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"Former President Leonel Fernandez and his PLD government economically raped this small fragile country and left the Dominican Republic with the biggest ever fiscal deficit, resulting in hundreds of protest and higher taxes. And despite that his wife Margarita was elected vice president in the new Medina government to keep the family hands in the cookie jar - That's a real Banana Republic...." READ FULL STORY


Dominican Watchdog is the only international consumer protection watchdog for the Dominican Republic. Under the trademark "The Uncensored Knowledge Center About DR" We strive to educate the world about the Dominican Republic. We are showing the "backbone" of the country and its citizens behavior pattern by collecting important articles from around the world. We link the information together to give our readers a greater understanding of what's happening in and around the DR.


Dominican Watchdog was established in 2009 - "We are here to expose the problems and don't care what people thinks about us, if there was not so many problems related to the DR, there would be nothing for us to post and our website would not be such a big international success and attract visitors from 201 countries and over 1 million+ pages views, it's that simple!"

The obligation of any watchdog organization is to be critical and factual. Dominican Watchdog is not a "Romantic Travel and Real Estate Website" trying to lure investors to the Dominican Republic under misleading advertising. There are hundreds of such websites and blogs out there. We only add products, real estate or services to "Best of DR", which has a proven track record of satisfied clients over a period of minimum 10 years.


It's important to state, that as editor of Dominican Watchdog I do NOT write the articles you see!. 98% is written by respected local or international media. The other 2% is from people who for one reason or another is unhappy with the way they where treated in the Dominican Republic. They have posted their comments in various forums around the world. Due to copyright issues I always name or link to our source. When people contact me with questions or problems, I write to the developers and post our questions online. These facts makes Dominican Watchdog strong and trusted!


However, “Freedom of Speech” and “Consumer Rights” do not mix well with investigations and reports on fraud and corruption on the Dominican Republic. Exposure of fraud and corruption in the DR is known to cause serious treats(read this article from US watchdog), and in many cases local media  are forced to alter or delete critical articles or videos! However we are determined to host thousands of articles to create the largest research database about the Dominican Republic.


Dominican Watchdog control many domains, blogs and other online marketing channels to educate the world about the Dominican Republic. We have answered and given advice to more than 700 emails from investors and visitors. We strongly believe that those who have been defrauded or scammed should have the opportunity to speak up with out being intimidated, killed or forced to leave the Dominican Republic.


Those who think the Dominican Republic is a poor country are very wrong!

"The country suffers from marked income inequality; the poorest half of the population receives less than one-fifth of the GDP, while the richest 10 per cent enjoys nearly 40 per cent of GDP." Source: CIA World Factbook

There would be no need for financial aid to the Dominican Republic if the rich families were sharing the land with the rest of their Dominican brothers and sisters. The problem is that 90% of the wealth in the Dominican Republic belong to 25 famous family names and they have no interest in sharing it, nor do the top of the Dominican Republic like the poor people to become too educated as they might then fight for some of the extreme wealth to be distributed. To understand the difference and deep anti-social behavior of the rich families in the Dominican Republic you just have to visit Casa de Campo, a private mega luxury resort frequented by the rich, the corrupt and the drug lords. They have amazing parties in the marina or Altos de Chavon year round. All the TOP 25 families have villas in Casa de Campo. Arturo del Tiempo and Figueroa Agosto are probably the biggest and most famous drug lords who have spend time or had property in Casa de Campo. Casa de Campo is also used as a safe heaven and exile for Honduras ex President


Below very important websites with information about how Dr. Luis Asilis scammed millions of dollars from foreign investors and used part of the money to build a new busterminal for his Metro busses instead of paying back the investors, myself included:












If you have also been scammed by Luis Asilis please write to us:


Dominican Watchdog


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