Dominican celebrity fugitive in cocaine and money laundering ring back in US jail
Dominican former Spanish-language TV celebrity in the USA finally caught! Yamilis Centeno Rivera, a 27-year-old lived the high life in USA and forfeited $1 million bail when she fled the country was returned to the Bergen County Jail on Wednesday after she was seized by authorities in the Dominican Republic over the weekend after more than six years on the run…..
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Dom. Rep. among least competitive Lat Am countries: study

100+ reasons why you should invest in Panama and NOT in Dom Rep!!!  Chile remains the most competitive country in Latin America and as always Dominican Republic figures among the four Lat-Am countries which fared worst in the study. Panama is 2nd after Chile and probably the best places to invest in Latin America today.....

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Dominican agents arrest 5 drug mules in 1 day, Top Warden jailed himself!
Welcome to "Little Mexico" a Paradise for Drugs & Money Laundering!! - Authorities eye drug link in notorious colonel’s murder - Ex top warden to spend 3 months looking out - Dominican Republic quickly gaining first position as drug transit place #1 - U.S. drug enforcement agents seized 1.65 tons of cocaine in one raid in the Dominican Republic, Billion of dollars in corruption and money laundering in the DR......
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Two Men Lynched in Dominican Republic Over Stolen Cell Phones
This is what happens when the legal system gets so corrupt it stops working! Two Dominicans were reportedly lynched for stealing three cell phones and RD$ 10000 ($250 USD).  “Peoples Justice” remains an issue throughout Latin America.  In Guatemala lynchings are up by 500%.......
Read more | 04 Sep 2012
Agents seize 9 trucks with 90,000 gallons of smuggled fuel
They probably tried to avoid paying off the right people!! Agents of the Industry and Commerce Ministry’s fuel control dept. (CECCOM) on seized nine tanker trucks transporting more than 90,000 gallons of fuel smuggled into the country. The seized tankers had a permit to purge the bilge water from the ship STX ACE 11, but obtained the information they were carrying smuggled fuel.....
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This should stop you from eating in Dominican Republic, RIGHT NOW!
Dominican Food Scams, Know What You Eat!! - An unbelievable amount of slaughterhouses and dairies are operating in violation of sanitary controls, fiscal and environmental. It is clear that the raw material of slaughterhouses and dairies (animals) are not fit for human consumption, the poor conditions in which they work in these places products are served at tables of hundreds of thousands of homes and tourists in hotels all over the DR.....
Read more | 26 Aug 2012
Donald Trump in USD 5.8 Million lawsuit against Cap Cana
The Donald Trump Cap Cana "Ponzi Scam" is officially over!! The 8,000-acre, oceanfront project was launched in 2007 with a USD 350 million sale of the Trump Farallon Estates at Cap Cana, a gated community of 68 lots costing $3 million to $12 million each. Desperate property owners in Cap Cana dump their properties at 25- 40% of original price in upcoming auction in September, Let’s see if they will sell anything…..
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CNN REPORT, Girl at Center of Dominican Republic Abortion Debate Dies
Health sector in critical conditions - For doctors in Dominican Republic saving a life breaks the law!! Pregnant Dominican teen at center of abortion debate dies because she was denied cancer treatment - UN and Amnesty International reports show Dominican Republic is light years from western civilization.....
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Dominican government seized Spanish assets and must pay USD 45 Million
Don't invest in the Dominican Republic, Who is the next investor to get fucked in DR???  A representative of the Public Works Ministry - escorted by a group of soldiers - expelled Codaxa's staff from the San Pedro de Marcoris - La Romana highway tolls. The Spanish company supported by their embassy, hope that the new president Danila Medina will correct the illegal behavior of the outgoing government headed by Leonel Fernandez......, Good luck with that!!
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11 Dominicans charged with US$19.0M tax fraud, drug trafficking in Alaska
Dominicans stole more than 2,600 identities and social security numbers of residents in Puerto Rico - United States Attorney Karen Loeffler said a federal grand jury indicted the ring on 90 counts of tax fraud, including identity theft and distribution of cocaine during two years. They could spend as long as 30 years in prison when convicted of USD 19 million tax fraud......
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Dominicans most suspended baseball players in the US, It's in their Blood
Dominicans on Drugs - In the minors, 82 players have been suspended this year, including 38 from Latin America, 25 of them from the Dominican Republic. In professional baseball Dominicans account for a whopping 16 of the 24 suspensions, among three of five this year are: Cabrera, Colon and Giants reliever Guillermo Mota.....
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SEX TOURISM - Dominican HIV and AIDS Patients Suffer From Drug Shortage
Watch out before picking up your next girlfriend and sex partner in DR!! The country faces a difficult situation with the international financial crisis which affects major donors in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Dominican Republic has more than 60,000 people living with HIV/AIDS, and only one-third receive medication......
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Ex President Leonel Fernandez to be remembered as the "Salami Man"
CONSUMER WARNING - Careful what you eat in DR!! - Salami sales plunge 51.2% on scathing revelation - "Neither Barack Obama nor the Pope will make me change my mind,” the official said Wednesday after noting that she’ll disclose the names of the tainted salami brands only after a subsequent study, “because as you all know we also found that some salamis had fake labels.”......
Read more | 25 Aug 2012
300 Hospitalized with Cholera Symptoms in Dominican Republic, 170+ Dead
Travel Warning - It's Cholera Time Again!! Cholera coming from Haiti, appeared in the DR in Nov 2010, this disease caused so far more than 170 death. A diarrhea outbreak in mid-June 2012 killed at least nine people in the Dominican Republic, and now we have a huge new outbreak with over 300 hospitalized.....
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Dominican makes the US ‘most wanted’ list on Boston killing
He is just one of many - see the full list here!! The Dominican Peter (Pedro) Castillo, 23, wanted by the authorities in Boston made the US list of most wanted fugitives and figures on the TV program "Americas Most Wanted," which seeks to locate the nation’s most dangerous fugitives. More than 20,000 Dominican criminals deported from the United States......
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Police arrest 'fake colonel' in Sosua treatening foreign investor
The police informed that the fake colonel had tried to extort RD$125,000 by threatening to deport several Haitian laborers on the grounds that they didn’t have passports or work permits. He also threatened the Belgian citizen Ulrich Van Herpe with deportation, saying there was an international arrest warrant against him......
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Another Chinese businessman murdered in Dominican Republic
The list of investors killed in Dominican Republic is growing fast!!! - Chinese businessman, Chi Mine Wu, aged 33, was stabbed to death in the kitchen of his restaurant, Pica Pollo Asia, in San Pedro de Macoris. This is not the first time Chinese have been murdered in this restaurant, as in December 2006 the brothers Wei Wuo and Wi Hog Hog were also stabbed to death there.......
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Government crack down, Music from albums banned in Dom Rep
The Commission for Public Shows and Radio prohibited the playing of various songs - These include "Ponme To eso palante" and "Toy ennotao" by El Chuape, "Ellos dicen" by Secreto and "El lambonaso" by Carlito Way and Crazy Design otherwise known as Teke Teke. They also banned the record "Y yo aqui como un maricon" by the Haitian singer Feliz Cumbe and "Dame leche" by Jhon Distrito Ft La Delfi.
20 Aug 2012
Former Reds star Jose Rijo charged with money laundering in Dom Rep
Jose Rijo & Partners in murder, drugs and money laundering - Prosecutor Soraime Vargas says about 80 percent of the assets of fugitive drug suspect Avelino Castro were in Rijo's name. The 47-year-old Rijo led the Cincinnati Reds to the 1990 world championship, but is now part of a network that killed a Dominican journalist who uncovered his partner's drug trade......
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US$ 2 Million Fraud, FTC shutters Dominican mortgage operation
NOTHING OF VALUE FROM DOMINICAN OPERATIONS - The Federal Trade Commission said Monday it has taken action against a Dominican mortgage assistance operation that allegedly cheated Spanish-speaking homeowners in the U.S. out of more than $2 million. Six companies took part in the scam, including telemarketing company Grupo Marketing Dominicana, based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic......
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Dominican Republic has more brothels than schools, senior prelate says
TRUE WORDS SPOKEN, but was he including government offices? That is where most of this country's sellouts work - The problem is the lack of education !!!
Economist Pavel Isa recently said that the head of state Leonel Fernandez would leave a fundamentally negative legacy especially in terms of institutionalism. It's here all the problems began.....
Read more | 23 Jul 2012
Dominican Republic Reports 500 Quakes So Far This Year
WARNING, Much Bigger Quakes Expected !!! - According to expert Juan Arias, the Dominican Republic is located in a zone of high seismic activity and is necessary for people to start creating a culture and learn to live with earthquakes, but the director of the institute, Eugenio Polanco, said that Dominicans are lacking the necessary preparation to face an earthquake of high intensity.......
Read more | 23 Jul 2012
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