Former All-star Yankees Pitcher Killed in Dominican Republic
WELCOME HOME! - Pascual Perez was found with a severe head wound in a town west of Santo Domingo, and there was evidence at the scene to suggest that whoever killed him had been searching for money .....
Read more | 08 Dec 2012
Amnesty International condemns killing of medical student
Amnesty International said on Friday that the National Police should undergo comprehensive reforms following the fatal shooting of a medical student during in the Santo Domingo State University (UASD) campus. The human rights organization accused police of throwing tear gas while people tried to help the victim, Willy Florián Ramírez, 21, after he was shot. According to the group, the number of police abuses in the country is increasing. Get out of the DR while you are still alive - too many tourists killed
10 Nov 2012
CNN, Greatest corruption scandal in the Dominican Republic is happening right now.
When a President rob his own country where is the world power to protect its citizens? Not a single PLD politician has been put in jail or even tried, even those for whom there is incontrovertible evidence of ghastly instances of fraud and corruption! Students are getting shot due to the problems created by Ex president Leonel Fernandez. His government was on a robbing spree for 12 years building useless projects to get billions in international loans and indebt the Dominicans for life while the PLD keeps eating caviar....
Read more | 10 Nov 2012
Dominican Nanny Kills Children on Upper West Side in New York - UPDATE, Not Guilty??!!

They treated their nanny like gold — and she repaid them in blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
The Krims treated child-killer nanny Yoselyn Ortega 'like family,' says slain tots' grandmother. Karen Krim, the mother of CNBC executive Kevin Krim, says family would even buy nanny tickets home to Dominican Republic when they took the kids out of town, UPDATE, that fucking Dominican bitch has pleaded NOT GUILTY....., I say hang her!!!

Read more | 09 Dec 2012
Defamation laws threaten Dominican media, fines and jail time to journalists
Super corrupt countries like Dom Rep will at any cost try to "cut off" a journalist from telling the truth, stop licenses to radio and television stations and creck down on other forms of making PLD government officials look redicilous in the eyes of the public. Dominican journalist Melton Pineda was fined US$ 125,000 plus 3 months in jail for doing just that.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Two big earthquakes and "SANDY" shakes the Dominican Republic, President declares emergency
TRAVEL WARNING - Not only did 2 large earthquakes of 4.4 and 4.7 rattled the Dom Rep last week, the Hurricane SANDY passed nearby and resulted in one dead and 12,500 displaced due to heavy rain storms. The Dominican president declares national emergency.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Amnesty International: DR Parliament must decriminalize abortion
Danilo Medina, show us you are a civilized creature, change that stupid law! - Article 90 of the Penal Code envisages criminal penalties for women who seek an abortion and for those who provide it or help provide it – regardless of the circumstances, including if the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest or if the life of the women is endangered by carrying on with the pregnancy.....
Read more | 29 Oct 2012
Dominican drug mule jailed for 9 years in Malta
Keep your drugs in the Dominican Republic - Richard Andrews Perez Oberght, a Dominican Republic national who resided in Spain, had been arrested in a Sliema hotel on Malta. Medical examinations at Mater Dei Hospital confirmed that he had swallowed 80 drug-filled capsules.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Dominican Republic sees at least 325 new dengue cases each week
 TRAVEL WARNINGThe World Health Organization has said that the global incidence of dengue has increased “extraordinarily” in recent decades, and although there is no specific treatment, early detection and timely medical attention can reduce the rate of mortality.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Dominican hair shop shooting in Florida, 4 dead
A gunman opened fire at Dominican beauty salon, killing three women and wounding the manager, who had asked for a restraining order against him, police said. After the rampage, the gunman went to a friend's house and killed himself....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Luxury high-rise condos; more Dominican Government scandals as 179 Million also is missing in BN
Lets see if Danilo Medina has the balls to stand up to the extreme corruption problems left by ex president Leonel Fernandez!!! We still don't know the construction price of these 180 luxury apartments with each 3 parking spaces, but Senior military officials and leaders of the PLD party pressured to be included on the list to get one of these 157m2 luxury condos despite the fact that it violates several articles of the Constitution.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
German national dies in shootout with Dominican police in La Mulata, Sosua
Neighbor protection program in one of the most dangerous residencial areas of Sosua ended with police confrontationIn fact the Police has been slow to protect foreigners living in La Mulata, resulting in many robberies and murders. Ask any realtor on the North Coast, for years it was almost impossible to sell properties in that part of Sosua.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Dominican charged in New York ATM scam, stole US$ 110,000
This idiot Gene Carlo Pena worked for a company filling ATM machines in New York. He stuffed the CHASE MANHATTAN ATM's with photocopies of dollar bills which were even blank on one side!!!! - Kept  US$110,000 and went on holiday in his home country. When arriving back to New York with JetBlue the police was waiting for him. Another genius Dominican.....!!!
27 Oct 2012
First to Fall, Major Bavaro tourism project developer gets 3 years in prison on fraud
Ilonka Castillo, developer and president of the Dominican Realtor organization scammed probably for as much as USD 20 million. She kept checks and maintenance fees form home owners in several developments to buy luxury villas and pay off personal debts. Who is next developer to get jailed? Cap Caca, Roco Ki, White Sands, Villa Bavaro, Punta Perla, Sun Village, the list just goes on and on......
Read more | 14 Oct 2012
Xstrata Falcondo from Canada to challenge DR courts after getting SCREWED!
Another large scale investor got "PLD FUCKED" in Dominican Republic - Falcondo bought 1,386 hectares at Loma Miranda in 2008, for which the court's ruling violates the constitutional right of private ownership, since it allows third parties unrestricted access to their property. José Luis López noted that Falcondo has no mining activity at Loma Miranda and therefore no operation to halt......
Read more | 14 Oct 2012
Dominican woman arrested in murder that rocked Puerto Rico
Aida De Los Santos Pineda, 57, is the main suspect in murder of the wife of a retired Puerto Rico higher court judge. She presented herself for admission at the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport after arriving from the Dominican Republic.  Law enforcement databases revealed that Ms. De Los Santos was sought for the homicide of the wife of a retired Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Supreme Court Judge and she was arrested and handcuffed.
13 Oct 2012
Over 500 Dominican Police, Soldiers Dismissed for Drug Ties in 5 Years
Retired generals need bodyguards because of “mischiefs” committed - Ex president Leonel Fernandez appointed hundreds of useless generals because he feared the army. US ARMY NEWS - Dominican police dismantle huge international narco-trafficking ring. A failed president must be held responsiable when the army's primary business is dealing drugs.....
Read more | 14 Oct 2012
US man killed in his home in Sosua, Dominican Republic
STAY AWAY!!! Another Tourist Killed in Dominican Republic - Police say Raffaelle Foria was killed in the popular tourist town of Sosua after four men broke into a house he shared with 70-year-old Stanley Leonard, who also was shot but is expected to recover. According to our chornologic tracking, this foreigner investor or tourist  #21 to be killed in the DR within the last 3 years......
Read more | 05 Oct 2012
Dengue Fever Increase in the Dominican Republic, 45 Deaths
TRAVEL WARNING: Dengue affected  6 999 people during the 2012 in the Dominican Republic and caused the death of 45, reported today Deputy Health Minister Rafael Schiffino. People with fever, headache, muscular pains, and other symptoms shouls immediately go to the doctor and take all relevant measures.....



Read more | 15 Oct 2012
Not even a Miss Universe competition can they organize in Dominican Republic

Official: Miss Universe contest to be held in Las Vegas, not the Dominican Republic! The morons in the new government just lost one of their biggest chances to promoting the country. Maybe security was also an issue as earlier  Miss Dominican Republic was injured in attempted kidnapping.....

Read more | 27 Sep 2012
Puerto Plata is DEAD, Largest hotel chain RIU desperate to sell their mega complex
RIU hotels in Puerto Plata closing down after loosing Class A Lawsuit and drop in guests - Tourism business leader Jose Polanco said that 50 percent of the businesses related to tourism have closed their doors in Puerto Plata. Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia is nothing but a dream machine! Deputy Jose Ignacio Paliza stated that “puertoplateños” themselves are responsiable. Bad behavior and lack of education.....
Read more | 26 Sep 2012
Chief Justice admits chaos in Real Estate Jurisdiction
"There’s such chaos in Dominican Republic’s Real Estate Jurisdiction that it has become be an inefficient agency" said Chief Justice. Tell us something we don't know. Foreign investors have lost hundreds of millions of Dollars in the last years on unfinished property developments, title fraud and useless title guaranty companies operating in the Dominican Republic......
Read more | 23 Sep 2012
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