New Tourist Murder - German man murdered in Puerto Plata
Looks Like Paradise, Must Be Hell - Tourist # 41 Murdered:The tourist staying at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort was walking with his wife along the seawall in Puerto Plata when the couple was accosted by two assailants. 76-year-old Ernst Gunter Haun struggled with the men when they tried to take a necklace and was fatally shot. See VIDEO.....
Read more | 24 Feb 2016
New Tourist Murder - Italian Man killed in Dominican Republic

Looks Like Paradise, Must Be Hell - Tourist # 40 killed in Dominican Republic!! Francesco Maniscalco, a 69-year-old Italian citizen murdered in the Dom Rep. The man's body was found in Montellanos, close to Puerto Plata, and he had been stabbed, police said....

Read more | 18 Jan 2016
WARNING - Dominican Republic Declared Too Dangerous For Medical Tourism
The Medical Travel Quality Alliance recently issued a report urging travelers to avoid medical tourism in the Dominican Republic, it makes note of an alarming amount of medical tourism cases that ended in either death or life-threatening infections......
Read more | 18 Jan 2016
Remains of Murdered US Businessman Identified in Dom Rep
Looks like Paradise, Must be Hell - Tourist # 40 Killed in Dominican Republic. Authorities in the DR have identified the remains of U.S. businessman Brent Renault Lewis missing since November 2014 and finally plan to file charges against two people suspected of involvement in his death.....
Read more | 06 Nov 2015
French Pilots Managed to Escape the Injustice of "Monkey Island"

Banana Republic News - Amazing that the two French pilots who can't be connected to drugs on their flight were sentenced to 20 years in jail on Dominican Republic but luckily escaped back home, while the same court system acquitted Felix Bautista who allegedly defrauded the Dominican people for hundreds of millions of dollars.......

Read more | 28 Oct 2015
Junot Diaz, Defening Human Rights, Stripped of National Orden of Merit
The Dominican Republic rescinded the national Order of Merit award given to Junot Diaz after he publicly asked the United States to act on behalf of the Dominican Republic’s undocumented immigrant population....“The last time something like this happened was Nazi Germany, and yet people are like, shrugging about it,” Diaz told.....
Read more | 28 Oct 2015
Another Dirty Rat Dominican Diplomat Cought in New York
Over a prosecutor's objection, bail has been set at $2 million for Francis Lorenzo, a Dominican Republic diplomat arrested in a bribe-related criminal case that also landed a former president of the United Nations Assembly behind bars....
Read more | 23 Oct 2015
High Court of Dominican Republic "For Sale" - How much did Felix pay?

The Supreme Court again cleared senator Felix Bautista on charges he embezzled millions of dollars when he headed the State Works Supervisory Engineers Office (OISOE)..Justice minister Francisco Dominguez, who called it a blow in the fight on corruption and that the high court “doesn’t deserve the slightest credibility.".......

Read more | 23 Oct 2015
80 Year old German Lady robbed in Dom Rep and dies from her injuries

Looks Like Paradise, Must Be Hell - Tourist # 39 killed in Dominican Republic!! The 80 year old Maximiliane  A. E. schwebinger GeB Muller from Germany lived many years in the DR. This case was handled with a lot of secrecy...., WHY?

Read more | 16 Sep 2014
UK Couple win £50k payout over their honeymoon hell in DR
Catastrophic food at the all-inclusive Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel in Bavaro. "We extend our apologies to Mr and Mrs Ford following their illness while staying at the Meliá Caribe Tropical Hotel in the Dominican Republic in 2009, and confirm that we have reached an agreement with their legal representatives...... NOTE it took five years to win this case!!
Read more | 16 Sep 2014
Scary Figures on HIV in Newborns Disclosed in Dominican Republic
An amazing 4.6 percent of an estimated of 208,786 annual births in Dominican Republic carries HIV, according to official sources quoted by media reports. Considering this problem, the executive director of the National Council for HIV and AIDS, Victor Terrero, called specialized societies and groups of civil society to participate in a national crusade to transform the situation......
Read more | 16 Sep 2014
Dominican Republic Reports 26,000 Pigs Deaths from PED

Problems with Dominican Food and Farming again....., Seven outbreaks of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) in the country since November 2013 have resulted in the deaths of more than 26,000 piglets....

Read more | 16 Sep 2014
Gunmen open fire on El Nacional reporter Pedro Fernandez

DRUGS STILL FUELS THE CORRUPT DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Dominican journalist names general, prosecutor in ‘cahoots’ with traffickers - More drugs are sold than rice in Higuey, lawmaker warns and Two Dominican journalists arrested summarily during drug raids.....

Read more | 16 Sep 2014
Dominican pleads guilty to US$65.0M tax scam in New Jersey
THIS IS WHAT THEY KNOW BEST   - Dominican Alejandro Javier, 51, extradited to New Jersey from Canada earlier this year, pleaded guilty in Newark Federal Court in to conspiracy to steal US$65 million from the Government, through false tax returns for illegal rebates, said prosecutor Paul J. Fishman. Read full story in
16 Sep 2014
Dominican Assemblywoman in New York to appear in court for marriage fraud
WHO DID NOT EXPECT THIS?? DUMB, DUMBER, DOMINICAN!! Gabriela Rosa, a Washington Heights Democrat who was the first Dominican woman to be elected to the state Assembly must appear before a Manhattan federal judge on a charges of FAKE MARRIAGE to stay in USA.....
Read more | 23 Sep 2014
Chikungunya could affect 5 million in Dominican Republic
TRAVEL WARNING - Chikunguny from the Dominican Rep spreds to other countries including United States!! Cases of Chikungunya virus from people visiting the Dominican Republic have been found in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Peru, Paraguay and several parts of United States....., Read the stories before traveling to DR.....
Read more | 15 Sep 2014
FORBES MAGAZINE, Dom Rep is the Worst country in the World to do business in !!!
Dominican Watchdog's 5 year long campaign for the truth about the Dominican Republic, is finally backed up by FORBES MAGAZINE, who last week declared Dom Rep, the worst country in the world to do business in, due to the corrupt Purple government Pigs. No wonder NONE of the big local media has posted that story....., Jean Alain Rodríguez, Director of Invest in DR is for sure NOT telling you the truth! The PLD Grand Plan is to find innocent foreign investors and rip them off.......
Read more | 21 Oct 2017
Tourist murder #38, Spanish businessman killed in Dom Rep
Only in the last 30 days, three tourists or foreign investors has been murdered in DR!!! One German, One Chinese and now ONE Spanish, but there could be more as local media in general are unwilling to write about it. Amado Martin Cruz was shot to death in a robbery at his residence....., The Dom Rep is starting to look like Zimbabwe......
Read more | 15 Jun 2014
19 Dominicans WANTED by INTERPOL for Killings, Theft and Narco
BANANA REPUBLIC NEWS - Nineteen Dominican fugitives are being sought by the International Police (INTERPOL) in different countries, accused of murder, drug trafficking, theft, forgery and other crimes. Among the fugitives is a woman. THE BIG QUESTION IS: When are the Purple PLD Pigs sent off to jail for Theft and Corruption.....?.
Read more | 14 Jun 2014
Civilization Blackhole, Ten women murdered by partners this month
WELCOME TO ANIMAL PLANET - Three more femicides were reported on Sunday 8 and Monday 9 June, bringing the total number of women murdered by their partners or former partners to 10 this month. Four of the victims had their throats cut, one was dismembered and another beaten and thrown into the sea in San Pedro de Macoris.......
Read more | 14 Jun 2014
Cover-Up, Rich British woman probably killed by Police in Dom Rep
Is Dominican Police Covering-Up KILLING of TOURIST by ONE of THEIR OWN ??  Daughter of millionaire strip club owner battered to death in the Caribbean blasts bungling authorities for 'corruption and cover-up' - including sending the WRONG BODY back to Britain. Naomi Robinson told an inquest how her mother's alleged killer, Hector Amauris, never stood trial and was freed after a year on remand....
Read more | 12 Jun 2014
Dominican cabbie in New York carry Nazi armband on duty
The city Taxi and Limousine Commission has suspended Gabriel Diaz for 30 days. Diaz, who also says we've been told 'lies' about the Holocaust, believes TLC infringed on his free speech. The Dominican cabbie says 'if a homosexual can walk around with a big rainbow flag,' he can wear his Nazi armband....
Read more | 12 Jun 2014
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