More than 110,000 Haitians expelled or turned back from Dom Rep in 2017
The 2017 report indicates several hundred migration control operations were carried out throughout the national territory targeting Haitians, a total of 57,996 were arrested and expelled from La Romana, San Francisco de Macoris, Puerto Plata, Boca Chica, San José de Ocoa, Las Terrenas, La Vega, Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Santiago Rodriguez, Espaillat, La Altagracia and Grand Santo Domingo...
Read more | 25 Jan 2018
Metro Buses in serious problems with new route: Santo Domingo - Cap Cana

Fraudster and controversial businessman Luis Asilis, who owe millions of dollars to foreign investors in his Metro Group scam projects, got a new problem. The money he illegally kept and re-invested into his private Metro Bus company has backfired with transport unions attacking his bus, breaking window and flattening tires.... 

Read more | 25 Jan 2018
Homemade liquor kills 12, sickens 21 in Dominican Republic

Dumb, Dumber Dumbest - 21 hospitalized after drinking the same alcohol at funeral of victims killed by homemade liquor in Dominican Republic. Gold Medal for Stupiduty!!

Read more | 20 Jan 2018
TRUMP - Most Dominicans bring nothing of value to USA, many deported for crimes

 #shithole: "Almost no one coming from the Dominican Republic to the United States is coming here because they have a proven skill that will benefit us and would indicate their likely success in our society," he said on the Senate floor in 2006. "They come here because some other family member of a qualifying relation is here."

Read more | 16 Jan 2018
In Dominican Republic’s US$145.8M of fraud cases, 0 convictions

MONKEY BUSINESS AS USUAL Despite the whopping  RD$7.0 billion swiped in the country’s latest financial frauds, those indicted have yet to be  convicted; most of whom are fugitives while others are free on bail....

Read more | 16 Jan 2018
Famous Dominican eye doctor stole $136 million from Medicaid
Prosecutors seeking 30 years jailtime say the doctor subjected patients to painful tests and treatments they didn’t need, for diseases they didn’t have, to support a vacation home in his native Dominican Republic. The government also says he bribed New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez
Read more | 16 Jan 2018
20 Tons of Drugs Seized and 20.000 criminals put in prison in Dominican Republic

Great story to begin the year with, sounds like a 1 to 1 deal - One kilo of drugs equals one criminal in jail...., So lets hope they seize 500 Tons in 2018 and get 500.000 currupt & criminals behind bars!

Read more | 05 Jan 2018
Bat excrement-filled tunnels cause deadly outbreak in Dominican Republic
Tunnels filled knee-high with bat shit caused a deadly outbreak of histoplasmosis in the Dominican Republic, raising awareness of what may be an underdiagnosed infection in Latin America, investigators said
Read more | 05 Jan 2018
PUERTO PLATA: Girlfriend slices off drugged boyfriend's penis with knife

They were staying in a cabin in the city of Puerto Plata, she is then said to have drugged him with an unspecified substance and, while he was unconscious, decided to cut off his penis.

Read more | 18 Dec 2017
Dominican Republic officers shut down security to let drug plane land
For US$500.000 CASH a Colonel in charge of the Airport Security Dept. (CESAC) at La Romana International Airport deactivated the terminal’s security system to let land an aircraft with drugs from Colombia...
Read more | 14 Dec 2017
Enough is Enough - PanTerra puts Dominican Republic gold plant up for sale

Dominican Republic has again demonstrated to be one of the worst places to do business - Rampant corruption milking PanTerra makes them throw in the towel...

Read more | 05 Dec 2017
US police chief says Dominican drug lords akin to hunting ‘ghosts’
Undocumented Dominicans in the United States are frequently arrested and give false names or have false or altered IDsDominicans in terms of drug trafficking in New England, are the majority....
Read more | 04 Dec 2017
Dominican security companies use guns stolen from police: top official
MONKEY BUSINESS - Weapons that had been stolen from police, military and civilians were used by security companies in the country - This is a criminal practice...
Read more | 04 Dec 2017
Dominican Republic High Court Fires Corrupt Judge

Carvajal ruled to release convicted murderer Pedro Alejandro Castillo (Quirinito) on bond - Castillo then manipulated court papers to fake his death and burial, then fled the Dominican Republic....

Read more | 02 Dec 2017
Canadian toddler knocked unconscious in Dominican Republic hotel fire

Flown back to Canada onboard Medical Jet lifeless, unresponsive and covered in the blackest soot from head to toe...

Read more | 02 Dec 2017
Dominican man arrested for IDAHO sexual assault
Sexual penetration by use of a foreign object Mora had been walking with a female BYU Idaho student through Porter Park when he allegedly attacked the woman
Read more | 02 Dec 2017
Keep Boston Clean: Dominican Kidnap-gang chief gets life in Prison

FBI says the "Veloz Crew" Skeleton mask torture gang dressed as cops stalked man by tagging his car with GPS tracker before kidnapping him and burning him with hot irons 

Read more | 02 Dec 2017
Texas death row inmate from Dominican Republic loses appeal

Texas state's highest criminal court ruled Wednesday in the case of 50-year-old Obel Cruz-Garcia. He was denied appeal. He does not have an execution date....

Read more | 02 Dec 2017
Corrupt Judge and Police, Canadian Dream Casino owner still jailed in Dom Rep

Jailed without trial, Canadian casino mogul blames conspiracy of former partners, 'It was all a plot,' says Antonio Carbone after more than 2 years behind bars in Dominican Republic. Army General robbed USD 500,000 from his Dream Casino....

Read more | 16 Nov 2017
US border agents seize 24 pounds of cocaine in Dominican cigars

DRUG, DR'UGs & DR'UGLY Two shipments of cigars from the Dominican Republic were found by US border protection officers to have more than 24 pounds of cocaine within the cigars

Read more | 14 Nov 2017
The Truth Hurts, Everybody want to be WHITE even famous Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa sending important message back home to his native Black Dom Rep. After becoming a multi-millionaire Baseball player in America his only dream is now to be socially accepted as a white man!

Read more | 13 Nov 2017
Dominican Expected To Be Deported After 15 Year Heroin Sentence

DRUG, DR'UGs & DR'UGLY "Opioid abuse is at epidemic levels across the North East," said DEA Special Agent in Charge Michael J. Ferguson. "Heroin is causing deaths in record numbers ...

Read more | 13 Nov 2017
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