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"Former President Leonel Fernandez and his PLD government economically raped this small fragile country and left the Dominican Republic with the biggest ever fiscal deficit, resulting in hundreds of protest and higher taxes. And despite that his wife Margarita was elected vice president in the new Medina government to keep the family hands in the cookie jar - That's a real Banana Republic...." READ FULL STORY


Dominican Watchdog is the only international consumer protection watchdog for the Dominican Republic. Under the trademark "The Uncensored Knowledge Center About DR" We strive to educate the world about the Dominican Republic. We are showing the "backbone" of the country and its citizens behavior pattern by collecting important articles from around the world. We link the information together to give our readers a greater understanding of what's happening in and around the DR.


Google statistics by 31. Dec 2012:

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However the real numbers is 45% higher if all blogs and sub domains are added. www.danilo-medina.com alone had over 100,000 visitors in December 2012 and sub domains/blogs  25.000 page views per month See other blogs and domains here


Must Watch!! Video about President Leonel and his connections to organized crime and drugs


Dominican Watchdog was established in 2009 by Jan Vistisen, -a well known former long term Danish Investor on The North Coast, Santo Domingo, La Romana and Cap Cana. "We are here to expose the problems and I don't care what people thinks about me, if there was not so many problems related to the DR, there would be nothing for me to post and my website would not be such a big international success and attract visitors from 191 countries, it's that simple!"

The obligation of any watchdog organization is to be critical and factual. Dominican Watchdog is not a "Romantic Travel and Real Estate Website" trying to lure investors to the Dominican Republic under misleading advertising. There are hundreds of such websites and blogs out there. We only add products, real estate or services to "Best of DR", which has a proven track record of satisfied clients over a period of minimum 10 years.


It's important to state, that I as editor of Dominican Watchdog do NOT write the articles you see!. 98% is written by respected local or international media. The other 2% is from people who for one reason or another is unhappy with the way they where treated in the Dominican Republic. They have posted their comments in various forums around the world. Due to copyright issues we always name or link to our source. When people contact me with questions or problems I write to the developers and post my questions online. These facts makes Dominican Watchdog strong and trusted!


However, “Freedom of Speech” and “Consumer Rights” do not mix well with investigations and reports on fraud and corruption on the Dominican Republic. Exposure of fraud and corruption in the DR is known to cause serious treats(read this article from US watchdog), and in many cases local media  are forced to alter or delete critical articles or videos! However we are determined to host thousands of articles to create the largest research database about the Dominican Republic.


Dominican Watchdog control hundreds of domains, blogs and other online marketing channels to educate the world about the Dominican Republic. We have answered and given advice to more than 700 emails from investors and visitors to the Dominican Republic for FREE! Dominican Watchdog has more than 2600 friends on Facebook and we strongly believe that those who have been defrauded or scammed should have the opportunity to speak up with out being intimidated, killed or forced to leave the Dominican Republic.


Those who think the Dominican Republic is a poor country are very wrong!

"The country suffers from marked income inequality; the poorest half of the population receives less than one-fifth of the GDP, while the richest 10 per cent enjoys nearly 40 per cent of GDP." Source: CIA World Factbook

There would be no need for financial aid to the Dominican Republic if the rich families were sharing the land with the rest of their Dominican brothers and sisters. The problem is that 90% of the wealth in the Dominican Republic belong to 25 famous family names and they have no interest in sharing it, nor do the top of the Dominican Republic like the poor people to become too educated as they might then fight for some of the extreme wealth to be distributed. To understand the difference and deep anti-social behavior of the rich families in the Dominican Republic you just have to visit Casa de Campo, a private mega luxury resort frequented by the rich, the corrupt and the drug lords. They have amazing parties in the marina or Altos de Chavon year round. All the TOP 25 families have villas in Casa de Campo. Arturo del Tiempo and Figueroa Agosto are probably the biggest and most famous drug lords who have spend time or had property in Casa de Campo. Casa de Campo is also used as a safe heaven and exile for Honduras ex President

Some of the absolute largest land owners and richest families with huge financial impact on Dominican Republic are the three sugar families: Campollo, Fanjul and Vicini. Learn more about the Fanjul Sugar Brothers behind the famous Casa de Campo resort and the problems the sugar industry has created in both the Dominican Republic and Florida. Don´t miss "The Price of Sugar" - a documentary movie that the head of the Vicini family, Felipe Vicini is desperately fighting will become public knowledge of the international community. The Vicini Group is also involved in ROCO KI - a failed luxury development not far from Punta Cana.  


Watch NURIA's TV SHOW about Dominican Watchdog:


Response to NURIA from Dominican Watchdog

----- Original Message -----
From: Help Help
Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2011 1:30 PM
Subject: Questions in regards to your TV reportage about Dominican Watchdog.


Dear Nuria,

Miami Nov 26, 2011

Thank you for the presentation of Dominican Watchdog in your show.

Dominican Watchdog is the most powerful media in regards to foreign investors in the Dominican Republic. We tell the truth where most other English media is too scared. I have answered 800 emails from defrauded investors and I have arranged settlements between foreign investors and Dominican developers for more than $ 3 Million dollars. I have stopped Ricardo Miranda from selling Punta Perla and I have stopped the Chinese from investing $ 462 Million dollars and much much more, just ask my lawyers.

What I have never done is anything illegal in your country, because I was quite happy in the Dominican Republic and have two beautiful small daughters in Puerto Plata, the whole problem is related to a dispute with a developer in Juan Dolio.
I have never been in front of a judge in the Dominican Republic in connection with falsification or fraud of any kind, but I was denied access to both my lawyers and my embassy when arrested and deported in less than 24 hours.
I was never deported to my home country(DENMARK) as you state in your TV show.

What is false is the story planted by the police in the Dominican media and by Ricardo Miranda on the internet. The police has now removed the story from their own website(not a single link to that story is active today). However the police sold the photos you used of me being a criminal to Ricardo Miranda to discredit my website and name. My lawyers have the name of the colonel who sold the photos to Ricardo Miranda.

Nuria, I respect your work and know how hard it is to find the truth in one of the most corrupt countries in the world, but let me tell you that Leonel was personally involved in my deportation. So now I ask you to be so kind as to demonstrate the documentation you got about me being deported to Denmark.

1. Show your viewers the official document about why I was deported and when I can return to see my daughters, because I have no deportation stamp in my passport and never got any document about it. I arrived from Miami the week before being deported!

2. Show your viewers a transcript of the court case in the Dominican Republic were I was convicted for falsification against the DR or defrauding my own country. Feel free to contact the Danish Embassy and ask about if I was wanted in Denmark.

3. Contact the airline companies on the day of my deportation and get passenger-lists from them. You will find that I was forced on to a plane to a completely different destination and the captain of the plane denied for one hour to take me on board. NURIA you are the investigating journalist.... WHAT COUNTRY WAS IT AND WHO WAS BEHIND IT?

Please make yourself familiar with international deportation laws and you will find huge violations of my human rights, more over  there is also serious violations of Dominican laws, and I lost all my personal belongings in the Dominican Republic after this illegal activity of your government and is preparing my case for the Human Rights Court.

The reason I ask you to do this is because my lawyers Sigmund Freund and Eduardo Sanz Lovoton from Stafflegal in Santo Domingo has not been able to get any of these documents from the Dominican government, and I would like to return safely to my two daughters whom I have not seen for over 1300 days! These small girls don't understand what happened to their father....

Finally, I have listened carefully to your program about the Dominican Watchdog and you state that my articles are exaggerated. Exactly what articles are you talking about since I have linked to the international or local media where my team found them?

I don't write the articles, I'm only the messenger, and we both know its much worse than the fraction of problems posted on Dominican Watchdog. There are thousand of foreigners being defrauded, but I do not have time or resources to write about it all, however I try to warn them through a network of blogs like these:

Cap Cana            Punta Perla            Roco Ki

Looking forward to your reply


Jan Vistisen


More than one and a half year later Nuria has still not replied to the lies in her program, nor has the Dominican State. Below you will find a copy of a long email conversation since the beginning of 2013. The email includes the Dominican Embassy in Stockholm, the Dominican Consul in Copenhagen, the foreign relations office in Santo Domingo. The owner of Metro Group Dr Luis Jose Asilis, who offered to help me uncover the truth about my illegal deportation, the former and current directors of CEI/DR invest in DR Eddy Martinez(who was interviewed in NURIS'a program) plus the owner of DR1.com and DominicanToday.com -  At the end you will find a link to a letter from my lawyers in DR. In 2011 they requested a status from the immigration in DR and not a single word have they heard. They confirm I was not deported to Denmark as stated by the Dominican police. I have now involved the Danish foreign office to make an official request to the Dominican State, I will post updates when available. The fact is that I have not seen my two Dominican daugthers for over 5 years!


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Help Help <help@dominicanwatchdog.org>
Date: Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 3:32 PM
Subject: Fwd: Still waiting for your answer - Here is a letter from my lawyers in DR

Cc: Luis Jose Asilis <luis.asilis@groupmetro.com>, info@nuria.com.do, robert@dr1.com, jorge.pineda@dominicantoday.com

Dear Eddy Martinez and Juan Alain Rodriguez,
3 days ago I wrote to NURIA that her TV show about Dominican Watchdog and I was a lie! I provided her with a letter form StaffLegal which you will find attached to this email and the fact that Dr. Luis Jose Asilis during the last 8 months has tried to help me get 3 different law firms (provided by him) in the Dominican Republic to answer 4 simple questions, which you will also find below. I have copied Nuria and other people in this email because they have incorrect information about me on their websites.
I'm not writing to you because of this, but for the documentation of my case in order to add the facts about meetings between my lawyers from StaffLegal involving Eddy Martinez during his time as director for CEI-DR and Juan Alain Rodriguez who followed with the change of government one year ago. I shall be happy to provide copies of emails to anyone who ask, but below is one important one between Eddy and I from last year!
Two years ago VICINI GROUP lost a lawsuit against the Dominican Watchdog in regards to some domains connected to their activities in the DR, at the WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION in Geneva, Switzerland See the verdict here
Dominican Watchdog offered the domains to VICINI GROUP against their help of solving MR. Vistisen's situation with the Dominican State. Several meetings were held between Eddy Martinez, StaffLegal and the VICINI GROUP and other government official representatives in Eddy Martinez office during a 12 month period.
The VICINI GROUP demanded that the Dominican State assumed responsibility in the case of MR. Vistisen, at first the Dominican State denied to do so, but in later emails and from emails below, it became clear the Dominican State now accepted to deal with the case of MR. Vistisen unfortunately in the middle of it all, Eddy Martinez was replaced by Juan Alain Rodriguez. In the first meeting between StaffLegal and Juan Alain Rodriguez, he denied to deal with the case and informed that the Dominican State under Danilo Medina had changed their mind and and would not deal with the human rights violations of MR Vistisen nor grant him safe passage to see his two Dominican daughters in Dominican Republic.
Here the important email between Eddy Martinez from CEI RD, and I:

--- On Wed, 6/27/12, Jan Vistisen <j.vistisen@gmail.com> wrote:

From: Jan Vistisen <j.vistisen@gmail.com>
Subject: Dominican Watchdog
To: eddymartinez99@yahoo.com
Cc: sfreund@stafflegal.com.do, "Eduardo Sanz lovaton" <esanz@stafflegal.com.do>
Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 10:58 AM

Dear Mr Eddy Martinez,

Last week I sent you a short personal message through facebook but have not heard from you yet.(I have attached a screen dump of the message to this email).

I sent you this message because I believe the time has come for us to find a solution to our mutual problems. I'm convinced that together with the group of people with whom you met earlier such solution could be found in a matter of days, not costing the Dominican State a dime, since others have voiced their interest in parts of the domains controlled by Dominican Watchdog.

Despite more than 4000 hours of work, I have no personal interest in continuing Dominican Watchdog except for proving the sad facts in DR, expressing my voice and gain visitors to my website and personal story. Sure, the website has helped a lot of people and is fully justified in its work, but the world could also continue without. In the interest of everybody and the new president elect, I urge you to call my lawyers back to a meeting to end this case in July 2012.

By continuing down the current pattern we will not only make things worse, but depriving me from the rights of seeing my kids in the DR must result in me bringing my case forward to the Inter American Human Rights Court in New York, because for almost 1500 days I have NOT been able to hold my daughter's hands, due to the fact that the Dominican Immigration department have not replied to several requests from my lawyers about why I was deported and when I can return to reunite with my family. My only contact with them is trough skype!

You will have my fully cooperation in all matters you may wish. I believe things are now in your hands to solve without any further delays!

Feel free to contact me at this email address anytime or through Eduardo and Sigmund, whom I have copied in this email too.

Have a nice day.

Best Regards,

Jan Vistisen
Dominican Watchdog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Eddy Martinez <eddymartinez99@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 1:13 AM
Subject: Re: Dominican Watchdog
To: Jan Vistisen <j.vistisen@gmail.com>
Cc: sfreund@stafflegal.com.do, Eduardo Sanz lovaton <esanz@stafflegal.com.do>

Dear Mr. Vistisen:
 Thank you so much for your message. I am now traveling in Asia but please be assured that I will meet with your attorney, Mr. Eduardo Sanz, as soon as possible upon my return to the Dominican Republic. I, too, look forward to a complete resolution to the matter at hand. 
Eddy Martinez

Here is my email to NURIA 3 days ago, it includes several key persons and local news media.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Help Help <help@dominicanwatchdog.org>
Date: Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 2:29 PM
Subject: Fwd: Still waiting for your answer - Here is a letter from my lawyers in DR
To: info@nuria.com.do, javier@nuria.com.do, jorge.pineda@dominicantoday.com, robert@dr1.com, Luis Jose Asilis <luis.asilis@groupmetro.com>, stockholm@domemb.se, consulrddk@hotmail.com, taliapina@domemb.se

Dear Nuria,
Your show about DominicanWatchdog was a complete lie, http://dominicanwatchdog.org/about_us
and you never answered my letter with comments to you posted to you after the show!
Below you can see my email letter to the Dominican Embassy in Stockholm half year ago,
I have copied them again in this email to ensure there can be no doubt about my actions.
I have also copied Dr. Luis Jose Asilis from Metro Group, because 8 months ago he offered to
help me find a lawyer to answer these 4 simple questions:
1. Why was Jan Vistisen deported and who signed the deportation order?
2. What did Jan Vistisen do wrong, pls provide copy of court case for deportation.
3. For how long was Jan Vistisen deported, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years of forever?
4. When can Jan Vistisen come back to the Dominican Republic to see his two
Dominican daughters and who can guaranty his safety in and out of the DR:
NONE of the 3 law firms Luis Jose Asilis asked me to contact on his behalf have been able to
answer the questions, in fact the second they started to investigate my case they were ALL
scared away and in most cases, we did not hear a word back from them. One would have
thought that they would try to please Dr. Asilis, but apparently some higher powers are in play!
If you like, I will be happy to forward all the email communication between me and Dr. Asilis.
We have written more than 20 emails about this issue and with the lawyers involved!
Please note that more than 5 years has past since Mr. Vistisen was "deported" and these more
than 50.000 hours I have not been able to see my two Dominican daughters in Puerto Plata.
When you read the attached letter from my lawyers, which was also sent to your Embassy in
Stockholm 6 months ago, it must be clear to you and most other people that the Dominican
police kidnapped me off the street, forced me on a flight out of the country without access to
my lawyers and the Danish cousul. My Danish son who lived with me in Santo Domingo at this
time, attending the Carol Morgan School, was driving with me when I was arrested and my father
immediately had to fly from Denmark on Business class to take care of him, so he could finish 
the school year at Carol Morgen Scool. My father arrived just as I was being "DEPORTED"
Now NURIA, I want this case investigated. WHO had the power to "DEPORT" me without any
legal proceedings and why will nobody talk to me about solving the issue. If you do not start an
investigation immediately and clear my name in your show, I will forward this email to all other
journalists in the Dominican Republic. Later it will go worldwide, I don't care about the amount
of money and time I have to spend on this!
The Dominican Watchdog will stay alive until such day the Dominican State resolve this matter
and give me written confirmation and guaranty, that I can safely return to see my kids. I want
some kind of compensation for the injustice that has happened to me over all these years.
This is a principal case to me, my name and family.

Jan Vistisen

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jan Vistisen <j.vistisen@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 5:38 PM
Subject: Still waiting for your answer - Here is a letter from my lawyers in DR
To: Talia Pina <taliapina@domemb.se>, Dominican Embassy <stockholm@domemb.se>, "Hon. Consul of Dominican Rep. in Copenhagen Denmark" <consulrddk@hotmail.com>

Dear Talia Pina
Dominican Embassy
Stockholm, Sweden

Almost two month has past since we were last in contact. Sadly you have not yet answered my 4 simple questions. I don't trust you have been giving the factual information, but here it is. Please find attached a letter from my lawyers in Santo Domingo, it should now be clear for you that the event described by the Nacional Police and NURIA is by no way the facts. I'm waiting for similar letters from 2 other law firms and then I will go to my government for support.

After asking support of my government next step will be the Human Rights Court in EU and CR.


Jan Vistisen


In this link you can find letters from my lawyers and The Danish Foreign Ministry to the Dominican Embassy,Plus the fake information released by the Dominican Police, despite they removed the article from their website, the old link is still posted in an articles on the web.

Below a confirmation from the Dominican Embassy in Stockholm that they received the Diplomatic Note from Denmark, but now two months later they have still not answered my government, despite the case is over 5 years old!!!

Dear Jan Vistisen

Copenhagen, Denmark


I am pleased to inform you that the Diplomatic Note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country was received by this Embassy and it was sent immediately to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santo Domingo, requesting for the answers to your questions and instructions on how the Embassy should handle your case. Unfortunately this is all the information I have in my hands. I suggest that in the future you take contact with my Ambassador, Ms. Marina Isabel Cáceres de Estevez, who is the Head of Mission.




Talía Pina

Minister Counsellor

Dominican Embassy in Stockholm

Tel + 46 (0)8 667 4611

Fax + 46 (0)8 667 5105




February 18, 2014 / Despite VICINI GROUP was suing Jan Vistisen / Dominican Watchdog several years ago over the below domains used to publish the truth about the sugar workers in the Dominican Republic. I have today offered the domains to VICINI GROUP against their assistance in getting the questions about my illegal deportation answered by the Dominican State.


Jan Vistisen j.vistisen@gmail.com     

Feb 18
to campos.demoya@vicini.com             

Dear Mr. Campos De Moya,

It's my understanding you are the responsible person for government relations with in your organization at Vicini's. I'm therefore writing to you to inform you that despite Vicini's lawsuit against me (Dominican watchdog), I hereby offer you to transfer the following domains to Vicini:


On the sole condition that Vicini Group help me getting 4 simple questions answered in written from by the Dominican government:

1. Why was I deported and who signed the deportation papers and released the information on the website of the nacional police where it was picked up by the press and distributed on the internet - see www.Janvistisen.com/dominicanrepublic

2. Why was I never in front of a judge in connecting with my deportation despite having 2 daughters with Dominican women on the island? This is a clear violation of my human rights and even local Dominican laws!

3. For how long was i deported, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or forever? I have kept my old passport and there are no deportation stamps in it!

And 4, probably the most important question, when can I return to the Dominican Republic to see my daughters, whom I have not seen all these years and who can guarantee my safety during future family visit?

My lawyers in the Dominican Republic, Eduardo Sanz and Sigmund Freund from StaffLegal, have had several meetings with government officials searching for the answers during the last 3 years, but no results so far. 5 month ago I involved my Danish government and twice they have now written to the Dominican Embassy in Sweden (you can see the official letter in the link above), yet they have not received the requested information. I have even had Dr. Luis Asilis from Metro Group trying to help get the answers, but also without results, as you can read under "Our Mission" here www.Dominicanwatchdog.org

When I have these answers I will of course sue the Dominican state at the International Human Rights Court, but like you can also read under "Our Mission", then I have always been searching for gentleman agreement and is still open for that solution. I have however lost all my personal belongings and worse, almost 6 years of contact with my daughters in your country since the illegal deportation from DR. The damage created towards my person is the only reason I see it as my obligation to continue Dominican Watchdog until such day somebody finally make contact with me or my lawyers to solve this case in a respectful manner.

I sincerely offer my full cooperation for your help, Looking forward to your swift response.


MARCH 30, 2014 / 6 weeks later I have not heard a word from Vicini Group about my offer to transfer the domains, they did call my lawyers for a meeting, but as usual nothing came out of it. In good faith and hope of cooperation, I have however decided not to renew 2 of the domains on March 31st, 2014.
On March 10th there was an official meeting between the Danish consul from our embassy in Mexico who was flying into the Dominican Republic to meet officials of the Dominican foreign ministry including their Ambassador to Sweden. We are still waiting for a result of that meeting as they promised to look into the questions raised...., lets see



"When they stop lying about me, I stop telling the truth about them"

Jan Vistisen

 Founder of Dominican Watchdog

Follow Dominican Watchdog on twitter


We say is as it is - No matter who - No Matter what ! This is an integrated part of the Danish mentality from the time of birth!

Why a "Danish Watchdog" for the Dominican Republic? Because the most fundamental parts of any prosperous society is based on an open democracy with trust and transparency. The main conditions for trust and transparency is swift and immediate prosecution any Citizen committing corruption. Denmark has the lowest level of corruption according to all international studies.

Everybody-is-equal-under-the-law, freedom of speech, consumer protection, high education levels and a social network taking care of the poor and sick is the five most important factors in order to create a successful country in harmony with its citizens, businesses and neighbors. Denmark has earned that reputation worldwide plus respect for our design and innovation.

As Part of our Danish education, we are made to be skeptical against any source of information and in particular information coming from any Government, be it in Denmark or around the world. Watch this official 9/11 TV News cast from Denmark to understand that Denmark is a serious and influential country that speak up its mind in the international community. We do extensive investigations around the world to uncover the truth. Denmark is in the TOP 3 of worldwide countries using the highest amount of GDP per capita on foreign aid, the other two is Norway and Sweden according to the annual report form OECD.

Below an article from DR1.com of June 24th, which confirms the importance of the "Danish model" in a civilized society:

Corripio suggests better spending

DR1.com - One of the nation's leading businessmen, Manuel Corripio Alonso, has suggested that the government should take major steps to improve the quality of its spending. According to Listin Diario, he said that above all the government's economic team should seek to improve not only the amount of money spent, but also the quality of the expenditure itself. He talked about superfluous or unnecessary expenditures that give the impression that there is a lot of money in circulation and benefit the population "but in reality they become a burden." Corripio, the vice-president of the Corripio Group, one of the largest family-owned enterprises in the country, alongside Vicini, Leon, Ramos and Lama, was interviewed before addressing a group of Business Administration students at UNIBE. He said that it seemed that in the negotiations between the government and the business community the consensus won out, since each sector stated their points of view. He did say that before talking about tax reform, there should be clear signals that the government will exercise some discipline in spending. He pointed out the case of Denmark, where the tax rate is over 50% but the people pay willingly, since most of their needs are met with quality services such as a public school system that is superior to the private schools in the Dominican Republic, and a health system that is truly excellent. He said that the best thing would be for people to receive quality services in return for paying taxes.


Must Watch!! Video about President Leonel and his connections to organized crime and drugs


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