Dominican Republic was traffickers’drugs-dollars revolving door

Officials estimate that during its five years operating in the country the ring shipped around US$350 million to Colombia and Venezuela, using "mules," The "mules" carrying the money would come to the country with a tourist visa, stayed a few days, during which they stuffed suitcases with $300,000 dollars each prior to returning......

Read more | 02 Jan 2013
Forty suspected Dominican drug gang members indicted in New York
The Bronx-based, Dominican Trinitarios gang "went to war against rival gangs" in recent years - Nine murders, 24 attempted murders, racketeering, robbery, assault, firearms offenses (and drug) trafficking," Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara told a news conference. "You name it, they did it.".....
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Dominican Republic involved in international fraud
From New Zealand - Evidence during the trial stated there was a bank account created in the Caribbean, a company registered in the Dominican Republic and accountants based in Uruguay for the investment scheme.....
Read more | 02 Jan 2013
What Happened to Alianza Dominicana? FRAUD....
The Mysterious Fall of an Iconic Dominican Institution in New York - the City’s Department of Investigation considered its findings serious enough to submit to the state Attorney General, unethical, and perhaps illegal, the report states. The DOI pointed out that Pérez (Alianza’s CEO) lied twice in reports......
Read more | 20 Dec 2012
Senator charged with embezzling RD$250M poses “flight risk”, Judges visa to US canceled
More Banana Republic News - What a joke, for over 10 years senator Amable Aristy "MILKED THAT COW"....., Justice minister Francisco Dominguez says that the magnitude and extent of the irregularities damaged the State, no shit Sherlock!! Another case this week: Supreme Court  Chief justice unaware that the United States canceled the visa of several Dominican judges......
Read more | 09 Dec 2012
Anger in Dom Rep over proposal to ease punishment for sex abuse of kids
IS THERE NO LIMITED TO HOW STUPID DOMINICAN LAWMAKERS CAN BE? - They are considering a proposal to reduce prison time for some domestic violence and sexual abuse crimes. The new law already approved by a legislative committee, which has been under consideration for 12 years, would reduce the sentence for sexual abuse of a minor from 5 years to 3 years in most cases.....
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At least 40 die of dengue fever in Dominican Republic
TRAVEL WARNING FROM CANADA about DR   - Nearly 430 new cases of the mosquito-borne disease have been reported each week in recent months as the number of those affected has topped 7,364, health officials said in a statement. The Canadian "CDC" (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has again focus on health advice for travelers to the Dominican Republic......
Read more | 09 Dec 2012
Ex president Leonel Fernandez gets 20 years in prison for corruption
Mock court or not, Leonel Fernandez deserves every year of that sentence!!! - "the prosecutor," requested a 30 year prison sentence, a 40 year ban on exercising a public function and the confiscation of all his properties. Justice minister Francisco Domínguez on Tuesday received an accusation of corruption in a deficit of RD$187.0 billion against ex president Leonel Fernandez......
Read more | 09 Dec 2012
Dominican in violent drug enterprise extradited from Dom Rep to New York
The so-called "Rodriguez Enterprise" trafficked marijuana, engaged in murders and other violent acts, and transported and laundered millions of dollars. Dom Rep ex Senator’s son in 140K cocaine bust surrenders....

Read more | 08 Dec 2012
Arrest order against stupid Dominican TV Host who set US magician on fire
Wayne Houchin stated on his facebook profile that "This was a criminal attack" - US magician to pursue charges against Dominican Republic TV show host Franklin Barazarte who set him ablaze in a criminal act he later called "a blessing" -  UPDATE: Dominican judge orders arrest of TV host who set fire to hair of US magician......
Read more | 07 Dec 2012
Retired admiral and head of DNCD deep into Dominican drug underworld, now extradited
As a serious PLD drug trader ex president Leonel promoted him to Admiral !!! - Retired general Francisco Antonio Hiraldo Guerrero, who was the National Drug Control Agency’s (DNCD) chief of operations wanted on narcotics charges filed in New York Southern District Court continued. It was learned in the press conference at the Justice Ministry, that the ex colonel also helped several cartels in the region, but is finally on his way to USA.....
Read more | 08 Dec 2012
Former All-star Yankees Pitcher Killed in Dominican Republic
WELCOME HOME! - Pascual Perez was found with a severe head wound in a town west of Santo Domingo, and there was evidence at the scene to suggest that whoever killed him had been searching for money .....
Read more | 08 Dec 2012
Amnesty International condemns killing of medical student
Amnesty International said on Friday that the National Police should undergo comprehensive reforms following the fatal shooting of a medical student during in the Santo Domingo State University (UASD) campus. The human rights organization accused police of throwing tear gas while people tried to help the victim, Willy Florián Ramírez, 21, after he was shot. According to the group, the number of police abuses in the country is increasing. Get out of the DR while you are still alive - too many tourists killed
10 Nov 2012
CNN, Greatest corruption scandal in the Dominican Republic is happening right now.
When a President rob his own country where is the world power to protect its citizens? Not a single PLD politician has been put in jail or even tried, even those for whom there is incontrovertible evidence of ghastly instances of fraud and corruption! Students are getting shot due to the problems created by Ex president Leonel Fernandez. His government was on a robbing spree for 12 years building useless projects to get billions in international loans and indebt the Dominicans for life while the PLD keeps eating caviar....
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Dominican Nanny Kills Children on Upper West Side in New York - UPDATE, Not Guilty??!!

They treated their nanny like gold — and she repaid them in blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
The Krims treated child-killer nanny Yoselyn Ortega 'like family,' says slain tots' grandmother. Karen Krim, the mother of CNBC executive Kevin Krim, says family would even buy nanny tickets home to Dominican Republic when they took the kids out of town, UPDATE, that fucking Dominican bitch has pleaded NOT GUILTY....., I say hang her!!!

Read more | 09 Dec 2012
Defamation laws threaten Dominican media, fines and jail time to journalists
Super corrupt countries like Dom Rep will at any cost try to "cut off" a journalist from telling the truth, stop licenses to radio and television stations and creck down on other forms of making PLD government officials look redicilous in the eyes of the public. Dominican journalist Melton Pineda was fined US$ 125,000 plus 3 months in jail for doing just that.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Two big earthquakes and "SANDY" shakes the Dominican Republic, President declares emergency
TRAVEL WARNING - Not only did 2 large earthquakes of 4.4 and 4.7 rattled the Dom Rep last week, the Hurricane SANDY passed nearby and resulted in one dead and 12,500 displaced due to heavy rain storms. The Dominican president declares national emergency.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Amnesty International: DR Parliament must decriminalize abortion
Danilo Medina, show us you are a civilized creature, change that stupid law! - Article 90 of the Penal Code envisages criminal penalties for women who seek an abortion and for those who provide it or help provide it – regardless of the circumstances, including if the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest or if the life of the women is endangered by carrying on with the pregnancy.....
Read more | 29 Oct 2012
Dominican drug mule jailed for 9 years in Malta
Keep your drugs in the Dominican Republic - Richard Andrews Perez Oberght, a Dominican Republic national who resided in Spain, had been arrested in a Sliema hotel on Malta. Medical examinations at Mater Dei Hospital confirmed that he had swallowed 80 drug-filled capsules.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Dominican Republic sees at least 325 new dengue cases each week
 TRAVEL WARNINGThe World Health Organization has said that the global incidence of dengue has increased “extraordinarily” in recent decades, and although there is no specific treatment, early detection and timely medical attention can reduce the rate of mortality.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Dominican hair shop shooting in Florida, 4 dead
A gunman opened fire at Dominican beauty salon, killing three women and wounding the manager, who had asked for a restraining order against him, police said. After the rampage, the gunman went to a friend's house and killed himself....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
Luxury high-rise condos; more Dominican Government scandals as 179 Million also is missing in BN
Lets see if Danilo Medina has the balls to stand up to the extreme corruption problems left by ex president Leonel Fernandez!!! We still don't know the construction price of these 180 luxury apartments with each 3 parking spaces, but Senior military officials and leaders of the PLD party pressured to be included on the list to get one of these 157m2 luxury condos despite the fact that it violates several articles of the Constitution.....
Read more | 27 Oct 2012
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