunshot wound in his leg. Three arrested.....
Read more | 18 Jul 2012
Dominican Senator stands firm on ex president's "links" to drug cartel
HIPOLITO & DRUGS  - “I challenge Mejia, as a responsible senator, to explain to the country about the mysterious trip because of its interest to Dominican Republic, and the infiltration of people linked to drugs including Ezequiel Rodriguez Cruz. Above all, we should remember that this ruthless assassin headed a support group for Hipolito Mejía’s candidacy in the city of Santiago, Apoyo a Papá,”......
Read more | 16 Jul 2012
Passed RD$71.0B Budget boost shocks young business leaders

"When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion - when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing - when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors - when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you - when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - you may understand that this country is doomed."......

Read more | 13 Jul 2012
"Day of Mourning" in Dominican Republic
Dominican men are giving new meaning to the words "Animal Planet" -  Hundreds of people in the Dominican Republic gathered in front of Congress today to support a "Day of Mourning" for the nearly 100 women murdered by their partners or ex partners since the start of this year. The activity was convened by more than 60 organizations.......
Read more | 13 Jul 2012
Four Dominicans make the FBI’s Most Wanted list
Not really a surprise to anybody, not even the failed president - The fugitive Emerson Daniel Guzman (Jose Daniel) is charged with drug trafficking in the New York area and is considered a "capo" of a Manhattan based gang. The FBI also links him to Mexico's Gulf Cartel - The FBI’s website profiles the Dominican fugitives, several of whom investigators believe are hiding in Dominican Republic.......
Read more | 11 Jul 2012
Another magnitude 4.2 tremor shakes the Dominican capital

Chain of earthquakes in a few days, mega one expected!

According to the US Geodetic Survey, the tremor occurred at 5:11am Wednesday morning, and just three days after a 5.1 quake in southwestern Barahona province......

Read more | 11 Jul 2012
Police open fire in Dominican Republic on peaceful demonstrators, 4 killed
Four killed, dozens wounded - A consistent pattern of police brutality, intimidation and violence in response to the Dominican people's just outcry for increased social services and a halt to the rising cost of public university tuition and transportation......, Outgoing president leaves legacy of “characteristic” poverty!!
Read more | 22 Jul 2012
Punta Cana and Barahona in Dom Rep Shaken by Earthquakes within 24 hours
The Dominican Republic’s government said the 5.1 quake was felt across Santo Domingo as well, causing some panic, particularly in some of the capital’s higher buildings. The smaller 3.1 was close to Punta Cana and the large 5.1 earthquake close to the Hatian - Dominican Border. Larger earthquakes expected in near future..... 
Read more | 10 Jul 2012
Canadian reported dead in Dominican Republic pool accident
Jeremy Zubrinic was on vacation in Punta Cana when he died last week - Canadian consular officials in Punta Cana are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information and are providing consular assistance to the family - Friends have begun leaving tributes on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.......
Read more | 10 Jul 2012
Dominican Republic Police agents spring colleague out of jail

Best Banana Republic story this week - Police general Miguel de la Cruz Reyna on Friday revealed that the agents who sprung their colleague out of the courthouse jail cell on Thursday did so to protect his life....... The daily life in DR is a perfect Hollywood movie, crimes and corruption run the police!

Read more | 06 Jul 2012
Dominican Republic man convicted of incest in St Kitts

Court evidence shows that 47-year-old Rafael Adames had committed incest on his daughter on numerous occasions and had often told her that she is pretty and that she belonged to him only. It was also revealed that Adames told his daugther that he would rent a house and put her to live in it because he wanted children from her and that she was not to say anything to anyone.......

Read more | 06 Jul 2012
Dominican Students Accuse Police of Shooting 3
Useless President leaves office full of broken promises - The Amin Abel Liberation Front says the students were shot late Tuesday during a demonstration against a rise in tuition and a new enrollment fee at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo - The problem is that the rich like to keep the poor ignorant in order to control the country's resources.....
Read more | 10 Jul 2012
Spanish police smash "fake sheikh" fraud gang involving Dominican
Spanish police have unmasked a gang of alleged fraudsters posing as representatives of Arab sheikhs, who promised millions of euros of investment or loans to victims that included Spanish football club Getafe, authorities said on Wednesday. Six Spaniards and a man from the Dominican Republic have been taken into custody as part of "Operation Flame"......
Read more | 06 Jul 2012
Dominican accused of child sexual assault arrested in USA
Antonio Alburquerque was arrested when he re-entered the Unites States from his native Dominican Republic, the U.S. Marshals Service confirmed. A possible life sentence looms if he’s convicted. He’s accused of repeated sexual assaults on a minor from Nov. 16, 1992, and Dec. 31, 1994. Court documents said the abuse began when the victim was younger than 14......
Read more | 06 Jul 2012
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